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25 Nov 2012 20:34:08
Everybody keeps sticking names up for the Managers job & I've posted my views on some of them , but having been an Owl since Harry Catterick was manager I post the following for you to think about before you stick another name up there.
(IMO) This is one of toughest jobs in football, just look at the names of the managers that have failed here but succeeded at other clubs - theres loads of 'em !
Obviously not bad managers but couldn't hack it at S6, and Dave Jones is the latest in a long line of those.
The ones that have been anywhere near successful here had to have a special quality and I'm not presuming to know what it is.
But Jack Charlton , Ron Atkinson, Howard Wilkinson, and Gary Megson all had it. The ability to pick this great club up of the floor and stand it proud again.
Other managers have had some measure of success , most recently Francis , but the hard work was already done for them and they've all gone downhill apart from the ones I've named.
I was sorry to see Megson sacked because I instinctively knew he would be a tough act to follow. To take over the club at the time he did, with the team playing as bad as it was , and to put the pride and passion back in to the club and on the pitch SO QUICKLY , with hardly any money, was an INCREDIBLE feat , and has sadly been overlooked and maligned by TOO MANY of our fans.
I just hope MM can find someone worthy (& capable) of managing this great club and taking their place in our history, but it won't be easy !
But I have to say, if you think men such as Di Canio, Sheridan, Coyle , McCall etc have what it takes , you really do need to get your football history books out, because you're obviously too young to have lived through it.

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Well said

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Thank you !

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I cannot believe fans would welcome Di Canio... I will not be going to S6 if that bandit comes back. he crapped on us once will not forgive.

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Hear, hear !

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There are people on here asking for John Sherridan and Nigel pearson to become next manager because they will bring some passion back into the team, they understand the role and they will make us tough to break down and organised!! I ask you all that think this.... GARY MEGSON??!!! He has all that and proved he could do it at hillsborough!! Bring him back!! JOHN has no experience and would take us down so wake up there!! And PEARSON would never give up what he's started at Leicester. Stop asking and searching for ridiculous managers and get real! Megson has proved hiself here, we can afford him, he is out of a job and I bet he would love the chance to finish what he started!! Swallow your pride MM ( Just incase your reading this )

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If only! - but for MM to do that he would be admitting he was wrong, and he would never do that , ever !

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Mm up to somthing either A a buyer or B working on a replacement for dr jones. probebly both.

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Taxi for jones if we dont beat watford me thinks

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I"ll pay his fare .... n the further the better !

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I`ll drive him

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One way ticket to Kabul. Would even be willing to pay first class.

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25 Nov 2012 17:30:05
POALO DI CANIO is hot favrouite to land the job at the Owls according to some sources an has been made bookies favroutie infront of OWEN COYLE who has said he would love to manage a club of Wednesday stature!!!

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IMO - Neither - this is a top job and will attract top managers.
Di Canio has only had 2-3 seasons in lower lges , successful maybe? but yet to prove he could do a big job like ours and we can't afford the risk - too much at stake.
Coyle has a had a chance at the big job at Bolton and failed, couldn't even cut it earlier this year in this division with Prem players so no chance of digging us out of this mess. Need to look elsewhere .

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Di Mateo in dave jones off to scotland!

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Dicanio would be good for motivational reasons an tactics but can we afford to take a gamble on him ??
Play it safe MM an wait for Adkins of Southampton to get sack as Di matteo is linked with em all week! UTO

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DJ time is up after yesterday awful display he has completely lost MM faith same excuses every week it shows he's lost plot with latest transfers so out u go thanks for the service an in we bring anyone of the following:-
˘di matteo
˘niel Lennon
˘Stuart McCall
˘di canio
˘henrik larsson
˘mark Hughes etc

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Just looked at this list for about a second and not a chance with any of em comin here thank god

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I know some will disagree but I do not know why! I would put my house on it that if Gary Megson was still in charge, yes, maybe at times we wouldnt play the most beautiful football but I bet my left leg we wouldnt have lost so many games in a row!! He always admitted when he was wrong or when the players weren't performing and he definetley had some passion and would not sit back watching us lose week after week using the same useless excuses!!! Why cant we get a petition to get Megson back! It is after all our club and neither Jones or MM will be here as long as we will! Long shot but I do know hundreds of people who want him back!!!! UTO

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Di canio is exactly what Wednesday need he has all the fundamental values to get the club out of this dire situation, players will roll their socks up for him otherwise he will show the the door. Come on Milan make the right descion!!!'

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It would be Di Canio rolling his sleeves up, more like, for a scrap !
Not for me , with less than two seasons experience in lower leagues, we'd have to be be mad? This is a tough job !
Look what a mess Jones has made of it and he was 20x more qualified than di Canio.
Sorry but the fans, and more importantly MM, have got to open their minds to some different names not just keep bleating out the names of everybody associated with club in last 20 years

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Where do we sign? that is the question?
How can we get this going?
any ideas anyone?

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Just heard it could be greame souness oh noo way?? Wat are u thinking MM we don't want anyone like him or his age.

