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25 Jul 2012 21:54:19
its been confirmed norris to leeds

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Hopefully not true.

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Signing for us tomorrow!

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Be a great signing

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It's in telegraph. :(

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What's your source on this then, bulls*** is written all over this

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Love to know where that source camme from bout Norris to Leeds caus been on every website possible and no mention of it

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Talk sport have said this morning norris is signing for swfc.

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Norris for Leeds today and a third try for Antonio Sheffield star

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It would seem the tHat Milan is determined to sign Antonio after reading rejected a 700,000 bid in star it it says Milan will hold talks with reading owner and chairman over next few days maximum I think mm will go is 800,000

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Missed out on norris

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Norris is one of these players who is rated but whoever he plays for struggles. has he ever won promotion out of Championship? I do not think so and has had plenty of opportunities. Not for me.

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DJ says we've not even spoken to Norris. Thank God!

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Reported by John Percy in Telegraph today that he has joined Leeds, can't find any other source confirming though.

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Leeds all the way for norris same as the other 3 pompey players.

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Norris will rue the day he had the chance to come to us. All he will get is an earful of complaints from loud-mouth Warnock and the Leeds fans.

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Wednesday only made half hearted approach, apparently better fish to fry.

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Norris gone to leeds miss out on a good player

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Norris not a bad player but glad we have not signed him,wrong age for what we want to achieve which is promotion eventually .If we thought we might be in a relegation battle you could consider someone like him.Before anyone says we signed Gardner who is the same age he is going to be marshalling a relatively young defence he has the experience to do that.

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25 Jul 2012 21:49:33
Nile ranger intresting coventry. news now

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And the daily mirror ! Hope we don't sine him

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He is a talent and he certainly will not go to L1 side. He was not ready when he came to us and improved every game. His off field problems are a concern but he settled in well at Hillsbrough and caused no problems. I would be happy for him to come on the right terms, we could do a lot worse and many of suggestions on here are not as good.

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He is definatley a talent i agree with that guy alot

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He wont go to a L1 side???? im sure he played for swfc last season.... what league was tht?? think about it mate

actually take away the mate bit at the end!

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25 Jul 2012 12:11:51
Apparently we've signed Norris for 250k
Source: The sun

Think the sun chat a load of bull but hey ho it's a rumour

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Norris to sign for Leeds. Source: John Percy.

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This is the guy who said we had signed Antonio a month ago?

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25 Jul 2012 12:05:56
Reading reject 700k bid for Antonio. Source is Jonny Fordham's article on get reading website.

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Wigan bid for Antonio - higher bid than us {Ed046's Note - And what is your source?? Or is this made up}

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I reckon antonio will be ours by next week and for around 750k.....
And i hope im right UTO if he doesnt come then look what happened with ben marshall, there is always a replacement :( wtid

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Is Antonio as good as messi or something? If he's not good enough for reading in championship he's not good enough for us! There just been greedy. Move on and sign someone better!

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This Antonio bid. Just ask reading how much for him and pay it. If not move on to someone else.

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Getting boring! Reading think they are better than they are. Tell them to do one!

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Move on wednesday from him - 700k is more than generous , how can they turn that down for a 4th choice winger , there waiting for more clubs to come in. not mikhail 's fault its their chairman

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DJ said he was willing to take his time on this transfer, or 'wait', as he put it...quite a while ago

Now Reading are saying they're in no hurry to sell him to us, and that other clubs are interested anyway

Sounds like desperate words, to me

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Or is this made up - yes just like all the rest

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Reading think they are better than they are - they are Premier league, cant get any better

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What and you think they will do well in the prem? haha jog on

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Antonio deal is now off, move on

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Lets look at situation factually, we doubled our offer as requested. They ree rfused as they have seen stupid clamour from fans for us to sign him and they thought they would tear us apart in friendly game and we would come back with improved offer. Their plan went they were very poor on night and Antonio looked 200,000 player they originally quoted us in January. We are first half decent team they have played and wheels came off. McDermotts face at end of game was like thunder, Berkshire promised interview with him next day did not happen. Sit tight they will be keen to offload in a couple of weeks and fee will come down.

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I think antonio would be a great signing for 700k or more, he has great potential. i think we should just offer a million, reading can take it or leave it.

