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23 Jan 2013 21:58:57
You've bid 300k for Bradley wright Phillips but were holding out for 500.

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I think he is worth 500k, if this is true we should go for it. Should have signed when we had the chance

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No we can't pay any money for players this January DJ Wasted all budget in summer

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Preparing for life back in league 1 then

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I really hope so. We could definitely do with signing a player who has been implicated in burglary and assault charges - and managed to squeak his way out through having a very good lawyer and deep pockets.

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Totally agree with above poster Dave Jones blew his budget on too many players instead of just adding quality he went for quantity and this is the reason were signing players on loan like Sidibe and waiting for the scraps what other clubs don't want.

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So how much did DJ blow in the summer then? A lot of players were brought in for free and he also brought in some promising youth for the future. DJ and MM are building for the future. We will be fine this season, we have a young team and little experience in the championship. Over the last few weeks we have improved vastly, players will get there chance. Madine is still learning and has the potential, DJ knows this. All to people bad mouthing the team and the quality of players can you please put your footballing credentials on here, either the premiership team you use to play for or your managerial career stats (not off champ man). There are good times ahead for Wednesday just have faith. Financially we are sound, behind the scenes is improving and the academy is getting better. Have faith or if you haven't got any stop moaning all over the Internet and at games. Get behind the team and they will fight, they need encouragement.

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400 k for wright phillips macphail tabb loans helan extended loan

o grady
taylor replaced by bathh loan

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^^ but they are experts mate. ;)

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Why are some saying to get rid of Corry? A young lad in first season of pro football. Some people!!!!!!

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Corry will be a good player in time. Doubt he will be let go.

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To the person demanding other peoples credentials, what are your credentials? and since did anyone need credentials to give an opinion on a rumours website, the people on here are not putting in a job application just voicing thier oppinions as they are entitled to do, if you have so many credentials why don't you apply for a managers post somewhere then you might spend less time criticising other people for having a different oppinion to your own . {Ed013's Note - Well said mate}

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I agree with two sidibie going sick anyway and Taylor is awful but the rest are stupid maybe Corry on a loan till end of season to get sme experience but we should keep, o'grady cause he's a bluming work horse

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My credentials, ex wednesday youth player and man united youth player. Played lower league and semi pro before moving on to coaching. Yes people have their opinions but how can they judge the ability of a player from 1 or 2 games when they probably can't even kick a ball themselves. I went to the Burnley match and people couldn't help themselves but say players were rubbish, these people were any but athletes with probably no skill in their entire bodies. Opinions are fine but you have to able to back up your reasoning not just say 'he did a bad pass so he's a bad player.

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Who where the youth coaches when you where at the Owls? School of excellence or YTS?
Just interested, not making any point.

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Clive Baker was the director through my time.

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23 Jan 2013 21:53:22
Robbie fowler training with Wednesday, 1000% true

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Its only so he can regain fitness, were not singining him

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He would only be any good if A: he was fit and B: we played a 5 man midfield and just fed him the ball for 90 minutes

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He was also training earlier in season at same time as Koumas. don't get giddy!

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23 Jan 2013 13:57:45
Sheffield Wed have made an offer for Rob Earnshaw, but there is a chance he may move to a club in the MLS, instead of Wednesday - Official_CCFC

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This is off Cardiff City's Official club page - how can people disagree?

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Thier website?

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No it isn't

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Just bin on their site. Only player mentioned is their new striker Frazier campbell

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23 Jan 2013 20:35:40
What a load of lies

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Robbie fowler is training with us

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No Earnshaw deal. Bradley Wright Phillips is a target and contact has been made. He is also wanted by Peterborough and MK Dons.

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Lets face it mk have no money so they won't buy

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This isn't from the website its from Cardiff Citys official Twitter page! AND it is TRUE!

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24 Jan 2013 21:05:42
This is on the Cardiff Official Twiter account not their website also posted by this guy and also Wednesday rumours site so I will accept an apology from all the disagreers - Rob Earnshaw to choose between Owls or life in MLS America.

