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24 Jul 2013 22:13:42
Was in the North Stand and was certain I saw Lita in the Director's area so obviously ben invited to the game, and would have been impressed with the way we played tonight.

No Chopra though ( thank god )

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24 Jul 2013 22:43:50
Question out the blue, What happened to Olofinjana

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Directors box is in south stand, near where I sit

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Chopra is almost at Blackpool

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Thank god chopra is of to blackpool. what's this I here about jon stead please also don't be true

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John stead went to Huddersfield ages ago

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Chopra to blackpool pool as he wants to lower his gamblings in smaller seaside casinos lol uto xxx

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How can you disagree with someone who says that the directors box is in the south stand

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From the north stand you get a better view of who is in the directors box, because your sat opposite it, thought that would be obvious really.

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24 Jul 2013 16:17:08
Take over been done. Not sure of amount but deffenitly in stages of just doting i's crossing t's. that's why MM not spent anything yet.
Source- carnt tell you that

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Could be true who knows that would explaine why we have only bought two players

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We hardly buy anyone anyway so what's new? Take over talks every season gets boring like the mc donnald and marshall bull**** rumours. WTID UTO.

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Sammy Yu he use to own Birmingham when they were in prem so must have some money

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MM is 74 so I can understand him wanting to sell. I don't begrudge him any profit that he has legitimately made as he saved our club and took us into the championship.

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He was a director

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24 Jul 2013 20:13:11
Any truth that Chopra signed for Blackpool, hope so?

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See Charles Sale column in Mail On Line.
Sounds like MM is cutting his losses and selling up.

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Didn't own own birmingham tried to buy them fondant go through mOved On to buy wednesday instead! Get your facts right

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And look what happened to them

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Carson Yeung owned Birmingham, Sammy Yu was his football adviser. They parted ways after 8 months. Yeung is currently on trial for money laundering.
Yu runs marble company and is involved with several multi billionaire HK businessmen. Works with Kwok, Tsu, Heng, on regular basis. Theree companies make in excess of 180 million HK dollars each year. Suggestion also some US people involved as well.
Yeung would not sell Birmingham it is down to trial he is involved with think he does not want surplus capital as courts may seize.

If he does take over investment will come there will be changes and some fans will find them uncomfortable.

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Sammy Yu didn't own them, he was a vice chairman under Cheang, he was then demoted to football consultant before severing all ties, went on to manage in china and Hong Kong which is where he met the interested parties that head the consortium, these things never happen quickly so I really can't see this being signed off on anytime soon, if anything it worries me that it will drag on and serve as an destabilizing distraction

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Yu won't have the big bucks. He will be the footballing figure, the face of the consortium. It will be his investors who have the ££. A club like wednesday, it wouldn't be worth them taking over without at least a few hundred million to invest otherwise they're never going to take us forward. at least whatever they do bring in can go straight into the playing budget as Mandaric has sorted out the debt, scouting and academy structure. could be good for club, I believe MM won't sell if it isnt

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There is noway on earth anyone is going to invest a couple of hundred million in the owls (wish they would tho). If they did how would they get a return on their money? Even if we got in the Prem the increased revenue would be swallowed up with increased salaries & transfer fees which would be required in order to compete.

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I mean it would be no good investing in the owls if you were worth £25M because it will take more than that to make us a stable prem side, which is obviously the goal of any chairman. the prospercitve owner would have to be worth a couple hundred million.

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Thanks. That makes more sense.

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Anymore news on Lita? Seems to be dragging on forever.

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Be called Sheffield dragons next

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