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24 Nov 2012 20:31:36
Seeing Ben today just made me think.
Lots on here who slag off Megson and defend DJ.
When you look at the players that Megson brought to the club - Ben , Antonio , and most of the decent players in the current squad.
Compare these to the performances we've seen from the majority of DJ's signings, not to mention Bothroyd, ....... and they slag Megson off ?

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24 Nov 2012 21:15:47
how many more results is it going to take before mandaric makes the decision 99 per cent of us want..... WE ARE GOING DOWN IF THIS CARRIES ON MILAN........ jones out... quickly

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Have we chanted today we want jones out ??
Mandy does not look at this website tuesday against watfoed if we lose make our voices heard display banners jones out mm must respond (if he cares) We need 10 more wins and at least 7 draws to even think about staying up (cant see it under david jones )

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He's picking the wrong players, using the wrong tactics, making the wrong substitutions, bringing in the wrong players, letting go the wrong players, and generally being totally useless in every conceivable way.

Megson was not a great manager, but he had set pieces nailed, and had the players playing for eachother

now we have no organisation and a bunch of overpaid, lazy turds

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24 Nov 2012 19:50:48
The future looks hazardous. Jones has landed us with a big squad of players and an economic nightmare. How to get rid of the surplus ? Can we get real money for them ? Doubt it. They will not go voluntarily- Jones has already said as much ; so a growing wage bill eats into money for transfers, additional money is spent on stop-gaps and birds of passage and somehow there are those, who out of loyalty' convince themselves that it is nothing to do with DJ. I know there is a theory among some that the choices are made by MM and PA - there is not one shred of evidence to support that, but plenty of evidence that DJ was delighted with each of signing as he made them.

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Very good post and your last point is well made, been a lot of - blame it on Aldridge - posters but the majority, if not all, of the signings were wholeheartedly supported by Jones .
I believe they are his signings - for the future - but he did not plan for the "NOW".

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Still no idea what to do "NOW" !

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This is a quote from DJ after todays match, I think he was talking about the players , but he could have been talking about himself - - - We are a little bit naive in some of the things that we do " ...... I couldn't have put it better DJ.
It is very naive to think you can keep picking players that aren't performing ahead of players that want to play and perform and expect to get results and keep the respect of the players (IMO)
I said on here after Bothcrap had played only 3games that if he persisted with him it would cost DJ his job .... watch this space.

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24 Nov 2012 19:38:19
If DJ is a good manager as some seem to think, how come we are where we are now just 6months after the dream start he had to his reign.
How can he have gone so wrong so quick if he knows what hes doing ?

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Be all and end all he has lost the players end of chat

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24 Nov 2012 19:28:45
Also, well done Ben, we all wanted you at our club, but the management was not prepared to bring quality in. Respect.

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Don't blame GM for Marshall, that was all MM he wasn't prepared to pay out.

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I don't. But hey BM proved his point tonight, big time and I don't dislike for it.

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Yep great player who only wants money and turned his back on the fans ? what a hero and then he gestures silince ? $$$$ker

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BM didn't turn his back on the club.the club never made a bid for him.and that is from his own mouth.he loves Wednesday an thinks they have the best fans but Wednesday only enquired about him Leicester actually bid for him.

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What the hell does it matter now? He's long gone!
There are bigger and worse things to concern yourself with now.
Like the current manager, and his mistakes and signings which are taking us down.
I for one never gave Jones all the credit for bringing us up because it was Megsons team , but he is definitely the only one to blame for taking us back down there again !
And I notice all those stupid - give him time- posters have come to there senses now !

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How anybody can say BM turned his back on us is beyond a joke. He wanted to stay but MM didnt want to pay.

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We matched Leicester's bid? But look at the difference between Wednesday and Leicester, think he made the right choice, he's been called up to u21 squad so he has a very bright future, especially when Leicester go up this season

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Yeah, you can't blame him for choosing Leicester over us unfortunately.

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24 Nov 2012 19:27:10
To be fair, every supporter cried for Marshall to join, but MM and his superior wisdom rebelled against it and what a twot he looks right now. Hi 5 you flicking muppet. Now we know why Pompy are where they are, even United beat them.

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Marshall showed real class both when he was with us and tonight, we could have got a great deal for him and he could have done well with us. Bright future for him at Leicester and possibly with England.

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Makes me laugh people having a go at MM, you forgetting he saved our club, get a grip.