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Pull another string blunt !
Souness has already said many times he not interested in going back to mgt so he wont want work for MM will he

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How can anybody describe Di Canio as -"having all the fundamental values" ??
Speechless !!

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This might be a 1 man crusade but i remember not so long ago john sheridan brought his chesterfield side to hillsborough and out played us, so for me bring back the legend JOHN SHERIDAN 4-4-2 all the way

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If we had the manager of every club that came to hillsborough and outplayed us , queue would stretch to moon.
Great bloke great player but if he couldn't keep a team in lge1 what makes you think he can do one of this one of hardest jobs in football ?

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How many of us have said we want passion, desire and determination and JOHN would fetch that to us give the guy a chance and he wont disappoint

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Totally agree JOHN would bring all that and more , love him and proud to have watched probably every game he played for us, certainly at Hillsborough, I went delirious at Wembley when he scored against ManU but I just know from his record as a manager that he can't do this job !

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Why do you say this is one of the hardest jobs in football, we are not the team of the 90's, wilson and pleat made sure of that. 90% of us would be happy with consolidation and premier league within 5 years MILAN please save us again

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If you read my longer post above (here since Catterick !) you will perhaps see why I say that. cheers

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Just read it mate and unfortunately i havent had the pleasure of been an owl has long as you, just wondered if you have any names to share with us cos DJ is out of his depth

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My favourite , although it won't happen , would be Nigel Pearson.
I have watched his career for obvious reasons and his teams are set up first of all to be tough to beat, but able to break and attack with pace , which for me is a great formula.
He obviously understands the pressure that comes with Hillsboro, something that Megson made sure all the players coming in understood, and I don't think DJ and many before him get at all, which is why most fail?
I believe MM might make a cheeky approach because he rates him highly, but whether Pearson could be persuaded to walk out on a chance of Prem football , I doubt it.

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Yes he would

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Sheridan missed several reserve games and turned up to training drunk - that's what brought his tenure at chesterfield to an end.

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25 Nov 2012 15:12:35
A player tweeted about 30 mins ago that Jones has gone.
Also been told a few people that Glen Hoddle and Manderic have met this morning at Novotel in Watford,wonder why?? lol

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Bet this is just ONE (not so ) smart ass taking pee out of situation !
I'm waiting for official news , don't take the bait lads .

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Ive just had a text saying prety much the same as this,wonder if the person is reading this at same time as

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See Glenn Hoddle love child on again

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Hope it's right dj has gone

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Time wasters mate !
When he goes we'll all know not 1-2 blunt kids before anybody else believe me

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25 Nov 2012 15:05:18
Just heard from a player tweet that Jones has walked away from the post,and an announcement is due very soon.
Cannot say who tweeted,but he has been in bother before for his tweeting habits !!
Nuff said.

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Why cant you say who tweeted it are you lying

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Unfortunately this is NOT true - easy to check !

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Gary Neville in for me... Young, ambitious and respected in the game.

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I was told Jones went at midday today after he was told about a meeting between Glen Hoddle and Manderic this morning.
We have to wate and see what happens next.

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See Glen Hoddle love child on again

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25 Nov 2012 15:01:51
So Dave Jones is out according to most reports.This will be made public at 9am Monday.

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25 Nov 2012 14:09:47
I want to make another complaint about BBC.
They've just published an article with the headline :-
surely that should be :-

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Dave Jones did his piece by taking us up, but since then he has totally lost the plot and stupidly has not admitted to his failures: BOTHROYD - a lazy player, who in my opinion has not tried a jot to either be a team player or a crowd pleaser - Ben Marshall and Antonio did this last year and see what happened. KIRKLAND never commands his area and always looks unhappy, maybe because he keeps getting caught out and goals scored.
MATTOCK and LEE what are they doing here no games and when they did were they slow and rubbish, maybe they are injured, but no word from the manager.
RODRI not given a fair chance.
McGUIRE injured but did look capable when playing.
TAYLOR does not look fit and always seems to be carrying an injury.
PECNIK very much looks the part, tries hard and does score goals in International football so he cannot be all bad.
MADINE/O'GRADY/PALMER/BEEVERS all seem to want to play and do their bit and were part and parcel of last seasons success, BRING THEM IN AND BACK and let them at least show spirit and guts for the challenge ahead.
In very few cases do LOAN players help out as they are being ditched by their own clubs, in most cases and are hacking themselves about. Again MARSHALL and ANTONIO, along with BAATH last year proved thius theory wrong, but BOTHROYD on his own shows the case for the prosecution.

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25 Nov 2012 12:23:06
I'm not the kind to call for a manager to go all the time but enough is enough it was so bad at hillsborough yesterday even us fans seemed like we were ready for defeat before the game had kicked off dave jones has lost it and its obvious why. Terry burton he was what made us a good side without him jones hasn't got a clue sorry but time to go

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Megson is what made us a good side !
Burton is what made Jones a good manager !

