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23 Jun 2013 10:54:04
players coming this season
marlon pack
Stephen mcphail
Leroy lita (buying)

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Wednesday one of 2 clubs bidding for kenwyne jones. Leroy Lita has signed. Marlon Pack is in contract discussion. Semedo and Llera gone to Birmingham for a combined 2 million.

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What a load of rubbish, I know its a rumour site but keep it real Ffs lol

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A out of contract player and a squad player aged 29 still unproven at Championship level sold to Birmingham for 2 million. really? Doh

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Kenwayne jones is on 50k week wages so no chance crap fake Agents twitter page and people think that the fake agents is telling the ture it is all crap

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Ml is considering our offer combined 2mill get a grip

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23 Jun 2013 21:46:15
So rubbish its genius. Might get £50k for Semedo from L1 club and Llera out if contract so no fee

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Kenwayne jones played well about 7 seasons ago for? its over for him now, this would be a big waste of everyones time and money. anyway the rumour sounds like another fan who doesn't go anymore and can't think of anything to say lol.

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As soon as people realise we not buying back kenwyne jones, Ben Marshall, Danny Batth, glen wheelen, chris brunt etc the better!

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Here we go again, loosing good players like Bywater (think if Kirkland injured who is the good no. 2!), O'Grady has gone to Barnsley (think of a self proven goal scorer at championship level, who we have!), H. White ( a new raw talent has gone to Bolton, if this we call development in progress or a backward step!), I see no name of Liam palmer on Wednesday website swfc. co. uk (where is he? and why his name is not in the team profile page!). Finally where are the new signings to replace quality by quality? the answer is obvious, none so far. And if we are going to get any they will be either on the cheap or near retirement ones. Well as I said and am saying it again;
if you don't like then it's tough as this will be reality. wait and see before you criticise me please

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Oh jesus here we go again

don't you get bored?
or do you just paste the same stuff every time to save the effort of typing?

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EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion

So leave the guy alone and IF and WHEN we sign someone of quality that excites us all then you can turn round and say we told you!

The ball is firmly in MM's court he has to pay the money

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Whoa is like a load of kids at mid December. "Weres my presents" and sulking because they can't open em. Waa waa. Worry about it august not now. Until then play fifa or sumit and sign who you like. Stop fretting we will be fine.

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We won't: I mean either pay the money or get anyone decent: has all the signs of last summer all over again. And we all know what sort of season that suggests is ahead of us. The Championship has changed and the gap between top and bottom has narrowed. The gap between Championship and League 1 is much like the gap between the Premiership and this league. Our best bet; prediction, much like last season, bottom half and avoid relegation if we are lucky.

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So we didn't sign anyone decent last season?

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Palmer signed a contract extention

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Obvious neg posts are leeds with nowt better to do. but hey, it is leeds after all.

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The same as last summer? Were you been in a coma? We signed loads last summer a few flops yeah but antonio not any good? Kirkland yeah he's rubbish as well I suppose?

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Now more and more my owls fans have come to agree with me when I say NO DECENT SIGNINGS THIS SEASON AGAIN. It is obvious my friends for the following reasons:
1) Good number of players have already gone, some of whom are good enough to keep, and no replacements yet. You may think it is too soon but never too soon if you want good quality fast and start pre-season preparations. That only happens if Wednesday's owner/management are really determined to compete hard next season. forward success thinking, DO WE HAVE THAT?
2) Wait and see approach to sign whoever left over or by chasing players we are neither sure nor happy to pay their fees when competing with high spending clubs IS JUST NOT THE WAY FORWARD!
3) If are too late to acquire what we want of good quality, naturally we will be left chasing different type of players and as I said before either on the cheap, free transfer or near retirement ones. IS THIS THE WAY FORWARD FOR COMING SEASON?
4) Some clubs are busy in the market attracting some talents and others have more spending power to get what they want fast. on the contrary we are loosing some players and most of our own out of contract players have not signed yet. Simply they are waiting to see if other clubs can offer them better terms than us and they are not acting fast enough to show that they really want to stay with us. The question here: WHAT ARE WE OFFERING THEM THAT MADE THEM SLOW TO RESPOND?
5) Milan Mandric said two things very clearly that: he will wait until January transfer window to have some proper additions and also said that the club has taken all his time and he will be concentrating on his other business and his family next. For heaven sake do I need to spell out or you can see the underline reason of why we are not spending and that the extra income of increased tickets sale, TV, Merchandise etc have to go to him first. After all it is his money and he can do what he wants with it to get his money back as quickly and sufficiently as possible and by keeping the club just afloat in the championship, until a future sale to make his large profit on top. For people who remember the history of our club this unfortunately is not the first time if I can refresh your memories. The few major share holders in the past did exactly the same where any extra income went to their pockets first before investing in the club further to ensure they get their money back fast with good profits. Even when they got hardly anything when MM took over they had already made their fortune not just their money back. BUT that how business works in capitalism my friends UNLESS WE HAVE A WEALTHY MAN WHOSE HEART AND SOLE IN THE CLUB and has his personal satisfaction to win matches by then we can succeed and look for an old time brighter future.
6) Even building up the development squad academy, although great in principal but devious in practice when it comes to our case so you can fill the short fall of small or incompetence squad. You only believe in youth team development when accompanied by strong first team players who can pass their experience to. Saving while making money at this stage for our club without strengthening the team first will lead to another nervy season just like last one.

