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23 Jul 2012 22:16:59
Harry Kewell will sign before the weeks out!

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Would be a great signing I we can keep him fit. Brings experience and class to the side. What's people thoughts on Lines in the Championship? I think he's a nice player and i like but he may lack pace for this league and he hasn't got Semedos ability to get out of danger!!

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Don't really think that's right lines has plent of pace , he does lack the ability to make good passes whilst under pressure

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Kewall 33 going on 34 and been playing in auz think if there a choice between him and let's be right has had more than his share of injuries and Chris lines I would pick lines anyday more pace fitter lot less injury prone

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Lines isn't good enough for this league. If we sign Norris then Lines won't get a look in.

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Hope not kewell is not good enough any more... was a great player before all injury problems... massive waste of money an i'd bet my house this won't happen

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I think that lines is a great player. I mean how many goals did he set up last seoson and he has got an alright shot. Also I think he is a great passer however I agree that semedo has to cover for him a lot . And remember he Sometimes has just bursts of pace and I think if he is consistent he will be a great player.UTO

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I think lines will adapt.

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23 Jul 2012 21:27:42
heard that jones looking at club brugge striker bjorn vleminckx, anyone else heard this.

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He's class. Big and strong and free kick expert! Iv also heard this! Belgium international

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Be a great asset to the team.

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Brugge paid 3.3 mil for him last year, unless he has fallen out with them or we are getting him on loan it is a little far fetched or us. Maybe next season when we're in the prem!!

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72 on FIFA

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This has been reported in Dutch and Belgian press and Dutch websites have reported story. He had poor year and Club Bruges looking to offload. It did say we had been in talks over player and with the player.

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Spent some time in Belgium seen a few matches at different ground watched club Brugge 3 times and this boy is ideal for Championship big strong and very mobile.The standard in Belgium generally about Championship standard apart from top clubs and that is lower Premiership,technically very good individuals but not very good teams .He could be a good signing if DJ can pull it off if he is really interested ?

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23 Jul 2012 19:59:35
Have we signed the goal keeper Henriques or did we just borrow him for the night?

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Borrowed from a local Portugese Division 2 side. Will NOT be signing.

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Borrowed him!

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Thank you

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Good he was terriable

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23 Jul 2012 17:02:08
Antonio to sign at half time weds vs reading and play a half for both. Watch this space

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And how would that work in terms of insurance etc ???
If the deal is struck - it will happen before or after match NOT during !

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Don't talk utter rubbish would never happen

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Haha hilarious u should get a job at apollo

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Watch this space?
What for more stupid comments?

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Oh my goodness, I actually put this on a forum not so long ago as a JOKE... do you seriously think that a transfer can go through that quickly?

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Unless he breaks a leg in the first half eh? Why make this up!

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Sounds very unlikely but we'll see.

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If a deal is to be done antonio wont play in the match.

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This is clearly a joke. I can't believe you muppets have bought it!

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Got to be the worst rumour EVER - just brilliant

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23 Jul 2012 14:38:30
kirkland has resolved his personal issues and will join up with the squad when they return from portugal, real quality keeper if we keep him fit heres hoping

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This is a massive relief

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Good Great football mind and quilty if we can keep him fit!!UTO

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23 Jul 2012 14:33:10
kirkland is staying! that can only be a good thing for us he's looking forward to getting.back to training next week,

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Keep Kirkland fit best keeper in championship.

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Totally agree uto

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23 Jul 2012 11:19:27
Reading owner Anton Zingarevich flew out to Portugal on Saturday, Director of Football Nick Hammond will also be out for the Sheff Wed game on Tuesday, while Chief Executive Nigel Howe is also in attendance - so Reading have all their big guns out there so I am confident we will get this done this week

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Owls news
Since mm and reading chairman will talk after reading match over Antonio and if there is a deal expect the signing to be later on this week. On DJ's interview he says they are defiantly looking for one more defender. And centre forward along with a centre midfielder. Norris deal died down so maybe Dave jones is hiding a player like he did with pecnik. Players comin out dj has told Reynolds and Bennett to find new clubs and they haven't flown to Portugal. Also mike jones coke Prutton and maybe Daniel jones but I think that dj likes him and last expect 5 new players to come in but we need to get rid of a lot of dead wood as well . Not long now UTO WTID

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23 Jul 2012 10:39:17
I see the Micheal Chopra Rumour is rearing its head up again and it's continuous link between DJ and Him is quite annoying!

However, if true what a bloody signing that would be! Proven at Championship. level and DJ knows all of his Attributes and could utilise his full Arsenal. Also Ross McCormack of Leeds doing the rounds (again) however I have heard of Interest from Brighton and Huddersfield chasing the frontmans Signature

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23 Jul 2012 09:02:41
reading may hold onto antonio seeing that jimmy kebe may have torn a hamstring.

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Have you just decided this?

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