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23 Nov 2012 17:00:10
Cant believe Milan has kept DJ in a job all this time and now weve missed out on Harry Rednapp! Atleast with all our fans and stadium we still have the pull to land a top manager like Di Matteo or Hughes! So come on Milan DJ OUT!

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Di Matteo or Hughes would probably get a game for us right now, let alone manage.
However, it's so spot you posts Trigger. Crep Gat.

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Mark hugest is not a top manager and Robbie do Mattio will get offered a lot of high profile jobs doubt he'd come to is

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Dont rise to the bait , it was Trigger the 12yo blunt who posted the original.
Whats that Trigger your older than 12yo ?
Sorry I was judging you by your IQ !

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Personic comments

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Where we signed him from

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And a personic comment is?
To many geeks on here spouting silly words

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It genuinely is a word hes made up, as you say silly, so we dont even know what point he was trying to make ?

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You genuinely think we could get Harry redknapp, mark hughes or di matteo?

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Of course Wednesday are MASSSSSSIVE

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Stop tergivisating you perfidious blunt swine!

We can all use silly words, but its not realy being an effective communicator is it?

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23 Nov 2012 13:06:55
Our manager, a week after saying 25,000 fans don't know what they are talking about and saying he has only one quality player, he is I am told at it again. apparently he has said he is delighted to give Sdibe match time and help him regain his fitness after being out for over 2yrs. He will be the ideal partner for (you guessed it) Bothroyd. Madines confidence must be lower than a snakes belly. When two players with far worse goal scoring records then him are preferred to him, particularly as one of those player has been injured for over two years and has only played 82mins football in that time what medication is Jones on. Time for him to go now, if we lose tomorrow I think the fans may just let him know their feelings.

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I would ask any fan to read what DJ has said and then explain how it makes any sense at all ?
I keep saying Sidebe is probably a decent , hard working guy, but coming back from 2yrs of injury and only 82mins of football under his belt .... HOW can that improve OUR prospects ?
Madine has a much better scoring record and he has scored at this level WHEN he has been given a place. Yes hes missed chances, what forward dosnt?
Last week at Forest our CLASS forward failed to score from 6yds with keeper on floor wide of goal AND had a fresh-air shot on pen spot with only keeper to beat but I bet hes in team and hes only scored ONCE ?
Not to mention Barcas Rodri , current international scorer Pecnic etc !!
Sorry but however you look at this IT IS RANK BAD MANAGEMENT ?

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Some of you on here will think at the end of the season how silly you were asking jones to be sacked, shame on you he is going to be a giant and when we are in europe you will know why, behind the scenes things are booming chill out.

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We wont be relegated thats for sure. We can build next season and push on.

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The ONLY way we wont be relegated is IF we get more points than three other clubs .
Wishing and hoping it to happen won't work, you have to MAKE it happen and Jones is doing exactly the opposite of what he SHOULD be doing to make it happen .
I would put money on Mr Jones not being here at Xmas simply because he has lost direction, lost the players, lost the plot , and shortly he will be losing his job.
MM is already making preparations the signs are there for all to see.

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Someone who actually talks sence and also goes to the games , uto , David jones barmy armN

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Will those on here who say Jones will be a giant, we won't be relegated, we will have egg on our faces when we are in Europe and things behind the scenes are boomingŁ, please explain to the rest of us poor deluded souls why and how are things going to get better. There are enough people pointing out then negatives about Jones including his poor signings, lack of coherent tactics, poor man management, insulting the fans etc. If you are the wise men you seem to be let us in on your profound knowledge because all the rest of us who follow the massive home and away can't see it. But if you can't, don't make such silly comments. Who and before you we say we should get behind the team I will be there on Saturday in my usual season ticket seat cheering my team.

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Mamaby Sidebe is better than any already at SWFC even after 2 years of injury

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Triggers back ... now pee off !!

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Only thing I would say is this is the same Manager DJ who I have supported that just said he never signs anybody without personally checking on them, so why did he sign Lee, Mattock, Pecnik, Rodri? To pay them wages for not doing anything? His signings are very strange to say the least which when he wasnt selecting them made me think back to Megsons statement about PA and MM not signing who he wanted but then for DJ to come out in say these, either he not as good in transfer market as he thinks or he covering to try save his job!!!

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Pecnic scores goals.Not always at the highest level but he's scored a lot.Unlike this new guy.I think he should have stuck by him more.He seems a good player who lack confidence but just needs to settle in.
Bothroyd has had time to settle in but obviously hasn't.
I'm puzzled by his signings too.Pencnic,rodri,maguire,taylor,lee,mattock.He doesn't seem to fancy any of them.
Anyone who says he's done a good job this season is a blade.
I think he knows he's cocked up but cant admit it.
But i do reckon these 2 signings will be better than everyone is thinking and i do think jones can turn it round eventually but he's done a crap job so far and no one can honestly say different.

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Your post makes total sense till your last sentence. Sorry but if fanfare signings like Pecnic , Rodri, cant make it for us , how can a kid who has been displaced by Julian Bennett at Shrewsbury and a 32yo striker who has a very ordinary record at best set our season alight ?
I hope you're right and I'm wrong but I would back myself with big money.
My real worry is that if I am right , and they are very ordinary, will DJ keep them in the team along with Bothroyd just to prove that he is the fountain of all football knowledge and all the fans are thick ??

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Everyone fan is entitled to there own opinion but myne is that jones will have already lost certain members of the squad Milan will have noticed his money being wasted that's why we hAve two very cheap options on loan day results are not good enuff tactic are somewhat baffling and wen we lose two at home on the trot well be scouring round for a new manager but you watch the next choice will be the cheapest possible appointment

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23 Nov 2012 10:37:36
We'll be in the bottom 3 on saturday when Ipswich beat Peterborough and and we lose to Leicester if MM doesn't got rid of DJ very soon thats where we'll stay and to make it even more painful the blunts will be taking our place in the championship as we drop into league 1 come on MM do a Lord Alan Sugar DJ YOUR'E FIRED
and then get your'e hand in your'e pocket and get us out of this rubbishE.

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Probably will be in bottom 3, but more worrying for me is we probably have to WIN 1in3 for rest of season to get out of this mire .
Can anybody see that happening without BIG changes, for example does anybody think Bothcrap will be dropped tomorrow ?

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Mark hughes to swfc

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We need to off load all the dead wood and buy some quality, get Hoddle in and a few EXPERIENCED players in, give the lads that want to wear the shirt a run and maybe we might just survive but its got to be done sooner rather than later

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Think DJ on borrowed time, MM just been waiting for QPR to come to head cos Harry obviously been sounded out for it.
It was on cards for this week after meetings with Hughes but RDM sacking given QPR another option. Should find out soon if its RDM or Harry to go to QPR.
If its RDM expect Harry here soon.

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News just broke - Redknapp to QPR !
Wonder who MMs 2nd choice is ?

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Mark Hughes to swfc are you mad
poor manager

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STOP all these negative comments the two new lads havnt even put on a shirt and your having a go we will turn it around and when we do we will go on another great run hopefully making the play offs GET OFF DJs BACK

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If you really understood whats happening you would also understand why they are on his back .

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See Glenn Hoddle love child on again

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What the hell difference do you really think these two lads will make ??
We have better lads than these on the payroll already and cant get a kick PLEASE open your eyes !

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Why has everyone been mentioning Harry Redknapp?? He will only work down south it would be amazing to have him as manager but that will never happen ! Plus he's going to QPR.

Personally i don't know who could replace DJ but something needs to happen sooner rather than later, and where is manadric he's been quite for ages he needs to wake up and make an easy decision quickly !!

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