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24 May 2013 21:34:43
jay tabb linked with owls

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Whats he do?

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Cum off it. only released by his club todsy

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Strongly linked with ipswich think he will stay there as mick knows how to get the best out of him

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24 May 2013 12:22:29
Hull defender Paul McShane and former Palace ace Darren Ambrose to sign for the owls.

Hearing rumours of Becchio as a possible loan signing for at least the first half of next season.

Buxton's head been turned by interest from QPR and Reda to Lille, be a shame to see them both go but if we can get decent money for the pair then fair enough. There are better RB's available than Buxton despite what most wednesdayites will have you believe and Reda is injury prone.

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Then why is Harry wanting Buxton as opposed to the "better" options? Always assuming, of course, that the rumours are true.

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If buxton is out of contract doesn't that mean we will get nothing for him

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Wont get any more for buxton he's out of contract

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Buxton out of contract so we wouldn't get anything for him

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My god some of you on here if he goes he goes he could not lace rolands boots, if he has has had his head turned thanks and good bye we bigger than you.

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For some reason most Wednesdayites think Buxton is great. He is limited at best and one of the reasons why we have struggled in the Championship. He did improve towards the end of the season but he is easily replaceable.

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He is a top player but if he moves on
we will to.

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Buxton is not a Redknapp type player. I will be surprised if he gets any other offers.
He is and average full back in this division.

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Mel Sterland and Roland Nilsson were top players. Lewis Buxton should never ever be described as a top player!

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We'd miss reda a lot more than buxton

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Lee is better than buxton the end, and like someone has mentioned redda is injury prone and we need a proper Lb, mattock isn't the answer though as he's shizen. although if buxton leaves? he would be mental. but we don't no the ins and outs of the contracts do we?

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Buxton can go for me, I will even give him a lift to wherever he wants to go. Well over rated and a liability, plus he runs like forrest gump!

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I am anotner one who thinks he is over rated we should be getting lee used to be being there and let buxton go but we need reda big time and spend some money on getting him right by seeing some specialists to sort his foot out.

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Mel Sterland and Roland Nilsson are greats players

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Need to keep Reda.

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How can any1 moan about buxton. By far our most consistant player last season. he's the type ov player we need 2 keep and get rid ov the rubbish! Wakeup persons!

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Overrated yet been the clubs player of the season off fans? He's been our best player this season by a mile! Move part time fans!

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Nilsson and Sterland were top premiership/Ist. div. players so it's a bit unfair to compare Buxton with them. Buxton's level IMO is average championship and last season he was possibly our most consistent player - you always get a decent contribution and he doesn't make so many mistakes as he did last time we were in the championship so fair play to him. It'll be a shame if he goes but there are other right backs out there.

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Buxton is a good player, but this club is bigger than one man player of the year or not.

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24 May 2013 08:11:33
MM says Wednesday will have to bide their time in transfer market, nothing likely to happen for a few weeks yet. Players who have been offered new contracts have another 2 - 3 weeks to reply. The reason for delay, as many people on this site have already said, is due to managers and players on holiday. Source Sheffield telegraph UTO

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Free transfers that's all we getting ah well onward and upward

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