Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive June 24 2013


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24 Jun 2013 20:00:50
Jaques maghoma having medical at swfc ahead of move

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Hope this is true, quality player with even more bags of potential and will fill a gap on left wing

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Says in the paper he`s off to Charlton.
Still; that`s the Sun. so he could be ten years dead for all they know!

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Accordin to Sun Charlton are chasin him

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And Middlesborough if you do a quick Google search

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When he was supposed to be having a medical he was posting on his twitter he was out on a run. And he doesn't no where there rumours were coming from.

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Suppose it all has to be denied until it is made common knowledge, and the ink is still wet.
We need to keep denying reports of signings to get other clubs of the whiff, if you know what I mean.

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24 Jun 2013 10:50:07
Bywater has signed for millwall on a 2year deal

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2out none in. Who's he got in mind

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Well i'd imagine we will be getting a new keeper as back up as we only have kirckland and young cameron dawson. At one point last season we had 5 keepers. Maybe dj will bring back that davies we had last season, that none really knew of. However that dawson is england U18/19 and is meant to be cracking player so minght be the no. 2

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Roger Johnson and o hara would do

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Where Jameson gone?

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Be happy with dawson as back up look at bond from watford he stepped up to championship level at a young age i'm sure dawson could do the same if needs be however if he don't always get a loan in?

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Could dawson step up to championship level? bond did at watford. fingers crossed after all is a talented lad

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Test him at Rotherham. (Qpr bit too much)

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Jameson still at S6 for another year

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