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I am not having a go at MM.
But Wednesday are no better in their resources than when Laws, irvine, Sturrock and Turner had them in the championship. They struggled by the
most part to compete in this league.
But at least they had a chance to stay
up going into April. This time it will be done by Februrary. Cash talks and Wednesday neve ever get any. But we are a big club whilst the little clubs like Barnsley, Watford, Blackpool,Burnley
continually do better than Wednesday.
We will be playing Bradford City in the third league next season and I can tell you they will think they are better than
Wednesday ring a bell or what!

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Let's be realistic - i'm a true wednesday fan before you call me down.

At the time Liecester were in league above us and able to offer higher wages, plus hewas guaranteed championship footbal. Great player but he's not a wednesday fan, he's just a young lad doing what he thinks will give him the best career. Fair play.

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24 Nov 2012 19:18:14
ifmm sticks with clueless jones say hello to league 1 boys, who next for manager if he is sacked? i dontt think any manager wud want it, horriffic team that needs dismantling and starting from scratch so ur true level will be seen end of season in LEAGUE1, Joey

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24 Nov 2012 19:02:05
Bradford City in the fourth division get as good a loan players as Wedneday. Come on Wedneday get a decent owner in!

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I listen and talk to many of Wednesday fans while im sat in the kop and most of them say we need a new manager i must agree i think most Wednesday fans must think the same so please mm do the right thing

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Not just a new manager mate, how about a new owner and a new team. It's obvious MM took over our club for either business reasons or simply to own a club like many high profile businessmen do. What we really need is an owner with ambition who's willing to throw caution to the wind and wants the promise land that is the premier league as much as us fans do. I know this wouldn't be easy to find but they do exist. Milan did well to rescue us when he did but that's all he's done. We seemed to take a giant step forward when he arrived but since then we've took 2 giant steps back. Any clubs aim is to better the season before but under the leadership of MM, PA and DJ it simply isn't and can't work. Any wealthy Russians wanting to own what is one of the best clubs in the world please call SWFC a.s.a.p

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Normally mm is quick to sack a manager who has lost a few matches so why ain't he dun US all a favour n sack DJ

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DJ has become a laughing stock everytime we lose his excuses are laughable

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24 Nov 2012 18:06:20
Just been listening to Praise or Grumble on the way back from the game, a bloke called Nick rang up at 17:40 and it was like he read my mind. He questioned whether DJ had lost the dressing room and I was thinking the same during the game. It seems there is a lack of spirit amongst the players and it's understandable having lost so many over the past 3 months. But he also stressed that MM has to stick with DJ, I agree 100%. Rome was not built in one day. Yes DJ has made questionable signings and changed the team a lot since last season but those players will be there whether DJ is in charge or whether we bring someone else in. Which brings me on to my next point, why do some of the fans insist on comparing the club to the success of last season. Yes we had much more points on the board but we were playing in a poor poor league. We played shocking football for the majority of the season. Under GM we played the hoof ball 80% of every game and because the standard of the teams in the league were so poor it paid off. If a certain person did not get locked up we might not even be in this league. This season we've played good football and the players have worked every game (bar tonight). DJ to stay, or sack one of the most experienced managers in the league because the team haven't taken chances?

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Couldn't agree more with this post

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I do not want to slag the manager off but to the poster on here who mentioned listening to the radio and missing chances!! I ask you, who signed these ridiculous players on loan with no interest in playing for our club who put no effort in and never score! We cant just sit here saying missed chances we are in the relegation zone!! Do you think bothroyd cares he has missed some chances when he takes god knows how much money a week home to his castle and will he be here to answer our missed chances in january when hes left us for dead? You are living in a dream world, DJ persists with a team and players who are not playing well, who are losing, not scoring and he never changes anything? just says... Missed chances! Well im fed up of missed chances get someone else in!

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Sack now enough s enough who agrees ??scouse dummy

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We going backwards

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B*******. He's brought 19 players in and has totally destroyed team spirit. Lazy players like Bothroyd are keeping players who will work there socks of out of the team. He speaks rubbish. He constantly contradicts himself and has an excuse for everything. He's lost the plot and has no idea. Not sure who to replace him with, but it can't be any worse whoever it is. (Curbishley, Coppell, Di Matteo, Worthington).

