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25 Jul 2013 23:25:54
Milan is looking to give the club stability by bring back three former players back to Hillsborough. Whilst the takeover is on going, Milan is looking to give the owls the best chance of promotion by singing Kenweyne Jones, Glenn Whelan and Chris Brunt. Source paper talk.

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Glenn whelan maybe, kenwyne jones you must be dreaming, Chris brunt is just a joke! Milan wants to sell, hence why he's spent v. little money so far!

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Whealans pushing it, jones is never going to happen and we are never ever going to sign one of west broms most important player! WAWAW

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Brunt is not very popular nowadays amongst the baggies fans that I know.

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Didn't know MM was into KARAOKE

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Although last season it did appear that a few of the singings where spotted in the queue for the Xfactor preliminaries.

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I will forever grateful for mm for saving our club but the time is right for him to sell club and give somebody else a chance to put money into club buy some better quality players n a better manager n take us where we belong premiership

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25 Jul 2013 16:33:45
Wednesday have signed 23 year old 6'6 striker from Rapid Vienna Atdhe Nuhiu. On loan in turkey last year. that's our target man, (no steve howard), now for lita and a cb and we are done

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So glad the owls have gone for a young prospect and not an old hasbeen uto well done dj

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25 Jul 2013 18:52:03
Would like to see Mackie sign for wednesday, had a transfer request accepted

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Just watched some videos of this guy, looks powerful in air and pretty quick, could be good!

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Just read an article from a few days ago when this lad was on trial at palace. Apparently impressed Ian Holloway and a few other Premiership clubs after him. Not sure what happened but it would appear we've snapped up some talent and got a real bargain. Only time will tell but it appears like a good bit of business, well done DJ and MM

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I don't mean to piss on everyone's bonfire but he could easily be another Rodri and even worse another Armado who turned up in Sheffield and walked around Meadow Hall for 20 minutes and went straight back to Portugal.

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Not another Rodri as he was on loan, where as Nuhiu is on a 3 year deal.

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Is it true that Madine has gone out on loan to Brentford?

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Six foot six and I hope he's not 235 pounds because he will be brought down with a thing called love. Mr. C

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You can see it in your heart, hold it in your hands! Like the wind that travels our lands. The man in black. If he's a bully (Albanian/Serbs really ought to be) then I can see him being a success! Come on th'owls!

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"Not another Rodri as he was on loan, where as Nuhiu is on a 3 year deal. "?? What about Nejc Pe─Źnik, ten games and sent packing and swallowing up wages like no tomorrow for the rest of the season!

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I reckon it's SWFC that makes him want to be in Sheffield, not the shops.

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Don't think many on ere will have heard that song. Johnny Cash rules ok. Like your sense of humour

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What about big John he was ten pounds heaveir but he finished up at the bottom of a mine lol Mr. C

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Whos johnny cash? Is that the ex everton goally who is at norwich?

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Why are we slagging him off already I think he will be a success with our wingers swinging the ball in he will connect and head them in with any luck uto

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26 Jul 2013 10:39:43
Video of Atdhe Nuhiu in action, such an ariel threat it's unreal.

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Great stuff all I need now is a new neck brace and were set

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Lad looks decent. Good in the air, as you'd hope. Helan, JJ whipping balls in. MASSIVE!

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Here we go. people at it already about high balls etc. they all want to see us play like barca, and get nothing by being tippy tappy. the division is very tough. you win it by strength and pace. these football idealists need to get real.

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The footage of Nuhiu on youtube is promising, he is an absolute monster in the air. He could get bags of goals for us. Will he settle though?

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Sorry Jose. Different football matches require different styles of play depending on who u playing. I think he's a good addition as we can play balls into box from Antonio jj and helan or if needs be route 1 as long as the 3 points is in bag hopefully nice football though

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He can head the ball, that's obvious BUT he scores more goals with his feet, BOTH of them.
He needs the service and we have 2 pacey wingers who can cross the ball, I see him doing well here. Fingers crossed.

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Ok just come back from chesterfield and that says, relegation unfortunately the new guy was absolutley poor, need many many more different faces and ones that we've heard of

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Darko kovacevic!

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Watched Nuhiu in Rotherham if he plays like that all season we may as well throw on the groundsman, in fact the groundsmen and stewards would have given Rotherham a better game, the guys out there was terrible, Rotherham outplayed us in all areas made us look mid table division 2 at best.

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25 Jul 2013 14:08:09
Ross Barkley to sign on a season long loan

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Don't think so mate. Would like to see him back but not a chance!

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Love it to happen, but it probably wont

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Massively overated. And I choose my words wisely.

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Rumours have to be credible first. the club now is considering the take over bid by sammy Yu & his consortium, hence new signings can not be done until MM knows where we are!

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Swfc sign Atdhe Nuhiu based on clearance, source swfc site uto xxx

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Nuhiu signed 3 yrs deal

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25 Jul 2013 17:05:18
yeees we have signed Nuhiu who!

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25 Jul 2013 17:08:14
We've signed a striker called adthe nuhiu. Palace were after him

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We signed a striker who is a Austrian international. He's a man mountain!

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Surprise surprise we have a striker

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We've just signed Atdhe Nuhiu 6' 6" Austrian Striker. Was on trial at Place and scored for them on Tuesday.

And don't say this is for DJ long ball rubbish, because apparently he's quick and technically good.

Just sayin' is all.

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25 Jul 2013 18:18:46
Any body heard anything we maybe trying to get Simon church any truth I don't no?

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Well, well, well. that one slipped in under the rumour radar didn`t it?
Hope all you doubters out there give the lad a chance before you start sharpening the knives you love to plunge into peoples backs.

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Lita will sign

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25 Jul 2013 00:07:19
No fans on north tnite so don't talk rubbish

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Have to disagree with you there I could see a few fans in the North, plus Lita was definitely there.

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Not exactly true! Fans were sat in the north stand! Rangers were to the left towards the end near away support! Only about 50 though.

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They were Wednesday fans in the north next to the disabled seating

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25 Jul 2013 10:54:24
With the new squad numbers on the website showing no number 8. Stems speculation that Lita will be signing before start of season. This is his favourite number and would ask to wear this number.

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Taylor number is now 15 instead of 5 aswell, 5 will probably be for zayatte, he was immense against rangers, looks a really good centre half

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You can hardly say zayette was immense, he plyed well and might be worth an offer. However you have to take into account the standard of the opposition. Their fans might be top draw and Glasgow Rangers might be a big name but they are still at present a Scottish Div 2 side with a corresponding squad.
Worrying what should have been a 3-0 canter on paper was a laboured 1-0 which could have gone either way

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Bbc website confirm chopra to Blackpool that was a close shave thought he was odds on to sign with the mighty owls

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25 Jul 2013 13:24:18
i here that DJ is thinking over Zayette and offering him a contract, we all no the answer then, yes he won't be joining us, what a waste of time and I say sell up MM stop playing about and tell us the truth

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25 Jul 2013 17:31:28
Atdhe Nuhiu looks the part and will he take the number 8 shirt a mobile Crouch yes

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