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23 May 2013 13:00:11
Lewis Buxton might be on his way out of Swfc. Other clubs very interested QPR are one of them.

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Please don't swap buko for bothcrap lol uto xxx

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Somebody posted this rumour 12 months ago.

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I posted this two week ago and it is ture QPR are interested in him

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Lol he signs new contract then mite go QPR, nar don't think so, We got more fans in north stand than QPR have in all stadium, don't see it happening no way

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He as not sign a new contract and qpr got more money to pay high wages not about who got the best fans because we have got that it about who got more money qpr got that

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Says he's settled in area with young family if he were to go would be to Forrest or Leeds IMO

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It about money

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He not going Forrest my Brother works with Academy, And same as other post he's not going QPR There going to struggle next season believe me, We are better equipt for championship next season than them, and yes we have more fans in 1 stand than they do in all stadium, but its QPR and same goes to Fulham and Swansea and norwich and westbrom and who ever, We owls are bigger than most in premiership But we need to spend money on players that want to fight to get out of this league, not old as beens that want pay day or players that's done good in league 1 and think there world beeters, UTO

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People make it sound as though the players we need to become successful are easy to find, on a low budget.

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Chairman got money its simple has, its if he wants to spend it on players as he's got other businesses as well.

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23 May 2013 11:20:56
Inside knowledge for Sheffield Wednesday fans.

6 players on Dave Jones radar.

Craig Dawson
Guly do Prado
Jerome Thomas
Craig Mackail Smith
Simeon Jackson
Jeremy Helan

Expect soon.

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I think Mackail smith would be a good signing, but I can't really see it happening tbh

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Lets see when it happends, like were after brunt whelan kenwynne jones other year kluivert lol uto xxxx

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Never known so many people with "inside knowledge" absolute poppycock!

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Please not de Prado. See Google.

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Any list which includes Simeon Jackson is a fake.

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Craig dawson would be an brilliant signing

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More like dawsons creek! uto lol

i don't wanna wait for ours lives to be over. lol uto xxx

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Craig #Dawson is signing for bolton
mackail smith would cost about 2 million
we not got much money

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Thomas and jackson are free agents.

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Wud love 2 get these players in but dream on. This is your wishlist rather then a list jones is going 4!

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Regarding all these I heard this I saw that, would we all not be better off waiting for the management making the decisions and signing who they want because no amount of pleading and begging will change the mind of either Milan or Jones.
As usual we, the followers, will go to the stadium and shout on and support whoever is out there on the green and we will celebrate or commiserate with the team and be taken for granted.
Let them, Milan and Jones, spend their money which we have given them through season tickets, kit purchasing and generally following the team and hope they get it right.

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Thomas and jackson was on big wages so can not see us signing them

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Chris O'Grady has proved himself that he can be a good championship player. He started the season with the owls bagging 4or5 goals in 4 matches, he proved that further with Barnsley scoring 6 goals in 13 matches. What DJ (with the effect of MM as rumors spreading well about it) he left him on the bench while he is in a scoring mode and we suffered as a result after that, plus other reasons. The club's interest is above and beyond everybody else's interest including DJ and MM. Personal problems and favouratism must never ever enter club and player performance. Now O'Grady is on his way out and he wouldn't want to stay at the club, who blames him? I asked and keep asking the same question again and again throughout the season what kind of team (a developed one) we are going to have next season. O'Grady has developed himself in this division despite his depreciation no one else from DJ's signings has unfortunately!!

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Credit to O'Grady for putting himself about and standing up to challenge but at best will be only ordinary in Chamiponship.
Kirkland, Gardner and Antonio have not done too bad. Lee has improved as season went on. Got more out of Coke and Prutton than any previous manager we had. JJ played better than ever seen in a couple of games.
McCabe looks to have a touch of class.

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If you have been going on about O'Grady all season don't you think its time to give it a rest! COG is ok if your ambition are little more than bottom half of the table. Need better to progress. I note Barnsley aren't falling over themselves to sign him.

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Probably the same people who where slating him earlier in the season, then jump on the bandwagon when he scores a few for Barnsley.
Hindsight is a fine thing.

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You lads don't want guly do prado as a saints fan he's lazy can't score and he's always in trouble off the pitch and he don't like the cold at all

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Chris O'Grady to the dingles for 400k and Jacob Mellis in a swap deal

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23 May 2013 08:27:31
Wednesday are planning to capture Gabriel Zakuani; Zoumana Bagayoko, Albert Adomah, Febian Brandy, Harry Forrester and Clayton Donaldson. They're also going to bring back loanees Helan, Oli and Lita to the club this summer.

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That's a big plateful

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Absolute rubbish the addition of names such as Bagayoko and Donaldson prove it is nonsense.

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They look thrilling signings don't they - can't wait for august - I am being sarcastic by the way

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I know its a rumour site but u, ve mentioned nearly a full team we, re signing. Get real!

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Would like harry forrester

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I would take Adomah but that would be it from that list

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22 May 2013 23:12:44
Martin taylor will have his contract cancelled if llera signs
Jones will bring in Paul quinn from Doncaster as a replacement

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Cancelling a contract without due cause is a very expensive business.

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