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In relation to the manager, I think he should be a man and resign as he appears to have lost the dressingroom, even the players he has brought in are troubled by some of his decisions.
In a realistic world we will not get a superstar manager but there are good workaholic managers - COYLE; MEGSON;
SHERIDAN; BROWN who have all been here and seen it in the Championship.
Surely one of these CANNOT be worse than what we have got even the injection of enthusiasm by a new man will help the team, as looking at JONES he appears to be waiting for the axe where if he was a real MAN he would walk away, BUT MONEY TALKS AND A PAYMENT WILL OBVIOUSLY SUIT BETTER THAN A CLEAR CONSCIOUS.

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25 Nov 2012 11:36:12
Whilst many of us on here have been saying things aren't right for the last dozen games or more, well before the Ipswich game , others have been saying give Jones time .
Well if you read his after match interview yesterday, even Jones is now admitting there is a problem, he said - "Everyone has to stick together, that is the only way to get out of any kind of trouble." - so perhaps all the fans can now take off their blinkers and stick together as Jones himself says, and admit there is a problem.
We ARE in trouble , what I and lots of other fans have been arguing is it is largely self-inflicted !
By persisting with Bothroyd when EVERYBODY knows that AT BEST he is no better than any other players in the squad.
By giving OTHER teams players extended runs in the team, when he picks and drops our own players every other game without giving them chance to settle in to team.
By sending our promising players, Beevers, Palmer, on loan to do well at other clubs and threatening to send others like Madine, Maguire, COG, out on loan, and at the same time bringing other players IN on loan who are certainly no better if not worse than those who have gone out.
And tactically, when we have kept one clean sheet in lge all season, Jones still insists the only problem is we are not converting chances , YET here we are 18 games in and neither problem solved?
I think if we change manager NOW we will have a big job to avoid relegation, but if we don't change manager its inevitable.

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No chances to convert yesterday

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25 Nov 2012 10:31:38
No long rant, simple...DJ out.

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Hope it's true DJ going to get sacked on Monday and get a good manager to put pride and passion back into our club

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25 Nov 2012 07:15:03
MM is not thick, far from it- and he can see well enough what is happening .He knows that DJ's decisions go from bad to crazy, he knows a whimpering excuse when he hears one ; so what is it that prevents him from doing the necessary ? Surely not money because keeping Jones will be more expensive than sacking him.

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Milan had friends from lcfc yesterday so nothing done.But new manager ready heard its hoddle ? but jones will be history monday, I think milan has been very patient and no one can accuse him of been ruthless jones is a good manager for some reason its not worked at s6,Thanks dj for getting us up.

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Heard from a reliable source DJ will be fired on Monday(about time in my opinion-nice bloke but lost the plot). MM needs to steady the ship, don't know who I would choose, some of the names mentioned have been out of the game too long-Hoddle, Curbishley etc
Who ever comes in needs to bring Beevers back! (11 games unbeaten Millwall since he went there!), drop Kirkland and replace him with Bywater (he commands the area and talks to the defence). I would go to QPR and try to bring Clint Hill and Shaun Derry in (sending Sidibe and Bothroyd back!) I would put COG & Rodri up front, sell Madine (if we could get 4-5 hundred grand) and try and sign ALF from Reading-so who ever does come in just needs to follow my plan.its that easy! What do you think?

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25 Nov 2012 10:58:39
This is just my opinion and not a rumour but i would like john sheridan as manager, A true legend

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Sheri was a great, great player, but is a very ordinary manager.
Sorry but we can and should do a lot better.

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Anybody asking for Clint Hill & Shaun Derry to come in is either a closet blunt or deluded .
They were never better than half-decent at there best !

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I can assure you Im no blunt! Didnt hill & derry star for QPR last season, tried and tested at this level! And were excellent at man u yesterday-who would you bring in?

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For a start just buying players that "play well for other teams" doesn't work and is not what management is about.
Two good examples of this point are - Torres & Andy Carroll both free scoring strikers at top level , bought for zillions then fail at new club.
A Manager has two options, he either decides how he wants to play and then buys the players that fit that system (if money no option ? ). Or he finds a system that works with the players he already has.
In reality most GOOD managers have to start by finding something that works for the players that are here but gradually buying players that moves him to where he wants to be and how he wants to play.
So just saying buy this player or that player is pointless if it doesn't fit the chosen system.
That (IMO) is why DJ has failed , he has a system that he knows has worked and he has tried to move to that system too quickly without having the players here that can make it work . Thats why hes stuck with Bothroyd cos he fits his system.
But if DJ was as good a manager as I thought he was when came, he would have found a way to make it work because we DO have a lot decent players , we're just not playing to their strengths. (IMO)

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Well put. Couldn't agrre more.

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Tbh Derry is the kind of journeyman player we need.Players who have moved around and always do a good job.
Got too many promising but inexperienced players in the squad atm.
I can't understand why jones has got it so wrong.He is a well respected manager.
I'll be sorry to see him leave but he has just made a mess of this season.

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