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26 Aug 2012 20:22:35
batth, barkley and bothroyd all on loan! uto!

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Dave Jones has already said that Batth isn't the type of player he's looking to bring in and so won't be coming. He hinted that he either didn't think Batth was up to the championship and/or wasn't experienced enough for what he was looking for

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Wait and see!

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Jay bothroyd to sign soon be quality upfront with rodri we'll score some Reyt goals. I don't think the blunts have got a striker that's actually there's! up the owls best team in Yorkshire ;) Dave Jones best manager since big Ron

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A centre back has to be a priority
If Llera got injured that would leave only Beevers as a fit recognised CB

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There will be a signing today im led to belive its a striker.

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I dont exactly think we need jay bothroyd, in my opinion i would strengthen the quality of the service. because as when marshall and antonio last season they stood out for us and they created plenty of goals for the likes of Madine and COG, and the fact that we have scored 8 goals in our first three games in the league doesnt scream that we cant score goals either.

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Agree defender a priority, although I like the policy of not jumping in and exercising patience. In current climate patience is a virtue and waiting for right player is vital. Only Barkley is a possibility of the above, if we get him where will he play?

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Dosnt mean we lack the service either.......

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Still need a 15+ goal a season striker if you are going to go places

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How do you know we haven't already got two or three 15 goal strikers in squad already? We've only played 3 lge games.
Rodri def capable of getting 15, COG showing right attitude and finding net already , JJ popping them in, Madine may well find his goal touch when he gets in side. Even LLiera might get 15 yet ?
In any case you can't buy a guaranteed goalscorer, Torres & Carroll have proved that, and I'm prepared to trust DJ to do the right thing , he knows better than all of us whats needed.

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Ok name the 15+ goal striker available on the fees we can afford and wages we pay thats any better than what we have already got,Also look at somen of the names mentioned Boothroyd,DJ cambell,Kenwynne Jones etc when was the last time did they get 15 goals in a season lucky if they got that between them in last 2 seasons.

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If the goal scoring is shared around the team like it has been up to now who cares a goal is goal regardless of who gets it.A goal threat from anywhere in the team must frighten opponents far more than a 15 + striker

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The last time they got 15+ goals in a season was in the Championship. they've all been in the premier league a few years but havent done it at that level thats all.

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With Madine & Maguire on the bench I can't see us bringing more forwards in to be honest.
The thing is it seems we can score goals from all positions, it's the defence that needs stabilising.

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I dont believe we need any more strikers at all.. or midfielders.... we are solid in those areas. Defence needs a solid player as everyones said. But end of the day we are winning!! So what if we are conceding... we are winning the games..
We have showed amazing team spirit so far... if we need to be losing before winning the games id take that every week!!!

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26 Aug 2012 20:21:54
What about Noble? Striker from Sunderland on loan? Saw this posted by a Sunderland fan on the general rumours page a few days ago on loan to the massive until january. Fits in with DJ saying a few weeks back stopped off at a prem club on the way back fron Kilmarnock to discuss a poss deal.

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If there is any truth in this it would be a brilliant signing.
Ryan Noble has a bit of a reputation for scoring spectacular goals, imagine him doing that for the massive he wouldn't want to go back home !

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I`d much rather see regular goals than spectacular goals.

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He scores those as well - you could always close your eyes when he scores the spectacular goals ??
The point was ..... He's only 21yo, and has this reputation, so perhaps he's got something to offer ???

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For the massive, hes not signing for rotherham is he?

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Out of Boothroyd and Noble I would think the latter fits in more with the current transfer policy if it was a permanent move,Boothroyd would give us the experience at this level but the wages will be the problem.having said that we are scoring for fun so do we need that experience we need to stopp goals against us but no doubt DJ has this covered as always.

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The Sunderland page has more wild rumours than enough I have seen this guy as mentioned going on loan but did not see us linked with him. I have to agree a more likely target than Boothroyd. If he can not get in current QPR side, he would not get in ours, they have been woeful in first two games.

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Scoring for fun? ha! Blackpool are scoring for fun pal

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26 Aug 2012 20:21:22
j.bothroyd to sign on loan
source:the people newspaper on sky sports paper talk!

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Pork wind up.

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Not a piggie go on sky sports transfer center and click on paper talk tab and you'll see it!

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Must back up this guy seen it myself

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If you back up your own original post it doesn't make it true .
Bothroyd won't be coming, he wants too much money and that would upset the rest of the squad. New lies please .

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Why would i back up my own post its on sky transfer website. instead of slagging people off check it on the site , if it is a loan deal who says we will pay all the wages! thats what negotiations are for, he wants 1st team football we need another striker is that simple enough for you!

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There are a few snotty noses for sure.

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I really don't get why opinions are slagged off and disrespected so callously on here. Let me throw this one out there, in my opinion: Madine is not good enough - he has had one spell at beginning of last season, COG brilliant impact player with his enthusiasm - but i wouldn't want him in game in game out. Maguire relatively unproven (fantastic ball skills at half time break btw) not given time at Derby. Rodri looking good, but nobody is sure yet.

If you want to pull that apart, fine, but don't just say pig and muppet.

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I agree, there is a sour grape on here who pulls everything apart, but I'm sure he is a kid being bullied at school.

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26 Aug 2012 17:25:59
jay bothroyd to the massive on season long loan

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This is REALLY BORING now !!
Everybody has known for weeks that we might be interested , but so are half the teams in Champs.
Why can't everybody just wait while there is something to say before repeat posting the same old same old same old ?

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I totally agree. Hey just been told by a guy at work that Wednesday are rumoured to be interested in a player called Jay Bothroyed.

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We are not in for him anymore, Interest dropped 6 weeks ago, wanted rediculous wages.

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Just Blunt wind up merchants.

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According to Sky, he's on Brighton's wanted list; it's closer to London, as well.

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