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23 Aug 2012 21:36:14
Brendan Rogers is allowing R. Sterling out on loan until January to gain some experience and DJ is very interested in the young Liverpool player. Sterling has also said he would like to come to hillsborough as it has a big fan base and could learn how to deal with big crowds. It is thought that this deal will go through some time next week.

Source: Liverpool TV, Liverpool Echo

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Total nonsense

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He's only 17 years old, think Jones would be a bit reluctant to take him on

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Liverpool echo states rogers will be developing sterling at anfield and in any case too young to go out on loan !

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You just watched match and cause he looked decent you thought ud say he's on way to us get a grip son don't need any wingers we've got jj Antonio pencik m jones mayo easy enough

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100% true brendan rogers said it last night after the hearts game as well great signing

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Why do people write such nonsense?

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See the trend of United getting worse and the posts on here also. The link is proportional and what does that tell you?

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To be fair i have also seen this i back the person who put this on here i have read and also listened to brendan rogers interviews when in Hearts

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Absolutely agree with proportional post. Some of the wild daft statements and repeated claims of interest in lame ducks have an aroma of pork about them.

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Yeah and they are letting gerrard come to us too, you really must wake up. Do i smell rind

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I'd take sterling! Can't do any harm taking him if it is true! Maybe a bit of competition that Antonio needs at the minute! UTO

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But he started the other night so I would doubt that

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Bring back David Hurst

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If you can spell
HIRST I'd be happier

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Why we all know what he means?

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Liverpool have announced sterling to come to the massive on loan until january!

check bbc sport and sky sports news NOW!!

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No mention on either . Everything everywhere quotes Rogers stating Sterling is staying at Liverpool .
When do you go back to school?

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He started for liverpool for man city so why the hell would rodgers loan him. Deffo a stupid blunt

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23 Aug 2012 12:27:25
Just come from wednesday training ground and
got chatting to a member of the backroom team
and he told me that theres a 95% chance of rob
earnshaw signing before deadline day.

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Hope not! I think the firepower we got is enough. Would like to see another winger or centre-back.

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Rubbish. We don't need or want him.

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I think we do lack firepower - COG is doing well but he's only likely to get 10 or so goals, Madine is unproven at this level, and Rodri, although he scored the other night, we can't expect too much from him and he might not adapt to the English game. Then there's Maguire, and again, he's hardly proven himself at this level either. We NEED another striker! no doubt at it!

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Lets not get carried away,DJ is buiding a team and robert earnshaw will score in this division. we need team players and if DJ thinks robert is the type to blend in bring him in.

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Dont need earnshaw. we have 4 strikers if they are struggling which at the moment there not we can bring in a loan.

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Would rather spend the money on cover for the wing or centre back where we are light on players rather than up front where we have a few players all of whom I think are good enough to do the job for us

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Think it's a great idea, if the goal keeper had no sight in his eyes, and the defenders had there boot laces tied together, and the goal post extended another 10m. Yeah great I have him

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An extra striker would help, but after the signings we have made I have my jhopes set higher than Earnshaw.

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Backroom boys tellin you DJ's plans when he doesnt tell the press. sound like somethings coming out of your backroom mate

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How can you say we lack firepower? We have scored 9 goals in 3 games. Not bad if you ask me!

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DJ has openly said looking for another 3 players including CB, Midfielder and Striker

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To the person the person who said rodri might not addapt, im not saying hes going to score in every game, but in my opinion if he can score against birminghams deffence he can score against any championship deffence uto

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I am convinced some of these rumours are started by agents of the players involved if you look at the rumours in general the Earnshaws must be quintuplets with the amount of clubs they are signing for by the end of the transfer windows.Non of the 5 are good enough for us and dont seem to fit into the transfer policy DJ has adopted.

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23 Aug 2012 09:43:33
So happy with what DJ and MM have done at the club this summer. Not signing huge name players but keeping under the radar and signing up and coming stars before other clubs can even get a look in. I was worried when I read the Birmingham team sheet but having gone to both that game and the Derby game it seems teams are still obsessed with playing the hoof ball football we were playing under GM, tallest back four in the Football League just picking them off though!

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23 Aug 2012 06:49:35
if you scroll down a bit on Wolves rumour site, says they are interested in Bennett, WHY?

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Why are you even questioning it? Let them have him take him off our wage bill and let jj and Antonio rip him apart.... Why are you even lookin on there page anyway?

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Just had a peep - I dont believe it I think only a rumour but thats what these sites are all about, discount it my friend

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Maybe because hes actually a decent player when given a chance and run in the side?

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Lol, are you julien bennet? He's crap, he had his chance last season and showed he can't defend and or go forward

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He scored a few when he did get picked.

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Lets be honest it was probably written by an owls fan. I do not believe some of the baloney written on here regarding Boothroyd and Earnshaw. Neither of whom would had much to team and probably written by wind up merchant.

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He can throw the ball in a long way though lol.

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Jay bothroyd and earnshaw are both better than madine

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I dnt mind bennet think his alryt but neva getting over mattock or reda, i reckon gardner and reda cb's and mattock left back would tighten up the back four.

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Think we need a boar (or should it be bore) hunt to flush out those piggies Trigger and Herbert who keep writing tosh on here.

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"He can throw the ball in a long way though lol"

I think its funny how you find that funny. Given the fact that most of our goals came from set pieces Id say the long throw that Bennett has was possibly one of our strongest attacking options, and one that we had great success with

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If u get 4/5 throwins around the 18 yard box its like another corner having to defend it, not like others playing feet and back and some times getting tackled etc, good player is bennent however reda and mattock are better than him but he could defo play in the championship!

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If we get kenwyne Bennett could throw it in to the box and kenwyne to finish with his head sorted

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