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23 Aug 2013 14:45:24
There a picture on Owlstalk of Swiss stiker Andjelko Savic holding the new shirt.
Looks like the Owls have signed the 20 year old Sampdoria Striker!

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Shola ameobi signing monday

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Andjelko Savic will be replace madine who could be lock up soon.

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Presumably Savic goes straight into the 1st Team Squad. Although he is only 20, we have him for just the year: so no tijme for him to be "one for the future"

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It confirmed on the swfc website, Andelo Savic has signed on a season long loan with a view to a future deal.

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Transferred from Itaian-:

THE U. C. Sampdoria s. p. a. , announces that it has sold on a temporary basis, with an option to repurchase definitively, at the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club sports rights of footballer Andelko Savic. Like · about an hour needle

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Were doing well to get savic to say we not sent nobody on loan and yet we need to clear to make way? according to dj etc uto xxx

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23 Aug 2013 16:49:34
why do we sign people on a Friday, surely not straight in the first team Saturday

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He's been training with us for a few weeks

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He's been training with the team.

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Savic signed on a year deal with the option to sign permanent contract with the fee already agreed.
He is only 20 and comes from Sampdoria.
Will be going into the development squad for a while till he settles in to the British way of playing.
Its all confirmed by many media people, and he is pictured wit the shirt on many sites. Good luck.

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Another Rhodri? Hope he gets a chance

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Waiting for international clearance, will play against Yeovil next month will be my guess, welcome to the owls

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Savic has been signed for the development squad on a season long loan with a view to a permanent deal. Dj loves signing players for u21's doesn't give a toss about first team by looks. Then again we have to ship players out to bring players in thanks to this new law of u can only pay out what ever the club brings in. great times a head for us, I think not, just going to have too keep the faith and back our boys week in week out.

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Savic will be part of the first team squad not the Development team!

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What would be the point in Loaning a player for the Development Squad? Surely he's for the 1st Team

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Not sure about this one, he doesn't look very tall

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Savic is for the first team, DJ has said they are not going to rush him expect his home debut against Yeovil in a couple of weeks.

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24 Aug 2013 09:59:38
Thing about it everyone DJ signing future players so when next season starts and every other team struggling to sign players with this new law out the owls will be one step ahead with players already prepared and ready for English game Etc so just sit back and support the team not moan at the team give these young players confidence to play in front of you. There's some promising young prospects and I can see improvement next year as well as this year. We are not a sleeping giant we are sheffield Wednesday with a good history BEHIND US look to the future not the once was please support the future team and they will repay us I'm sure of it.

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Well said mate. Spot on!

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Fully agreed with the above post, I am tired and sick of people who are trying to paint a rosy picture for our current signings, they are all unknown and unproven. Apart fron Helan, which we already know and have in last season, do we really know about anybody else? Look at today's team our old team members are playing and performing and scoring too! A simple question to be asked: if DJ is confident of his signings since last season why isn't he playing them then? I have proved to everyone who differed with me that
As there was no decent signings last season

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And if these players for the future do turn out to be good players they will be bought for peanuts just like white to bolton

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Anybody that posts on here that the people who criticise are just being negative has not been to the last two games at the theatre of dreams. Yes today we should have had at least one penalty and probably two, we also had a goal disallowed for a foul on Bywater that was committed by a Millwall player. But that just masks the woeful midfield, attack and tactics that as been on show this season. Millwall were poor but they kept the ball and passed it around, we just hacked it forward to anybody and that was usually a Millwall player. We had no game plan and will struggle this season. This is Jones team he can't blame Megson or anybody else anymore. The defence is worse with Zayatte in the side than it was with Liera but Jones insists on playing him. The midfield is dire, the worst I have seen in many a year, as for the attack, Nuhui might develop into a decent player but to play him up front with no support is beyond a joke. We lose Buxton at half time and Jones brings on a defensive midfield player and still it makes no difference the ball just kept coming back at us, Millwall continued to dominate midfield and put us under pressure. I can forgive us not having the best players but I can’t forgive the lack of a tactical plan or the ability to keep the ball for more than a few seconds. I have supported the Owls for over sixty years but it is along time since I heard so much anger and bad language directed at the manager. But then he says on Rad Sheff that the players have let themselves down, it is never his fault. Hopefully Jones days are numbered

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Hasn't it become clear yet? DJ doesn't give a poo about the club, the fans or the heritage of this once mighty club. MM is only out for profit and the Owls and the Pigs are heading in the same direction as the City of Sheffield. Downhill fast.
Our proud City is and a dump and our teams are garbage!

