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25 Oct 2013 14:19:35
Heard there may be 2 players coming in, could 1 be olefinjana and the other will be the extension of fryatts loan

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Fryatts is still here so he is not coming in

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He said during the interview that the Chinese consortium had done due diligence on the club and found nothing wrong with the club, he went on to say that he didn't think they had the resources required and that has been proved correct. He also said he hadn't looked for people to buy the club, the Chinese consortium came to him and enquired about buying it and he felt he had to see what they had to offer the club. He continued by saying that he will finance the club and will take the steps necessary to get us where we should be. Stay with MM he will get it sorted.

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Any new players drafted in before the dingle match?

last night on the radio it was suggested 2-3 coming in maybe before the game?

uto xxx

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Seeing is believing and at the moment don't believe anything that MM & DJ say

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Smoke and Mirrors by Milan Mandaric

rubbishter extraudinaire

Nobody more enthusiastic?

What about the 20,000 fans that support Wednesday week in week out we will still be here when you have gone

Fuming Wednesdayite!

Enough rubbish spend some cash

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"Spend some cash"

What, aside from the millions spent on clearing debt, restructuring the clubs finances, players wages, the transfers he already has paid for, loanee wages etc etc? Think that comes from thin air? No, that was MM's cash.

Blame DJ for signing players who have not turned out well for the club or who have not been played or played out of position, blame DJ for not getting the best out of the squad.

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Barnsley game was our turning point last season. let's hope its the same tomorrow. UTO!

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Whoever disagreed with my post above please answer me this, what do you disagree with?

A) MM restructured/paid off our debt
B) MM has financed the signing of players
C) MM gave DJ money to spend
D) MM has financed loanee's wages
E) DJ picked the players he has brought in
F) DJ has not got the best out of a squad he built using MM's cash

What is wrong there? What do you disagree with exactly? Where do you think all the money spent so far has come from? Who do you think spent it? Who do you think is the person in charge of tactics, coaching, motivating and nurturing talent?

Stop constantly blaming MM, it's stupid and misdirected. If you feel he hasn't invested enough cash then wake up, we are in a global recession and he is not a billionaire oil tycoon or Arab royal prince. If fans like you spent as much time getting behind the team, encouraging them and motivating them as you do pulling everything you dislike about the club down then perhaps the players would feel more motivated to perform! Get behind the team lads!

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I completely agree, but unfortunately some of our misguided fans don't apply logic, which is probably why they are not millionaires investing in football clubs and MM is.
Having said that, we do need an urgent turn around and I do feel that other managers could get a lot more out of our current squad.
Finally, there is a strong possibility that some of the tripe posts are made by Blunts or Weeds.

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Are you having a laugh MM promised a certain amount of new players for the start of the season and didn't keep his promise how can any championship club expect to start a season with 1 untried foreign Striker, and there's much smaller clubs with smaller incomes and budgets signing players and we did nothing.

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Mm is not investing in football, he`s buying debt ridden clubs and flogging them for a profit, fair play to him for not selling to anybody though

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26 Oct 2013 13:50:11
The only reason buyers are backing off is simply that gate receipts are falling. We had an average attendance of 24,000 last season we will be lucky if we average 18,000 this season. Under DJ the club is going nowhere and gates will fall even further. The main problem for MM is how long do you let the numbers fall and how much are you prepared to lose on your investment

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So much for COG's imaginary hat trick.
Just another negspert guff.
A spertguff.

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Dave Jones needs removing immediately

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Thank You Milan's Accountants for explaining all the financials points above, you are very educated and boring men

Played off the park for an hour today made to look very poor, and that's the managers fault

Milan get real either give us away or FFS do something to move this club forward, SACK JONES NOW

Bring in Ian Holloway and give him some money to use wisely in January

Your accountants are good with figures so have a look and see how many points we have and how much it will cost when we are back in League 1

The bloke who posted all that guff must be very happy with the way we play and the league position

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Reading next week = lose, derby week after = lose, that`ll be 14 games without a win, embarrassing, hard luck storys don't count optimists

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Let's face it were a bad side just a load of big boosters, Reda rubbish, bottom of league, when is Jones going to go

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26 Oct 2013 16:51:39
Get real. We support Wednesday as fans who loyally follow our club. MM is not a fan of Wednesday to him it's a business venture so all this guff about league positions and the like is immaterial to him. When the financial going gets tough he will offload until then we have to live with him for better or worse.

