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25 Jun 2013 20:17:48
Only one of the 1 pf the main targets is a free and two of them are loans from last season made permanent. ( source swfc employee person)

so my guess is lita and olifinjana

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Strikers who'd be worth a punt
Ebanks blake
Jacob mellis
Tom pop
Clayton Donaldson
Jamie vardy
Dj Campbell
Midfield players worth a punt

Jonnie jackson
Dean whitehead
Rory Delano
David cotterall
Ben Marshall (loan)

Defenders worth a punt
Mathew kilgallen
Shaun st ledger
Roger Johnson
Richard dunne player coach role {Ed003's Note - I do like Tom Pop;) }

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Some of these would definitely not worth a punt. Looks as though list copied off transfer web site without any thought being applied. Host of injury and attitude problems and some simply not good enough for Championship.

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Kevin Davis is in talks with Preston, he says that he wants to play his football near where he lives and where his family is happy, presumably that is Lancashire. So that is one off the list

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26 Jun 2013 10:35:28
This is what we want to hear. RUMUORS not some negative no decent signing posts. All I know is shef wed will always be there. And we are MASSIVE

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Karl Henry (Wolves) would be immense in midfield. Has been released/listed. Got to be worth an enquiry surely?

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There have been several posts suggesting we should sign Wolves players and when you see the name the immediately think, yes they're a good player and would help improve our squad. But then you think again and realise they have just been relegated 2 seasons in a row and wonder how good can they be. Hmmmm.

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Sheff wed new signings

pugh, st ledger, macourt, olifinjana, ambrose, simeon jackson, k davies jus watch

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To the last poster, Henry is the one listed player I wouldn't want at Wolves he works hard but can't tackle and has no quality.

O'Hara and Johnson on the other hand I would love!

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26 Jun 2013 14:35:52
Owls have signed jaques magahoma

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Who ever we sign we need to get beind them with our full support and cheer the lads on if we play like we played 2nd half of season last year we'll have a decent season Y

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Who the hell is Tom Pop?

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Wonder if he mean tom pope? or the actually pope

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25 Jun 2013 07:23:42
Jacques Maghoma and Nahki Wells are both going to join the Owls by early July.

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Prutton signs for 1 further year R. P

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Yeh your right so there for anytime now the rest should be signing up with the massive uto xxx

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We're is the money coming from only freebies till we get house in order

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Obviously I can't say for sure but I would imagine fees will be paid as our house is in no worse shape than 90% of the Championship. Yes the fair play rules will make a difference but that applies to all the Championship not just Wednesday. I think too much is being made of this £5 Mil a season loss, as I have said before if we are losing that sort of money then the rest of the division must be the same if not worse off. We are a well run club with outstanding support that other clubs would die for including some Premier league clubs. Players will come and will hopefully add to what we already have. UTO

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Where are you getting these "only freebies" from? And since when has the house been out of order?

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With regards to the above post, MM has taken us as far as he can and it's time he admitted this and moved on and pass the rienes over to someone with more vigor, drive and ambition.

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He will no doubt move as and when someone suitable makes a firm offer. In case you have not noticed there doesn't seem to be a queue forming to buy the club.

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There are lots of people wanting to buy the club even mm said this but as yet none have made what mm sees to be a good offer for the club. They need to be good for the club. I could see us been in different hands by next season.

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Its pathetic that people can be bothered to go down this road again!
We havnt made any signings so why not start talkin about MM and how he cannot do any more, or let's bore everyone with rumours of buy outs! The clubs in a far better state than at any other point in the last 10 years!
But yet moronic inderviduals feel the need to constantly make us seem like a struggling club!

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Well said

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(Some) people need to get real. There are only 2 clubs I can think of that have owners prepared to splash money without a need to recoup their investment (Chelsea & Man City). Any other owner/consortium that invests wants to make a return and generally loan money to the club, this then has to be repaid. So I do not want a takeover that involves a new owner gambling on our future. Let us spend money if we have it and if not the we don't. Simple. As an earlier poster wisely points out, we are in a much better position than the majority of Championship clubs with regards to lack of debt and crown sizes. I for one fully support MM and we owe him a great deal for saving our club, so if he doesn't want to spend HIS money then that's his choice. Beware of what you wish for my friends.

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Thank you might post on here more haha

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Jacques Maghoma - read his social network account - he doesn't know where these rumours ar coming from!

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Weird how he's oblivious but signed though init? uto xxx

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Does he know yet?

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To the above post what are u saying?
just signed the 25 year old winger

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He obviously knew but couldn't say awt. Looks like he was winding boro fans up as well last week dropping hints he might join them. There gutted now.

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25 Jun 2013 02:02:58
Darren Ambrose sighted at Middlewood

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Was you spotted spotting him then? lol uto xxx

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Would be a great signinp

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Well past it. even Cheltenham got rid

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Are you the same person that has "sighted" ambrose at middlewood/Hillsboro for the last 2-3 seasons in a row.

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Cheltenham?your thinking of Darren carter mate, not Darren ambrose.

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Yeh I am sorry lol

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