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Disagree 2 good signings last year Kirkland and Gardner although Gardner took time to settle we are probably 3 players short from a mid table side but not telling you anything proper owls fans don't know

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I think we're 4 or 5 players short of being mid table if there's not a few good signings and drastic changes in our style of play we'll more than likely be in a relegation battle.

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Hasn't he made enough signings? I make it 37 since he arrived and we are worse now. 1 win in 10 is not good enough and it's time to get rid of Jones and his negative cowardly tactics.

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Until we pay decent money for players then we will be what we are and that's poor to average, freebies and nominal fee players are that for a reason

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Anyone been going to the games? referees are our worst nightmare at the minute, should of had 2 penalties at qpr, 1 at leeds and 2 against millwall, I know u have to convert them to score but if the refs give them pens which are 100% pens we beat qpr, we beat leeds, and we beat millwall, should be on 9 points but yet we are left with 2. prutton and coke work their b*llocks off in the middle of the park, yes sometimes they lack abit of technical skill, however I would rather have 11 players on the pitch 100% commited then your over paid over rated players eg bothroyd! etc we scare teams going foward with pace and aerial ability I couldn't care if we concede 8 goals as long as we score 9. if all the players give 100% we have any chance look at cardiff today against man city, technically not as good but work hard and set pieces are spot on that's what we need and will fall into place soon TRUST DJ AND MM!!

UTO FTB!!!!!!

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Most of us do not trust dave jones no
more and mm is not helping us and wants out.

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Dno why? who else could take dave jones' job and produce better?

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DJ is playing the waiting game just like a lot of other managers. there's a week left of market and then the loan market opens up soon after. We'll get players in we had Barkley & Wickham last year and i'm sure we'll get similar quality as soon as other clubs decide there squad. DJ is not a rubbish manager just needs a few better players which will happen.

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23 Aug 2013 06:36:37
Dave jones is waiting for premier clubs to announce their 25 man squads so he can sign unwanted players on loan rather than look at signing players for a fee. He has even gone on record stating that he might have to use the emergency loan market if he can't finalise any loan deals in next week or so.

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DJ is doing my head in!

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The whole team is useless apart from Buxton, chrissy Kirkland and Antonio. Players such as palmer, coke, prutton, zayette, jj, r Johnson are want getting rid of and for Helan one of the worst players I've seen since Jeffers and sidibe.

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Are you watching the same team mate?!

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Palmer is a central midfielder and he hasn't played there yet and is 22 - give him a chance
Helen is 21 - give him a chance
Reda - is just about the most most effective player we have they should make the strikers watch videos of him from set pieces and say this is how you attack the ball
Zayette - has played 3 games - give him a chance
The rest I agree with except Antonio who whilst I think is ok is not the superstar I was hoping for

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I agree! Would just swap palmer for Antonio. God knows what they do in training. They couldn't string a few passes together if they were playing against 10 yr olds. Helan and Antonio might as well be in a sprint relay team. Good at running but the end product is farcicle. This team that dj has put together is one of the worst I've seen in 30 years. Why can't the pass the ball to each other and control it?

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Hard to differ from that comment, the majority of players we've acquired just ain't good enough

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Red johnsons the best player in the squad. It's only injuries that have affected him. We always play well with him in the squad and he scores more goals than the strikers

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Oh no! We're working strictly to a budget and might end up using the loan system? What a disaster!

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23 Aug 2013 14:49:54
How can you say Reda is useless, one of our best players and were a different team with him in it. Helan has been playing out of position recently will see his true ability once back on left wing

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And leave antonio alone!if not for him, we wouldn, t be in this division. remember that late goal against carlisle for instance?

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We`ll just wait for him to score another important goal then eh, in 6 months maybe

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Wow! So he got us promoted then

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Most the posters on here make me ashamed to be an Owls fan!

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Makes u wonder how many actually watch the same game

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23 Aug 2013 19:58:02
some posters on here make me laugh what you expected us to sign its the fanbase that's massive not the piggy bank

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Central midfielders are never going to look good in a Dave Jones team, spending 90 minutes looking up at the clouds

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I've been away and missed the start of the season but it sounds like a fine line between success and failure in this league (as it was last year). I understand that we should have had at least two penalties that would have made quite a difference. Our club is in great shape, next year will see massive changes and we will take a long time to get the squad we want. The Owls have never been a mighty club but we could be a very good one if they keep doing what they do best. I'm very optimistic about the carful changes being made. We are a valuable club when we have strength in depth for the future.

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