Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive December 23 2013


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23 Dec 2013 21:03:10
Just seen odds Holloway 6/4 gray 9/4 Pearce 12/1 check it out

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23 Dec 2013 23:29:52
Rhys mccabe must be given a chance against blackburn!

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Holloway won't work with mm again as they hate each other. Odds are not a good indicater, all they mean is that persons are putting money on holloway. When lots of people bet on something the odds go down to prevent the bookie from having to pay out large sums. Gray will get the job as nobody wants to work with mm.

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24 Dec 2013 09:32:51
Please Milan could I have my present of a new manager, surely it makes sense to place a new man in charge before the January transfer window opens so he can she who he wants to keep and release

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How do u know mm and Holloway hate each other? Are you saying this because they parted company with each other at Leicester. You have no real facts that they "hate" each other!

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23 Dec 2013 17:49:57
According to Denis Wise, Kevin Keegan and Kenny Dalglish have thrown there hats in for the Wednesday job. I can't see Dalglish coming because of the state of the club asca whole and Keegan will always be linked because of his support for the club. Denis Wise did a great job at Millwall but tends to bring too much baggage.

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Would love to see keegan here but think its unlikely - but I seem to recall reading something a few years ago that he would be very interested in the Wednesday job

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Mm got a funny feeling this is a rumour from 1st poster!

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Mmm got a funny feeling your all so negative its a rumour page hence the name transfer rumours

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Yes Keegan supports Wednesday but no way would he take the job without a shed load of money for top players. Yes he's said in the past that he would love the job but it was when we were in the premier league, playing in Europe and with plenty of money.

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I was bein sarky, chill out!

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JUST NOW. Chris Maguire has been recalled from his loan spell at Coventry

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Try and keep the rumours half believable -Keegan or Dalglish - really??

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Wot you mean JUST NOW? It was on tv a few hours ago

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The line up v Blackburn Rovers

Roger Johnson
Reda Johnson
Jermaine Johnson


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Loovans is fit and will play, Nuhiu is not fit so will not play, Wickham will have test on Boxing Day and has a good chance of playing a according to the Star. Mattock will come in for Reda according to Gray. So where has your team come from.

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Probably the lads personal opinion?

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