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24 May 2012 21:47:58
That twitter remark is now pointless, the lad announces that Steven Naismith will sign next friday, permitting a medical.

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He would cost 2mill to activate a release clause in his contract , & Everton are interested so on both counts looks very unlikely.

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He's been out most last season anyway with a Cruciate ligament prob, who would want him anyway?

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Just googled him - the first two news results say he wants to stay at Rangers, but Everton and West Brom are both interested. He's not signing for us.

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24 May 2012 20:38:26
This is not made up, sheffield wednesday have had a bid rejected for adam hammill, not surew what price. Would be a very good signing if we can fund it.

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It's a shame because hes goin on loan to Middlesbrough so I don't no where you got that from. It's on bbc website

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No player will be loan at this time off year. why would they loan out a player if the could sell him .cos its on a website it true then dont think so.

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24 May 2012 16:32:47
Swfc lining up a move for Huddersfield left winger Ward if they dont make it to championship.

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Not too impressed with him so really hope this is made up.
Hunt and Rhodes two standout players for them. Roberts very good on day but very inconsistent.

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Thts a good shout mate he watched him in the semi finals of play offs n wil bi there watching him saturday

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Not good enough need prem players are top champ ones Burke he would be a good one plus ince are matt phillps we should be able to get these players we a big club there is big teams in champ. UTO FTB

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Wednesday are havinga serious think about a bid of rhodes around the 3mill mark plus ryan lowe don't know if true but rumour going round

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In english next time please!!!!

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Matt Phillips? come on lads les be realistic he's goin to cost 3million plus.. mm said he would back Jones but he's not goin to go mad spending tens of millions because players like that won't come without reasurance of other big players coming

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If Mandaric is serious about being promoted out of Championship in no more than 3 seasons, it will be necessary to buy quality players. Look at teams who have gone up in this and recent seasons, they have all had several players valued at 1 -3 million in their ranks and the odd player well above that. Links with 300,000 journeymen will not secure the clubs objective.

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Nor will the club's objective be achieved by spending silly money. DJ is a good judge of value and MM is a good businessman. Trust them.

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Totally agree above there could be good players out of contrat for prem to get but we need to spend big mm could throw 7-8 million on players this season they would be easily up to of league plus with crowds we be getting plus he will be selling when he got them stable in prem he's going to make a massive profit. UTO FTB

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24 May 2012 15:08:22
Richard o'donnell gone to chesterfield, source sky sports news

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Tell us something we dont know!

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Where have you been for the last two weeks?

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Old news mate signed last week

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Very old news pal, hope you enjoyed your holiday

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Just thought who ever posted this should know that we also signed madine

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Not only did we sign Madine, we got promoted too! #UTO

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24 May 2012 13:52:00
Wednesday are going to sign 2 more strikers, a centre mid, right mid (probably Antonio), a left mid a left back and a centre back (probably batth)

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Right back not left back required (could be K Lee). Preobably 2 centre backs if Beevers leaves. Rob Jones will be allowed to move on.
Two wide players if JJ signs otherwise 3 wide men.

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Jones mentioned in an interview that we have got Lee.

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We've already signed Kieran Lee so more than lightly we'll be looking for a Left Back.

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Sign new team then

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Lee is a right back so how will he play left back, and yes more or less new team we defiantly need another striker or 2 left mid and centre mid, really am going we get Antonio and Batth be very disappointing if we don't improve our offer to 700k for antonio if he's serious about premiership in 3 years we need to spend a bit of cash we have the money buying all free transfers won't help!

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Getting Keiran Lee in actually covers CB and LB too, because Buxton can play across the back. Batth has said he wants to stay at Wolves.

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24 May 2012 10:03:33
Jason koumas deal about to be finalised.

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No ts not, dave jns said he,ll be assed during preseason and a desision will be made after.

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What deal ??? - Dave Jones has already said publicly he's only training with us to get fit thro summer and then take it from there.

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Don't think he is good enough now been out a long time need to get a playmaker with quality. I think Lansbury good signing even its a loan deal need youth and some expirance. UTO FTB WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY

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Lansbury good shout, DJ friendly with Arsenal boss and discussed possible loan signings for next.

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Think Lansbury will be looking for a permanent transfer away from arsenal if Wenger wont promise him first team football. Can't see him coming to us, prem teams would be in for him

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24 May 2012 10:01:54
Cody McDonald set to sign from relegated Coventry city for a fee believe to be in the region of 500 K... Heard it here first

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No chance we can do much better

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Nice one. Are we now reduced to re-hashing last year's rumours? Oh, and I hope my fears about Chris 'Glassback' Kirkland are unfounded. Great signing by DJ(?)if he can stay fit. Or, failing that, not be injured at the same time as Weaver.

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We wasn't prepared to spend the cash on him when in lg1, he's not set the championship on fire last season, so what makes u think, we'd want him now!!

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Rhodes was a ipswich reserve and look at him......... and we didnt spend the money on him last year because mandaric said it was a risk spending a lot of money on players whilst in league 1. top striker if we can get him i think

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He had his chance, he chose Coventry - good luck to him in the pub league we don't need him.

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24 May 2012 08:16:52
owls have just signed chris kirkland on 2 year contract

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The Franny Jeffers of goalkeeping.

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Haha rubbish singing. Even Doncaster deemed him not good enough and cancelled his loan spell last year haha.

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Rubbish singing? Its not x-factor

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Wigan cancelled his move to donny not the other way round they wanted him to stay

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24 May 2012 00:08:16
Chris kirkland international standard when fully fit. Koumas, moxey, mustapha croyola all in talks but at early stages of negotiations. Expect another 2 signings by the end of the week. Reliable source.

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Absolute rubbish not a fan of any of above.

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Well Jameson is second signing and more to follow. I am certain none of the above named are in the frame to be signed. Koumas having a year out at his age is going to take a lot of getting back and the fact he is doing preliminary training shows a long way short. Think Jones doing him a favour.

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