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24 Jul 2012 21:01:38
apparently we've signed Antonio for 600k, deal done pre-match

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Evidance and source? Hope this deal goes through and if honest can see it happening

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Load of rubbish,it was a Wednesday fan that interrupted radio Berkshires commentary tonight who came out with it and they fell for it until half time when they found out he hadn't signed from the Reading camp.

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Wed 2 reading0 m.jones and cog

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According to the Star we have failed with 700k?

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24 Jul 2012 20:38:55
The Massive have signed Antonio! Source: Radio Berkshire

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Just calm down a bit he will sign after the match against Reading I think that was always going to be the case.They have a good look at him during pre season but they still want to sell because they think he is not good enough obviously.They are trying to get the best price they can for there product as in any other business.I also think they dont want to sell him before the match in case he plays a blinder against them and proves them wrong.At a guess we will sign him for 600K with an additional payment if we get promotion in 1st or 2nd season.This is a pure guess not a rumour but I bet am not far off the mark.
now wasnt that a good guess



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They said it was done but Rob Staton has said definately not - but also rumours said deal to be announced tomorrow so fingers crossed its true - I always said it would get done in Portugal with all the big wigs being there and all parties want it done :o)

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Spoke 2 antonio while in portugal n he sed hes signing 4 wednesday on wednesday

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I spoke to him and he's signing on Monday Tuesday or Thursday Friday but definately not Wedenesday

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I bet who ever put 600k singned feels a bit daft now haha

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24 Jul 2012 19:46:46
Come on Owls let's sell out Donny on Saturday, only a couple hundred seats left. As £10 U16s £1 got to be worth it!

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Norris for owls after meeting at hillsbrough with Aldridge today and could agree a 250,000 deal with club

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24 Jul 2012 19:26:27
this may be true or not but i have heard from a leicster fan , you can search him on Ross Howard . he says that the owls have been rumoured to be after nugent and pay wages of £20,000 a week . but what a signing that would be ?

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24 Jul 2012 18:09:50
With MM being former Portsmouth
owner I can see us loaning Coke,Mike
Jones and Prutton to them

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That's if they don't go out of business

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24 Jul 2012 14:37:20
I would love the remaining 5 to include :-
DJ Campbell

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I would love the remaining 5 to include :-

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Am I the only one that can count cos that's only 4 names lol {Ed046's Note - He is saying the remaining 5 to include those 4!!

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Think as expected 1 will be a centre half and another winger plus Antonio with only 1 striker coming in

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We might get the obvious two, after that you'd be dreaming wtid

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24 Jul 2012 14:33:17
Rumour we've signed Rhys McCabe who refused to transfer his contract to Rangers newco. Can't see it's been confirmed anywhere.

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Dev squad, it wont get confirmed pal

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Is there any squad information of our development squad anywhere?

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No, new web site has a lot of blanks and can not say I am overjoyed with it. Bit too dark for me looks like was designed by a goth.

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Not yet, not fully developed

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24 Jul 2012 13:13:23
Following on from a rumour on here last week I think, have heard that Stoke are among the clubs looking at a loan for Daniel Sturridge as he wants more first team football which Chelsea can't give him. This would push Kenwyne Jones further down the pecking order at Stoke and he will come to us on loan with Stoke happy to pay some of his wages as playing first team football for us puts him in the shop window better than him sitting on the bench or playing in there reserves and they want rid of him even if the Sturridge deal doesn't happen.

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The way the item is written it looks half rumour half daydream. Thus no truth in it whatsoever.

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Dont see this happening, even if he does go out on loan im sure there will be a few premier sides that can offer first team football

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24 Jul 2012 12:19:52
Strong rumours coming from S6 that Kmac is about to put pen to paper on a 2 year deal.

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Whats kmac a new sports supplement nutrition drink

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This has been a rumour for a while. I hope we do sign him, he's got ability and he's young. Add to that the spice of stealing our little brothers bets toy and it makes him a great signing! As yet there isn't any solid ground as regards a rumour.

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If it were true it would be worst news of the close season. Could not play at Championship level that is why he went to utd.

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He only looks a good player at Utd cos everyone else is crap

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Rather have a big mac

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DW has revealed that Kmac is signing for Blunts tomorrow

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24 Jul 2012 11:18:30
dnt no if this is true but ive heard that antonios wife / girl friend is going 2 uni at sheff for a law its all over twiter

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Not true shes going to manchester uni

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Tbh, it wouldn't be hard to commute to or from Sheffield. So I'm still hopeful. WAWAW

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Her going to Manchester would still lend itself to a move north, and is easily commutable from say north Sheffield, IE near Hilsbro! I think the noises being made at the moment are very positive and i can't see this deal not happening now. It has become the summer marquee signing. To fail now would be more than just losing a good player, it has futher reaching suggestions about ambition and bad PR.

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Come on - i was at uni in liverpool and wifey was in derby, we managed the commute and i think Antonio will be living on a little more than the couple of stella tokens i had of a student loan. Lets not get carried away where she is going to Uni.

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24 Jul 2012 08:16:56
I've also heard the Antonio playing a half for both teams rumour when we play Reading, but dismissed it as the rubbish that it is. Just seems to be one of those rumours that is doing the rounds.

From contacts I have in the Reading press office Antonio will do a press conference before the game which will be shown on the respective websites after the game and that he will be presented as an SWFC player at halftime. He won't take any part in the game because of insurance issues.

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Dont be daft!

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What absolute gash

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Contacts in reading press office lol get a life i think they will sort out fee and he will probably sign by end of week norris heading for talks today with aldridge source yorkshire post

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?Must have been on toilet daydreaming when he came up with this. We would all like him to sign but garbage such as above just makes us look daft.

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Haha he will score two for reading first half then sign for swfc then score hat trick for us second half last goal in stoppage carlsberg did half time signings.......... Propaly be the best in the world. Uto

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Actually sounds believable. If you read the post it says that the halftime rumour is carp just as most people think. The other part about him being unveiled at half time seems fairly plausable, the chairmen are out there talking to each other so a deal is fairly close.

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