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25 Jan 2012 23:12:07
SWFC to sign ferrie boddie from Swansea on loan. Fan house Percy posted it on twitter.

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Heard this one my self if hes fit it would be quality been injured last few years but when he played for swansea he was quality an attaking centre mid with can strike a ball and unlock defences

at last we can finally drop lines

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Are you for real? Lines has been outstanding for us so far. Get yourself to specksavers pal.

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Haha makes me laugh. chris lines has been one of the best signings for 50k.

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Lines has been brilliant this season. U must be an oinker.

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Get yourself to Specsavers...............More like get yourself to the games, either an oinker or armchair fan

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Bodde will only be a 1 month loan deal. If he does come which is no use at all! Btw lines was fantastic on Tuesday night he can only build on that aswel. Get to the games and watch him urself!

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Chris lines is an average league one player he will be awful in championship think you lot need to get your eyes tested

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Good to see u back Cocco.

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How do you know that about lines? Champ may suit him better as he's a ball player. When did you become a scout? More rubbish and why we can't give these players a chance. Ogradys been given grief all season. God only knows why

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Bodde wont be a 1 month loan deal! As if we,d do that it,d be pointless! It,ll be till end of season. Lines will be a good player in championship no doubt about that.

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Lines has NOT been outsnading! He's been good in patches but that isn't enough. If it wasn't for his ability from dead ball siutations he'd have been dropped a long tme ago. And no, I'm not a pig.

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1 month loan deal it says in daily mail. GM to give him chance to kickstart his future after injury. Can only go on that. As rubbish as it would be!

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Everything mail prints reguarding transfers is rubbish! They,v never got anything right!

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Sign bod permanently not loan. There is no point on loan as we already have good central mids lines, semedo and prutton so if you get him its a full transfer on 1yr deal. It should be marshall we should be saving up to buy for 500k-800k should get him for that

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Ha ha i love thos arm chair supporters calling lines class

that bloke couldnt even unlock his front door never mind the oppositions defence he is tripe very very very average at best

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Sign Bodde permenantly when his knee is like a jigsaw puzzle and he aint played in 3 year?? Yeah, That makes loads of sense.

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Chris Lines just like watching Xavi

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Chris lines is class and can score wonder goals at times we need the. Hes the best player to hold the ball up and play it down the wings when needed. Plus one of my favourite players for wednsday seen as though he has the work rate and tempo to keep up with the games chio

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25 Jan 2012 22:27:49
Evening Ed ...... Is it correct you've heard Wednesday have made an offer for Marshall ? {Ed013's Note - That's what I heard mate, couldn't tell you how much or when but I know other clubs are watching}

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AT LAST some positive noises coming out of hillsborough , let's hope the offer is big enough.

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Imagine marshall and boddie in same team


you havnt won it yet charlton

oh but a lad can dream

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Who is marshall? oh ueah he was the guy filling in for jj as an emergency loan as cover! Erm them 3 on form in the same team would be amazing! Hope your right marshall boddie AND jj. Jesus we wouldld b top 6 in championship next season!

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Top 6 Championship haha what you been smoking pal? JJ will be back to normal soon enough get rid i say

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25 Jan 2012 21:38:43
Highly doubt JJ to go since he's just got 2 goals in 2 games! Marshall says his agent is sorting everything out...

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25 Jan 2012 15:32:40
Marshall joining Leicester for 500k on a permanent deal... Hi 5 MM.

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For 550k-750k I am sure mm could nick him.

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Not true, nothing decided yet marshall has left it to his agent but has said he lived his time at swfc.

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Mm really needs to dig deep into his pockets and buy marshall he could really help us out in our promotion hopes. or atleast we need to buy another winger if we sell JJ

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Maybe MM could ask redknapp for a load from his offshore bank account to finance the deal?

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Lets just wait and see nothing defo on marshall yet. All good thing......and that! UTO

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Where did u get this from?

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Mail online. It's not done yet, but fairly close by all accounts.

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How can u disagree, ever heard of Google? {Ed003's Note - All other search engine's are available }

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A rumour that Wednesday have sold out all the home tickets for the Derby game and that the piggies have only sold 10 tickets.. Shame were a MASSIVE club UTO

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Only the piggies type MASSIVE. Stelph code, like red and white spies. Sad.

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Only people who talk about Stelph codes must be fans of Agent Wilson !!

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25 Jan 2012 08:59:28
Wednesday to get Mitchell Mcpike on loan

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Hes a 20 year old midfielder from birmingham doesnt look much kop

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England U21 international ?

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He was an origanal member of 'the risk' on x factor just gone...... #fact {Ed001's Note - what's with the hash symbol? Why do people do that?}

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If that's the case, when is Michelle McManus and Jedward signing?

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Its probably code for Blade

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I think it would be a risk to sign him.

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25 Jan 2012 00:11:31
Yes I know- "another Ben Marshall post" however rather than the dross of "he's signing for x he's signing for y", John Percy has this evening tweeted that Leicester city have made an enquiry for Marshall and a bid is expected shortly. He's normally quite renowned for his accuracy. Finally we look like putting this to bed.

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Just been confirmed about the Foxes interest on sky sports website. Although by the looks of things from what Pearson said he's looking for him to come in as back up. Would he want to be a fringe player in the Championship for the next 2 seasons at least?

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Have wednesday actually put an actual bid in for marshall or are we just hoping to get him back on loan. anyone know

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From what I am reading on SkySports we want a loan. Milans transfer kitty must be offshore aswel.

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