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24 Jan 2012 22:24:37
Wordsworth is on his way with morrison off to colchester

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How do you know this then,please explain

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I think it's called wishful thinking.

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24 Jan 2012 17:04:00
Working at Southampton this week big rumour going on here is if these boys don't get hooper from Celtic they will come in for madine of Wednesday and matt tubbs of Crawley. What do u make of that lads?

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24 Jan 2012 16:46:52
Ipswich have lodged a 1.5 million bid for Madine

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If we sell Madine that's our season over. Can't believe we will unless we need to return the compliment and dig MM out of the mire.

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I smell bacon.

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Thick rashers !

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24 Jan 2012 16:47:50
Madine going to Ipswich!

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24 Jan 2012 13:46:25
Stephen Quinn to join with madine going to bramall lane

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Stop posting rubbish

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Id actually take that deal we have nothing creative in midfield

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Semedo ???????

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Lines, Prutton ?

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To be fair we dont really havw creativity in midfield, Semedo, Prutton holding midfielders, Lines has gone off the boil and doesnt grab the game by the scruff of the net. If we wanted subtle we should have kept Potter

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Lines is over rated im sure people who bang on about him dont actually go to the games he cant win an header and when do we see him unlock a defence like prutton can if it wasnt for semedo cleaning up his poor defensive qualities we would be over run all game

In short if semedo is the defensive one then lines contribution as a creative / attaking midfield is not good enough and with out dare I say marshall we have no options apart from lump it any watch the Hartlepool game care to disagree i would rather see llera play centre mid with semedo and buxton on wing to add creativity than see lines in there

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So there's someone our there who'd swap Madine for Quinn- are you having a laugh? Who'd score the goals if Madine went? And don't tell me O'Grady.

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Madine is genuinely one of the worst strikers ive seen play i know he scores but his technique is shocking Jeffers was better ( minus the goals)

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Yeah exactly, He scores, Exactly what strikers are paid to do, Work rate, Technique and all the rest dont mean nothing.

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Could be worse,we could have fat boy Beattie on our books,draining our money & just managing 10-15 min per game.

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If he manages not to get sent off after 5 mins.

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Techniques nothing? seriously if he had some what of a technique he'd be a good player

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Techniques nothing, By which, I mean, it's great to be the technically gifted player, But a striker is there to score and if he does that, Then whats technique matter, I dont remember Gary Linaker being the most technical striker, But he is Englands second highest scorer....

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But Madines hardly Linekar quality is he? Madine struggles to keep on his feet like 70% of a match plus madine may score but hes got like 11 goals maybe if he had as many as rhodes then his technique wouldnt matter

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Talk rubbish ur lot madines crap get real 12 goals in 18 games nt many av a better ratio in england ya mug n to kid whos jst sed ogrady waint get goals hes jst scored n won us game so stop talkin s**t u armchair supporter

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Lines was a bargain. His form dipped a bit, Megson gave him a verbal kick up the ass and he responded at Scunthorpe last night.
P.s Prutton is only mistake Megson has made, good on his day but quite lazy and when him & semedo paired in middle its not creative enough.
Tommy Miller should have been retained, but Megson doing a sound job generally. UTO.

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Lines is rubish you obviously didnt go to the Scunthorpe game the if you thought he responded cause he didnt he was hiding again against a poor team semedo was a bargin he was free we got robbed from 50k with lines

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12 goals in league 1 very impressive i think not

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Lines was rubish at Scunthorpe u obv dint gu to game person he put a great shif hes was all over pitch it must bi montgomery makin these comments abwt lines lyk he did after blades game sayin he dint av ne of the ball and he int good enough to play any higher than league 1 n even then montgomery was med to look stupid sern as lines made more pass ad more possesion

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All you people slagging madines ability off are talking utter rubbish.madines a young, big, raw, inteligent player who scores goals what more do you want?

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