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23 Dec 2012 22:37:43
Can't say where i got this info from but 100% true.

We have made offers for the following players:-

Danny Batth - 400k
Jeremy Helan - Loan (remainder of season)
Neil Kilkenny - 400 - 500k
Keith Treacy - 300k
Micheal Chopra - 500k

We also want another forward Chris Wood the West Brom striker may be scoring himself another chance at The Hawthorns. Sunderlands Wickham may still be a target.

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And I'm 100% sure we don't have 2mil+ to splash out. Time to come off footy manager!

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Bit unrealistic figures seen as how we never spent much in the summer it'
Will be frees and bargain buys again I think

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Helan is on a youth contract so only allowed to b loaned out a month at a time!

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Lol this is a rumours page not fantasy island ho ho ho merry christmas to all the greatest supporters in the land UTO eric the owl

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To the person saying we don't have that money to spend Milans a million air of corse we can afford it . Although not sure we will get bath as we've got Gardner and llera in there and bath hasn't played all season

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MM has the money times over if he wanted to spend it , but why do people keep saying get Batth ? He's said many times he doesn't want to come here so even if MM got his wallet out he wouldn't be spending it on Batth !

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Why get another loan striker play rodri give him a chance

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Prize next season for getting in premier is even bigger.
So maybe mm will unvest a few million over the next few seasons to help us get there.
Even if we just become top six contenders we will be worth more.
We wont improve at all without a bit of investment.
So maybe those figures arent so far fetched

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Can we spend large sums on players without violating the rule stipulating the percentage of income allowed for players? If that is the case - and I do not know if it is - then the total sum in MM's pocket is a bit of a red herring. Not pretending to be certain of my facts. Just asking.

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^I think you are right, again that is my understanding .
But given that we have no or very little debt now, and we are one of the best supported clubs outside the Prem, shouldn't that mean we are in a better position to compete for the better players than the rest outside of the Prem.?
That's if MM wants to of course ?

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Yeh Milan is a millionaire but he hasn't got that way throwing his money all over the place.

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Champs clubs can invest 6m this year, 5m next year, 3m year after.
After that its a limit of 2m loss in a year with a max "Owner donation" of 3m.
So MM well in pocket, I reckon ?

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He doesn't throw his money about true but spending 1.6 million if he were to buy all of those players isn't exactly throwing it about.Not in this league.
He will need to invest to make money.You can't just own the club forever and not spend a dime.
The rewards for getting promotion next season or just becoming a big club in this division, will ensure he gets his money back and more when he sells us.

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Do people not realise chopra is useless?

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1.6m .... Spot on mate. Just don't get why MM wont invest a little of his money to make us a "safe" Champs side . Makes us a better bet for a new buyer and means MM has a better chance of making a decent profit - - which at the end of the day is all hes interested in .

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Chopra is a must avoid ! And he wouldn't add anything to our squad anyway !

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Chopra is at the wrong end of his career i would go for someone abit younger who has a point to prove

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Chopras problems are not his age.
We do need experience , we got loads of young talent - just not Chopra !

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No-one knows what will happen re players coming in or leaving except a tight lipped group at the Club. Why would either MM or DJ tell the world what they were planning: get real guys.

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We need experience but not upfront in the middle of the park upfront we need pace and loads of it to rip defences apart

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Original post is miles off the mark. Even if we did buy these players think they are not good enough in total.

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23 Dec 2012 20:36:53
Dj misses out on Gayle who is on loan at peterbrough as he already has agreed permanent move there however Jay Rodriquez an Simoen Jackson are two players he's trying to bring in on loan in jan.

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These would be great signings but I'm not sure Milan would fund it or whether they would fancy a relegation scrap in the league below

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Jackson should have signed long time ago

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Kay Rodriguez lol your in dream world pal they paid 7 mil for him not a chance there gunna let him go on loads lol person

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Just like Liverpool with andy Carroll 30odd million then loaned to west ham?

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