Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive June 24 2012


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24 Jun 2012 15:52:29
Rumour is that first choice keith treacy is staying so we are look at two possible replacements one is from coventry thats all i know.

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Treacy I do not think was first choice he was low down list, and we would look to have him on loan rather than buy.

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If the above means plays for Coventry FC, I am at a loss to who it could be. They had no regular winger in side last season and be very surprised if we bid for those who played in those positions. They have 2 promising 18/19 yro central midfielders Conor Thomas and Gael Birigamana who have at some stage attracted attention of big clubs. Birigamana would be expensive although undoubtedly a talent. Neither of these wingers so unlikley to be instead of Treacey.

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We will sign treacy burnley are just saying that to try and get more money for him

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Gary mcsheffery plays for Coventry

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Is the winger is Gary mcshefferey I'm not very happy!

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Treacey has a history of playing well for a few games then losing his way. Thus he is one player would prefer to have on loan. Burnley would have to reduce asking price cnsiderably, and do not think they would do that.

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Would be better than no winger. Wouldn't get away with playing a defensive midfielder on the left wing for half a season in the championship.

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McSheffrey plays as a forward in 4 3 3 or 4 4 2 format. I do not see him as a wideman in the way we play where defensive cover is a role.

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I don't get that you would have heard a rumour that we were looking for someone from Coventry but nothing more. Who lets slip 'form Coventry, but thats all i'm saying"?

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Its a very good source and keith treacy was first option as hes still young believe it or not and a irish international. i dont know who it is its a wide player from coventry and ive found out they are also looking at pittman is he still at bournemouth still got a decent record if i remember rightly

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24 Jun 2012 07:28:14
A lad I've been hearing much of this summer, young hull mid. Great player hope we sign him.

Tom cairney

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Are you his agent then?

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