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24 Sep 2013 10:17:29
A Friend of mine works for the property department of the sheffield city council and he told me yesterday that the department had had a request for a report on the land owned buy Sheffield Wednesday (Training Ground + Hillsborough) not massive news but what's intresting is that they had the same thing from sheffield united 3 weeks before the take over.

why would MM spend money on players if he was selling the club. It makes perfect sense.

you wouldn't buy a new conservatory for your house if you was about to sell it.


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Wednesday don't own the training ground the lease it from the council

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We do own it. we was going to sell it a few year back an didnt

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If we don't own the training ground then why were we trying to sell it a few years ago?

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No, they own it! its one of our biggest assets!

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Reda should play centre back he's to slow for fulback get mattock there played well against qpr i'm what do u think

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Wednesday do own training ground

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Tesco was interested in buying it but the council said there would be congestion problems and Tesco went to near the Wicker Arches.

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24 Sep 2013 20:45:48
Well I see Lita is waiting for the right offer according to Laudrup, that rules us out of another striker then. Just watching Swindon play Chelsea they're playing much better than we do knocking the ball about looking good, just what we need to do. Still we are in the Championship and we will stay in it to

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I know that MM wanted to rent a property from somebody within my family and when they asked why he didn't want to buy, they were told that he didn't want to buy due to him hoping to sell the club.

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Sounds like dues diligence by a potential buyer. The club owns the land and would be part of any deal.

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We do not own the training ground but we own a very long lease on it. A few years ago we were trying to sell this lease because the land could be built on for housing or commercial but not without the builder buying the lease off us first.

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Mm owns the training ground and hillsbor0ugh

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Reda is a liability at centre half, reason why Megson played him at lb is because his pace makes up for it, if you think mattock is quicker than reda, you've got to be joking. Reda at cb in the champ would be disastrous

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Spot on

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The fact that we own the lease for land the training ground is built on prevents the owners (Sheffield Council) from selling it. Dave Allen tried to get something like £3,000,000 for the lease but wasn't successful some years ago. Milan may own the ground but he doesn't own the training ground; he owns the lease for it.

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I see that Magoma says that all the players are right behind Dave Jones and back him to get it right.

Is that as good as a vote of confidence from the club Chairman.

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26 Sep 2013 09:13:37
And today DJ has finally got the backing of chairman yessss finally he may be getting the sack and we may finally get back to playing wingers as wingers and starting with a striker on the pitch. Looks like got Doncaster match to save himself with it saying "Milan targets derby win" so here we go I actually want Wednesday to lose just to get rid of DJ lol

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Mm says that one or two forwards are coming in either this week or next, we all no that means one and next week lol what a joke they have become Mr. C

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Is the striker next week anything to do with madine being sentenced next week? Mr. C

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So last post will be opposite to megson we lose he goes v donny but when wining blades he got sacked anyway. tbh I think jones his time is up and milan knows this but its finding the right replacement then no replacement, remember business is all about timing and when one jumps out another quickley replaces to jump in? what you think:? uto xxx

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I tend to agree.

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Wednesday do not own the training ground land they have a 99 year lease from the sheffield council! If you don't believe me then have a look at council records and stop makin pointless rumours up

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Sorry guys, I think this is just wishful thinking. In my view DJ is not even close to losing his job. There is clearly something going on behind the scenes (most likely a takeover at an advanced stage in my opinion). We know that MM prefers to keep his business dealings quiet until he has something to say so I guess that all will be revealed in due course. Until then, I think it just a question of keeping things going as best we can.

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To the poster above re 99 year lease. If SWFC do have a 99 year lease on the training ground, then they are entitled to sell the lease (same as I can sell my house which is leasehold). Where a lease exists the majority of the value sits with the lease owner not the freeholder. If I recall we tried to sell previously when in a financial mess but planning consent wasn't forthcoming for a supermarket so the sale did not go through.

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Despite people disagreeing, I know for a fact that MM wanted to rent a particular house in Whirlow and then pulled out, so maybe the takeover rumour does have some content.

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In Response to the 'sorry guys' poster above I think you are spot on. I can see two scenarios. MM is close to a sale so why change what a new owner will want to change anyway, leave it to the new people. But if he isn't close to a sale he's walking a fine line if things haven't markedly improved by Christmas. He would then needs to consider whether he makes a change just to ensure we stay up and not adversely affect the marketability of the club by going down. I also think the uncertainty about the Club's exposure to legal actions for damages following new inquests arising from the disaster may well hinder a sale for some time to come. As for the lease, it depends on a number of things. When you 'sell' a leasehold interest you assign it and the ability to do that can depend on a number of things. Just because the Club has the residue of a long lease of what may seem to be a valuable site for development is no guarantee that a large slice of that value would accrue to the Club on an assignment. On the other hand the landlord may want to recover possession to enable a sale so may be prepared to accept a surrender of the lease with the landlord and leaseholder doing a deal to split the sale proceeds. All kinds of other factors would affect that not least of which would be the user clause in the lease and any limits on a right to assign.

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24 Sep 2013 09:27:39
Can someone tell me if we're going to sign a Striker on Loan or what because this is getting boring.

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A little centre forward from reading on loan so I hear now they have got billy blunt (what you think ed)? {Ed001's Note - I am not aware of any available from them right now, but I will check with the Reading ed to see if he has heard anything.}

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Yeah we have savic on loan in the "development" squad so yeah we probably will sign another but it won't be for the first team. Players get signed and then just seem to erm vanish into some laboratory or something.!

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Still need players to go out on loan first
before we can sign a striker on loan

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