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23 Jan 2012 21:48:32
Marshall off to leicster loyld dyer coming to the owls on loan along with team mate steve Howard. This would be shrewed but very good move pace an tricks on wing and a powerhouse upfront to get on the end of the balls n flick one!

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Sick to death of the marshall saga and hearing about poo refs, lets just get on with the rest of the season and cause in all honesty it's been the best for a while!!

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Why would that happen when they played against Southampton last night. It's not going to happen!

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We have already got players who flick the ball on. its end product we need.

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Steve howard is older than me !

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Hallelujia !

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As stupid as it may sound but makes sense due to gm liking of dyer an playing route one football Howard would be perfect for the owls even though he's 50!

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Dyer wont be coming here ,he got back in leicester side when pearson went back

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More likely to get Redknapps dog - Rosie !

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23 Jan 2012 20:32:15
ben marshall to sign on thursday 700k plus 300k in add ons..also lewis grabbon 350k and myles weston 350k..out go morrison..beevers..jermaine johnson...milan court case holding up deals..thurday all this will happen 100% genuine

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As much as i'd like to believe this post i'm afraid it is just not true! Everyone would like to see Marshall back at the club and having Weston and Grabban as back up to what we have would only show how the club want to move forward and are looking to the future but as many people have said on here and numerous other sites... Marshall won't be comin back! He will end up in the Championship i imagine. I hope i am proved wrong and that this original post is true but i just cant see it. Especially as Megson has come out today saying he wants a creative midfielder and the 3 names mentioned are 2 wingers and a striker! Oh well, i will continue to keep my fingers crossed and hope that PA, MM and GM will come up with the goods to make us all happy! UTO

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Even as a SWFC fan,I think this is a load of carp,where's your proof (evidence please).

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If 100% where info from
U a grunter??

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If court case holding this up, does that mean his court case ends thursday, why would court case hold up signings.

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It was mentioned on news earlier that rednknaps case was set to last 2 week. I would have thought that would apply to mandaric aswell.

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Swfc are owned by maderics football company so there is no impact on swfc at all. Milan doesnt deal with the transfer side thats alderidges job targets will be delt with by him.

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Why don't we forget about Marshall completely, the best way mandaric can spend his time with redknapp is to thrash put a loan deal for some fringe players from tottenham. Lets say dos santos, krancjar

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And I'll finish off with pavluchenko

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Dos santos and kranckjar in lge 1?! Pull the other one!

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23 Jan 2012 20:00:21
Left back j lloyd samuel to join until end of season, probbly means Jason koumas to sign aswell

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Jll Samuel signed a contract to play in Iran only last week !

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Where the fudge do people get this crap from?!? He plays in Iran!

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Koumas will join after Scunthorpe game

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Both sh***, why would we want them

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23 Jan 2012 12:24:25
SWFC are trying to hijack Michael Tong's proposed move to hibs...

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Please no!! End my life now if it is true!!

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Rather hijack tom soares to hibs than that ex scum

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Looks like tonge could be joining our
neighbours at oakwell if you believe sky sports

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He is going to Barnsley according to sky sports

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Anyone but us!

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Happily he's gone to barnsley so we dont get stuck with the ex blunt

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23 Jan 2012 06:29:50
The money is there some good players are going ro arrive at s6 in the next 8days or so. We could have rushed out and spent the money on any average players but we havnt! Keep the faith. uto ftb!

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I totally agree with you look what happend last year! And the looks of it we got the old jj back what a goal he is back and gonna prove a point to those who gave up on him. Wednesday till we die!

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How do you know money is there milan got more important things on is mind with court case today,im not holding my breath but we need new blood

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Mm has said there is money. and negotiating with players is job of paul alderidge and not milan so thats not on his mind.

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The rumours circulating at Hillsboro about Paul Aldridge give me no confidence at all.
He may be the problem not the solution.

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And what are the rumours, u cant keep us hanging like that

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Rumours are that NO fans know what's going on behind closed doors at hillsborough

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Theres a few, and all of them not helpful to the management team or the fans but do help him to keep close to mm. They say only mm likes him.

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