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Iv never seen anybody agree with you.
you spent all last season wanting mm and dj out and saying the club would be sold after the new year.
you also constantly predicted us being relagated.
so you made yourself look stipud then and you are doing now.
get a life.

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So I guess you answerd my question your saying antoinio and kirkland aren't any good. I disagree.

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Funny at first, now just annoying. Who are these other clubs acting fast and spending big. Yes I have seen some activity but only relegated prem teams will be spending silly money. There is still a lot of tallent out there and if you can get a good free player or a good £1million player, only a person would go for the million pound player. Please please please be realistic.

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I see more people agreeing with me than with you mr, if you look at the posts before you say : I see no one agrees with you. This is simply because we care very very much about our club and we need to draw MM attention further and keeping him focused and to honour his promise for success. He did it for Portsmouth and a bit for Leicester with large investment, why not for us? The way is going now do not show any sign of encouragement while greater potential exists!

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To our friend NDS. I have answered your banal posts before. I have not bothered this time the reason being is I hardly look at the site any more your negativity and stupidity has turned many people away. If you are a fan you are unbelievably daft if you are trying to stifle debate you have succeeded. The majority of fans are not with you, the statements have no basis in fact and are the product of a warped mind. Read what Bywater said when he left. MM has a decent plan.
I challenged you before to say what you considered a decent signing to be still waiting.
Just shut up and use your brain for once instead of playing same daft record over and over again.

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I still don't see anybody agreeing with you.
you are no better than the blades and weeds, if not worse.

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I agree with a and earlier poster who asked you to name what you consider a decent signing. Otherwise I suspect you will simply dismiss any signing we make as being rubbish. So come on and show your cards up front and let us judge your predictions of NDS when the season starts and not in June.

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I am not trying to generate some discontent, division or stifle debate negatively among my fellow fans, I genuinely believe that it'll be NO DECENT SIGNINGS (NDS) this season again. This is my opinion and I'm free to express it as I wish as you are entitled to yours, without being disrespectful and using bad language please, especially to your fellow supporter. I hope I am wrong and I sincerely hope MM has a solid long term successful investment plan for the club, if he has I'll eat my words and apologize. Until then I'm not going to say anything or write anymore to keep the peace!

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This is no response what do you call a decent signing. Love to hear your view on Magoma, si clubs were in for him including Middlesbrough and Charlton.
What do you think of Antonio, Gardner, Kirkland, and Reda Johnson. They are good enough for any Championship squad. It is a disgrace to say over and over agian NDS again. Then to say other disrespectful is ultimate insult.

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NDS wouldn't accept defeat, hence no comment on those signings. Also, even IF NDS is an Owl he certainly isn't a fellow Owl to me.
What a disgrace.

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The proof is in the pudding and we start eating it already!

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23 Jun 2013 08:56:38
Richard Dunn set to come in early next week been in talks all weekend not bad in my opinion

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How we going to pay is wages sell the team we should be looking at up and coming players not has beens

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Oh no the own goal master

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We're is the money coming from we r losing 5mil a year and we have got the fair play rules to deal with

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You, v been dunn mate.

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Hope not, he is and has always been shocking.

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Dreaming pal

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Where have you seen this?

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If he signs, he will be 34 at start of season. Not played for a year -was a good player when last seen, but sounds to me as if it would be a huge gamble.

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We don't need another ageing defender we need a young defender with pace our central defenders are to slow

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Now now lads, there are cave paintings in north africa that depict Dunne as a great defender, I'm sure he can recapture those glory days, in much the same way pharoah Martin Taylor III did after we exhumed him

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Do you mean the Great White Hope from Bradford, who fought Ali or Richard Dunne?

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Richard Dunn. Didn't he fight Muhammad Ali in 1976. I think he's a bit old. even for our defence

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Always thought he was a cm myself

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That's David Dunn

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Your correct so something about David Dunn other day about him being offered a new deal at Blackburn an someone said something about injuries must be a dunne thing lol
Ill read instead off scanning over things from now on ha

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It is of course Tie Will B Dunne

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Int he that 3ft jockey richard dunne woody, he'd be ok if comes with is horse

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23 Jun 2013 08:16:31
We should look at a striker playing for Tenerife called Aridane 191 cm, 96 kilos and scored 27 goals in 40 games last season. Tenerife failed to get promoted in play-offs so he could be looking for a move.

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No offence m8 but big difference in class of football between champs an tenerife

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So he's going to want to move to a team fighting relegation from one fighting for promotion get bloody real

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How much they want for him.

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Might not settle here Rhodri didn't?

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23 Jun 2013 12:35:35
Might not settle like Rhodri didn't?

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And Sheffield would be a dream move for him?

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Nowt up wi sheffield give over knocking the city.

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97 kilos is proper overweight by any standards, especially that of a pro footballer, even the Hulk is only 91

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Google his name and take a look, bye the way 96 kilos and I'd rather you tell him he's overweight!

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Jeez, he must be able to kick the ball frickin miles.

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I've tried Google but nothing found for a player called Aridane 191cm.

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Try Aridane Tenerife

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By the way Tenerife won in the play offs and got promoted

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