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Will the talk about antonio ever stop

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25 Jul 2012 11:37:28
swfc been told to up there offer of
700.000 for antonio source reading press

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Have they said how much they want, or are they simply tacking on a bit more to whatever is offered until they reach the point at which MM loses patience and looks elsewhere ?

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We should tell Reading to "up their's" if that figure is right. He's good but he ain't worth more than that. Time to go to plan B, if we've got one!

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They said they want in excess of 700.000 so i dont think we have bid 700.000 think we have offered 500.000 like it was said last week

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Said from the moment we stated we wanted to sign him it was going to be Ben Marshall scenario allover again.... He'll be coming to hillsborough on 24th November.... *check our fixture list*

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How far in excess of 700k is it ? "In excess" is open-ended and leaves room to jack up the price every time. Difficult to do business under those terms.

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Reading, with their talk of other clubs' interest and vague upper limits, are clearly trying to start an auction in the hope of getting silly money. When Marshall left it was said that it would wreck our chances: it didn't. If Reading want to overcharge and Antonio goes elsewhere ,again it will not wreck us. Please let us not be dragged back ito David Richards' la-la land of carefree spending

Lifelong Owl

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F Last night showed his limitations and 700,000 looks generous. I would back of and look elsewhere. The championship is not league 1. No premiership team are going to buy him and Championship team paying more than 700,000 would have money to burn.

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Glad some sensible comments on here from fans.All the fans on here saying pay whatever Reading want would not be so eager if they were spending there own money.MM will pay what he thinks is a fair price,it will not be his judgement on what the price to pay that will be DJ he is the manager and has to work to a budget blowing more on Antonio than what he is worth limits the money to spend on other targets.If Antonio was such a hot property why has a prem club not bid,a million is peanuts in that league if he was that good the club he is with do not really rate him or they would not have let him get into the last year of his contract.Trust MM & DJ

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He played 13 matches for us got caught up in the promotion momentum the adrenelin was running high.The question is could he do it for a season in a higher league we dont know

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I personally think we shud move on reading getting greedy 700 000 a generous offer n while he's got potential there is plenty of others out there who have too so jog on reading hope to leap frog your come may UTO

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What impact did he have with the side he went on loan to in first half of year? Nothing out of ordinary it depends on team around you and tactics played we utilised his strengths. We could do same with others.

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Agree with above about tactics DJ is a top manager who has the ability to develop players hence his hesitation to pay over the top prices for players.Antonio was nothing until he played under DJ and he knows, thats the reason he wants to play for Wednesday

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25 Jul 2012 08:47:19
We have signed Norris for 250k and joey Barton is to train with Fleetwood town where he will also be offered anger management classes.source the sun

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No we haven't

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Just saying what it said in the paper,was it you sat next to kenwyne Jones ?

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25 Jul 2012 07:25:00
Antonio deal looks like its going to come off with all the speculation last night
"very soon" from the words of milan from a lad who was over there who spoke to him.
his missus going to manchester uni
And she said abit back she would go where ever he would go. and if he was stopping in reading wouldnt she have gone to a uni down south?

All the pieces seem to be adding up make what u want of it.
Just some thoughts and facts there

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Ive added up all the peices and concluded you are not quite right in the head

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Blah blah blah we wont sign him

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Nicky hammond has stated in an interview, that 700k has been turned down, wednesday to put their money where there mouth is, other clubs interested in Antonio. Reading in no rush to sell and Michail is part of plans at the minute. Plus side is Antonio has said he may need to move as he wants regular football. Not looking promising at the minute

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25 Jul 2012 06:49:36
Kenwynne jones sat with Wednesday fans at last nights match

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Who posts this rubbish

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Stop it , my sides are aching with laughter,
Honestly, stop it

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How can we beleive you?

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Who knows what Kenwynne is doing after all he is an international man of mystery

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Was he wearing a moustache and glasses with the fake nose attached? {Ed046's Note - And a wig to really throw people off the scent!!

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I was there and it is bull.

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25 Jul 2012 02:08:09
Young lad from glasgow rangers will be signing. Unbelievable talent. Watch this space

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We are watching.... ?

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And watching . . .

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