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25 May 2013 12:45:34
Chris O'Grady to sign for Barnsley for 400k and Jacob Mellis to the Owls in a swap deal. UTO

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We need to build from the second half of last season, players that did well like Helan, Olifinjaro and Lita, I would live to stay.
Those players who have offered contracts are all good players and I hope they sign.
Any additions we make, as long as they are better than we have and not lazy past it players that disrupt the changing room like Bothroyd did in his time at Hillsborough then I think we will have a good foundation for a squad going into next season

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Bothroyd upset the players fans alike

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How can this happen when mellis on loan at barnsley

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And what is so funny is that his comments about Wednesday being just a Championship side look like sour grapes now his "fantastic" club have slipped back!

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Coke was our best player second half of last season, and everyone's ignoring him

It's insulting to suggest Olofinjana was better

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Know your facts Mellis was released by Chelsea last season and Barnsley took him on it could happen but highly unlikely

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Mellis on loan?

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Sorry friend but coke can't string 2 passes together. Gives the ball away a lit an drifts in an out of games. For a young lad he, s had quite a few clubs includin some in Scotland. And he, s ad loan spells away from us. He, s not a good player m8 but I must admit he could be if he was consistent. He does show some skills on the odd occasion.

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Coke has all the attributes u want in a centre mid! Would love 2 c him and a goal getter in the middle next season. Think darren ambrose would do a job

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Simon church is out of contract bring him in if (when COG) goes!

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Coke can't pass? Have you even been watching the matches? He's a better passer than all of our other central midfielders, he tackles well, he can actually dribble and he's completely 2-footed

he must have the highest pass completion of any of our midfielders

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He is a good player should keep coke

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This is the Championship. The reason why Wednesday, and nearly all clubs out with the Premiership, do not sign players prior to the 30th June, is that contracts expire then.

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25 May 2013 09:00:07
I have been informed by a club insider that Wednesday have lodged a bid of £400. 000 for Walsall striker Will Grigg.

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20 goals in league one at 21 years old looks pretty decent; can't be as crap as Madine anyway

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£400 is a bargain mate.

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He's out of contract isn't he?

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It will be no decent signings for the owls again this coming season, you better prepare yourselves owls fans! DJ brought so many cheap signings last season, none of them has been developed or proved himself in this division, a part from Kieran lee and McCabe a bit. the others were ready made experienced high level players, like Kirkland and Gardner (not Tayler?). The fans have been going in their large numbers to the stadium, much lore increased attendants, than before. where the extra money has gone? If we want to compete we better get just few high quality proven players, not antique, that they will make a difference on the team. Otherwise it'll be another struggling nervous season for us, especially if we loose some good players we have already, e. g, Buxton, Lliara, coke, kirkland or even Prutton. then say good bye to the championship. DO I SOUND NEGATIVE? NO I DO NOT JUST REALISTIC reflecting from last season experience!

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25 May 2013 14:04:32
Aston villa looking at him so can't see him coming to us

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Not realistic just negative. We will sign some quality players.

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Being out of contract makes no difference as the bowman rule does not apply to under 24's

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Last season bringing Bothroyd in had a massive negative effect and we ended up struggling at bottom because of it, i'm hoping this season DJ will have learnt from that fiasco, Ill be happy with a mid table finnish although i'd love to finnish a good bit higher.

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I see the weed is peddling his rubbish again trying to stir unrest. The arguments are tired and boring. We have all moved on from Boothroyd and dodgy contract which required us to play him. Why not mention all other loan signings who did well, oh that would sound positive.

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You would have taken Bothroyd, as would I.
Hindsight, makes you an expert, apparently.

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Kieran Lee has not been good, neither has Prutton

where are people getting the idea that running around like a headless chicken is productive

Lee is almost comically bad at reading the movement of the ball, and Prutton must have

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To be fair lees been played out ov position he's not a winger so its abit harsh slagging the kid off. he's a fullback.

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Kieran lee has endless energy he always works back

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Maybe Keiran just needs glasses?

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Kieron lees done well pal. don't know what games you been watchin

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Kieran lee works hard so does prutton its no coincidence when lee came in on right wing and Helan was on left we stopped conceding as many goals so to say he's crap I think is a bit harsh. He was put there to work back and chase people down. So as far as I'm concerned he was brilliant.

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Griggs 21 goals at 21 in L1. Sounds like Madine the. Previous season. Big step up to champ

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Cant stress this enough helan was poor at us, his got pace but hasn't got a clue, looked disinterested don't get me wrong his pass completetion was very good, (if he played for the other team) wouldn't like to see him back at s6!


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