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Loyalty I hear you say?

Ask the fans at Portsmouth and Leicester

They were Milan's family till he sold them and made his profit and he doesn't give two hoots about us ONLY his profit margin

Dave Jones is ONLY concerned about his pay off, he will never walk away until he gets paid off

Pair of Mercenairies

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Well here we are bottom of the league

Milan's Accountants who have informed us we no nothing about football and finance must be so pleased


He is not bothered about us the fans just his profit margins so all you accountants shove your advice and calculators right up your backsides

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Enough is enough, poor team selection, poor tactics, no passion in the first half, he had to change it and he did, but much too late. Jones is costing our club. Everybody says Coke had his best game in ages last week and he gets dropped. no sense to any decision Jones makes. He has to go now or we are down.

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We will go down dave jones is here to stay mm still paying the last to manager
up and got no money to sack jones

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I see teams like Yeovil beating. Teams like Nottingham forest even outplaying them and I look at our position, our players, there a lot Better than yeovils team but they don't have the passion and desire to win as much as Yeovil players do, we need a massive change throughout the club, new chairman, new manager and a fresh approach from the players earning a fortune! I'd happily see us relegated if it meant we could start again and bring the club forward other than seeing Thai disaster we have at the minute!

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Re 'debt ridden clubs' above. Best succinct assessment of what MM's approach is for weeks on here. He's in business plain and simple. He picks up clubs with potential relatively cheaply and sells at a profit. However this time its not going exactly to plan because we are bottom of the league and likely to stay there. If there are no potential buyers expressing interest then we and he are in one hell of a bind. His scenario probably saw him, via a competent manager, investing modestly and astutely putting us mid table or better by Christmas with gates maintained at last year's level or better. Well now he's got a real problem. Average squad with no confidence, poor manager, falling gates and the team bottom of the league. If that's not trouble I don't know what is. And no I'm not a negspert I'm a realist who sees what's plainly in front of me and, by the way, not a blunt but a supporter for over 50 years. We are now so far up the creek that even a canoe full of paddles would probably not help.

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Milan Mandaric came in and saved us

So now he is a PROFIT!

He is a businessman and all this talk about the Wednesday family is garbage

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Milan's Accountant who bored us all to death with financials what's the plan now then?

The best money you can spend now is giving Mr Personality Jones his severance pay, this is a dead man walking, he has run out of ideas, no passion, no more money for players because he's wasted it on average players and has beens

Come on Milan get your cheque book out before the supporters start chanting at games

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25 Oct 2013 09:07:03
Seyi Olofinjana to sign till Jan or end of the season later today as cover in the DM spot.

I think it will be a good signing for us -he knows the squad, the style of play and when he played last year gave us that bit of stability - which right now McPhail will thrive on.

Bring on 3 points from Barnsely!

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Seyi Olofinjana is a owls player now

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We will win first game sat

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Listened to BBCC Sheffield (football heaven) They interviewd MM, during the Interview MM was asked about the takeover, his reply was "There is no takeover going to happen in the near future. There have been a few enquiries about SWFC but just that, enquiries". Read what you want in to that.

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25 Oct 2013 08:47:31
Un official but it's highly thought that Dave Jones will lose his job and be replaced by Ian Holloway if wednesday fail to win at the dingles

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25 Oct 2013 10:15:44
we have no money for anyone

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Ian Holloway was sack by mm years ago

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25 Oct 2013 14:30:46
Highly thought by who? He only resigned yesterday and we have no money. Rubbish!

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25 Oct 2013 02:31:40
Is David Norris due to sign for us? It's a rumour on Owlstalk, not sure myself.

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Turned us down once,. thote the grass was greener at Leeds. Tell in to sod off. Done nowt wi them. mik

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Like I said, it was a rumour on Owlstalk, not my own view. I just wondered if there were any views on it.

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