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23 Jan 2013 13:46:06
Semedo to be sold to forest for 350k

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Not true.

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23 Jan 2013 13:10:58
Don't think Chris Lines will be the last offload at #swfc. Expecting at least a couple more, whether out on loan or contract ended - Alan Biggs

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Looks like we'll not be getting any money for any players then, meaning we'll have no money to spend!

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23 Jan 2013 10:43:56
clayton donaldson should be here before the weekend.

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Lol yeh sure when pigs fly and bacon are stayin in league one lol uto

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Yeah right. No way could you afford him. We love him here and our chairman is on record as saying it would take a bid of 250k for the club to even think about it.

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Wednesday cauld afford 250k.

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No way the massive could afford 250k?? are you serious pal?

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Wow that's a big offer to consider

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I'm sure our chairman can find £250k if he wants to. You're only Brentford - no disrespect but you'll take the money.

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Haha this delusionalist thinks we can't afford 250k, haha. we could buy any top striker but our chairman is a tight man so won't pay that. its not that we can't its because we don't want to spend any money. however think this is fair price tag for donaldson who is arguably best striker in lg1, however not sure if he could do it in champ cus he ent prolific enough

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Why don't you delusional's put your hands in your pockets and have a whip round to buy all the stars you think we should buy.
Obviously you think you can run the club better than MM, but can't put the money where your mouths are.
You guys have no concept of how much money he has to spend and what his commitments are.
If I was him and came on this site, I would sell us to the lowest bidder and say f*** you, ungrateful t***s.
The jump from div 1 to the championship is bigger than the later to the premiership in my opinion. The championship is also a harder league as anybody can beat anybody.
I really detest our negative fans that try to promote doom and gloom on our clubs rumour page. It's no short of pathetic.

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Perhaps the negative fans as you call em have took the blinkers off and seen something you not seen yet, everybody has same right to an opinion even if its not same as yours

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That because 90 percent of tripe on here's from billynomates with no lives, piggy's and folk who claim to be Wednesday til I die and all that s##t but only know what they know via sheff star and chuffing . Absolute garage!!. Have faith - most of us know the score, don't rise to the negativity and downright provocation.

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Brilliant point mate absolutely true everything, the above point above yours is true we could afford to pay a million but mm is tight, but he has a lot of commitments so if we want this club back in the big time we have to be patient he's took out all the debt and fixing what went wrong in the past 10 years and I trust him to take us forward and then at the right time sell us to someone with a lot more money, who will back us

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That is a great post i'm constantly posting the same comments, negativity gets you knowhere. whenever the fans get on the players back we never perform......get behind the team!!!

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Norwich, Southampton, Swansea seem to have managed the transition from L1 to Championship ok. Charlton aren't doing to badly either. Brighton doing well. Millwall doing well.

Remember when it was us or Palace to go down? now they're 4th.

I'm not saying I can manage SWFC better than the next man, but I am thinking that maybe something isn't quite right at the moment.

I love the club though.

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Yes, the thing that isn't right is fans like you. Stop comparing us to other clubs, because we are unique. We have had so many problems over the last decade and although things are not great at the moment, they are slowly getting better.

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'Who will back us'. Another Blunt... We are progressing, your going backwards.
Lets battle it out this season SWFC lads. Then move forwards again.

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24 Jan 2013 09:09:13
We are progressing but on the MM front- has anyone looked at last years accounts- he put £2.6 million cash into the club last year- the club still had an operating loss despite the total wage bill coming down. So all the "He's tight and won't put his hands in his pocket" bregade- fact is he has. Should he eat away at his own equity in the business- well he is doing to cover the losses but that will only be to a point. Saying players must move out before others move in is common sense. I'd love us to be paying millions but hey look at Swindon, Look at Brighton, cardiff's huge losses over the last 2-3 years. They will all come back to their clubs just as ours did to us. We aren't going back to those days- forward and upwards.