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Original poster here - I agree DJ has made signings that have done nothing and you're right some of them don't care about the future of SWFC. But they want to play football, none of them want to lose and they all want to play. Like I said in the original post these players will be here whether MM brings in a new manager or not. We seem to have forgotten that MM will not allow DJ to spend the money that other clubs have been able to spend. DJ has done well with the resources he has been left.

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How the "incase of emergency " players get on ??

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Please mm you say you love this club and the terrific fans so why carnt you see whats happening dj really needs to go act now before it's to late

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24 Nov 2012 18:03:41
Dave Jones has a decent record in the Championship, notice he is struggling at S6.
Wednesday gets very good Championship support
but they have done nothing for 15 years.
MM did save us from closure. I am not on here to argue with Owls fans, but the problem is not the manager. He has made mistakes yes he has!
But when You compare the resources with Pearson,
Grayson, Mowbray, O'driscoll.Berg and co.
MM needs to go! thanks alot but Wednesday need to move forward now! Changing the manager will not keep Wednesday up! They are light years behind small clubs like Blackpool, Burnley, Barnsley and yes Bradford City Remember them stuffing us?

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I posted a lot last year in defence of Megson , not just for sake of it but to be fair to him.
MM kept saying we want promotion - we going for it etc , but would only sanction free transfers? and last years accounts show he spent less than 500k on team !!
MM did same start of this year in telling fans - if we can go straight thro in to Prem we will etc, - and to be fair he backed DJ with about 15 signings . The majority though are for the future !
What we dont know yet is how much they cost, and whether DJ got turned down for any big signings that he wanted to make ?
But I would be surprised if theres been a lot of money spent, so in that regard I would defend Jones ?
However, where I absolutely can not defend DJ is on his team selections, mainly with the fans favourite ? Bothroyd, but others as well .
Hes been over eager to drop the players that were here when he came such as Madine, COG, Llera etc, and too slow to demote others. He may feel that the "old" players aren't good enough and hes probably right. But if they are not worth their place , there replacements have got to be better otherwise morale gets hit hard - and I think that has happened now so its going to be even harder to climb up the table.
Unless as you say MM digs deep for quality recruits in January , but I think thats unlikely.

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24 Nov 2012 17:16:48
Every Saturday is the same. Jones picks Kirkland (1 clean sheet in 18), Bothroyd (1 goal in god knows how many) and we lose. The only thing that changes is that each week we have 3 less points to play for. A team that should be a reasonably safe middle table team is heading to oblivion. Why Mandaric does not act is beyond me. Perhaps he's getting ready to sell us or may be he doesn't want to pay off another manager after Megson. I can't believe some people can't see that Jones is taking us down, do they also think the earth is flat?

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When you get to my age you learn that things usually stay the same until you change them .
In fact my grand-kids know that too !
When will the penny drop with Mr Jones ?
I judge from his manner that he is too stubborn and conceited to admit that hes wrong, and from what I hear its the other 25000+ who have got it all wrong !

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24 Nov 2012 14:47:41
Hemroyd aside, it's quite a positive team selection today.
Really glad to see McCabe back and possibly JJ, depending on which one turns up.
I think we can get 3 points today, but no doubt ill be eating my words as usual.

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If milan has wednesday at heart he will sack jones this week il be amazed if he is still here for the next game

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Correct! Are we done with Dave jones yet?

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Given today's results, it's hard to see three worse teams in this division than us right now

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Megson had to go because we needed to get in championship.Well, DJ must go because we need to stay in it

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DJ is a good bloke and i really do want him to succeed at s6 but the facts speak for themselves 15 points is a poor return
missed chances,Refs fault blah blah blah
His signings has been poor the players he has let go bemuses me (beevers Rob jones)
Formations, changing the team week in week out
As i said at the start of the post jones is a good man but messed it right up this season

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24 Nov 2012 08:12:11
Milan has gone quiet signs he will sack jones or ready to sell club in January ?

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Both are on the cards !

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You can't just keep changing managers and staff. We have come up to a totally different and tougher league and the players we have arnt meeting the standard at the moment but i'm sure it will come. Let's stick with dj and milan and see what they do in January transfer window them judge them after that. So stop moaning cus were all Wednesday arnt we UTO

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What are these signs ? Haven't seen any.

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It's just Trigger being a tat again.

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One thing about DJ he's consistent. We know what he'll do in January sign yet more poor players. As for this nonsense about adjusting to the league tell the doggies. For that matter tell almost any other club that's come up in recent years. Jones needs to be dispatched and fast!

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