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The most sensible post I have read for months.

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Not sure what's wrong with comparing one club to another.

And there's no good in blind support.

Thing's are not right, Dave Jones has a real scrap on his hands to keep us up.

Personally I think we have enough talent at the club already and don't need more new faces to disrupt the dressing room.


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Compare all you want, but it doesn't make the circumstances the same.

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It's true we don't have the biggest budget in the league but I bet we are one of few teams to be free of debt?, we are on the up but slowly, we will get back to where we want, MM and DJ will take the club forward back to where it should be and I think as Wednesday fans we have to trust that they will!

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Those people who think there's something positive about us not spending any money and flirting with relegation probably also believe Cameron when he says 'were all in this together'.

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23 Jan 2013 09:42:31
Liera to Brentford and Danny Batth coming back till end of season

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Trust me Danny Batth will not be ever coming back to Hillsborough, get over it, league 1 player at best as can't even get in a shocking Wolves side so why any good for the Massive

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Yeah but he was one of our top defenders last season so I would like to see him back

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Spot on assessment of Batth.
Did a great job for us in league1 - despite his heavy legs - we need better now its time to move on.

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Bathh could develop into a class act with us.

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Wolves might be shocking but there 2 centre halves are class! Both premier league players as well and Batth only very young so saying he's only a league 1 player because of that reason is ridiculous, what are you talking about shocking wolves team, they have best centre half partnership in league after Cardiff and Leicester. Batth is definitely good enough for the massive

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Agree, he is young but fairly level headed for his age so could develop into a really good player, needs a bit of speed work I agree but one for the future as well we can't just look to get ourselves bailed out this season, it's gotta be long term!

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22 Jan 2013 23:58:48
Chris Burke to sign before the week is out!

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Hope so, would be a great addition!

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No chance forest bound

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23 Jan 2013 07:25:47
What's happened to earnshaw said yesterday we had signed him load of bull

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Not a prayer

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Getting players in is not like shopping in a supermarket putting what you want in a trolley.On this site it says Earnshaw is signing for at least a dozen clubs his agent will be hawking him around to bleed whatever he can from clubs for his client or should I say himself.This is not unique any player DJ shows interest in he will encounter the same problem.Do we really need to be paying over the odds for a player a little past his sell buy date.Let the management manage and the word supporter means support so lets us support and leave the running of the club to the people in the know.

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Firstly if you don't want to read rumours don't come on this site, after all the clue to the agenda of this site is the name of the site Latest Sheffield Wednesday Rumours,
Secondly you say Let the management manage and the word supporter means support so lets us support and leave the running of the club to the people in the know¯ the management have brought into our club a host of players in the summer and since that are patently not good enough if they were they would be playing in the first team or at least on the bench. The like of Mattock, Rodri, Maguire, Taylor, Mayor and then there is Bothroyd and Sidibe and you say leave the running of the club to those in the know¯ well at the manager has done a very poor job of recruitment so far.
Finally the people that write on here are in the main supporters, who care passionately about the club; they are the ones who like me get to as many away games as they can, go to every home game. I am a supporter that paid for in advance for my season ticket. They are the one that will be sing High Ho Sheffield Wednesday before every game, so please don't patronise us by telling us what support means.

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Well said !

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Well said Pal totally agree with you

Dave Jones OUT

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How can Burke be past his sell by date he's an excellent player

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Reading a book called 'I am the secret footballer' which gives some insight into the role of a manger, from the horses mouth.
So the people who have their own opinion, which I respect, about DJ may want to read it, because things are not as black and white as you think. Hence, the reason you are not managers.
The thing that sticks out to me was a comment made by a fan saying 'DJ doesn't manage the team and sometimes doesn't go to training'.
You may find that being a manager, which I do know about, is best dealt with by delegating. In football terms, to the training staff.
Every fan has their own ideals, but to come on here and constantly promote the same negative vibes about the same people within the club every single day is in my opinion, no less than sad.

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