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22 Sep 2013 19:46:08
Sorry can somebody explain to me how we are losing £5 million a year even throw we have a massive crowed and sell lots of merchendice never buy any one and get a little bit of money from tv payments. We don't have a big wage bill we don't spend millions. I think we are being lyed too I thank mm for saving us but it's time to come out and tell the true. My thoughts he don't care anymore.

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It's like the so called potential buyers, the Chinese, The Americans etc. MM is full of wind and we're now beginning to see it.

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What I don't understand is how other teams can sell tickets for £10 and still have a better team then us

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23 Sep 2013 07:13:43
So we are not getting Billy Blunt, we never were I suppose next or last whichever is Lita, or not there is no way what we have are going to get 10 goals a season, each not together although. We need a striker!

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I am going to keep saying this until you dreamers believe it

Milan Mandaric is a businessman first and last, does he care about Portsmouth or Leicester. NO

He is ONLY interested in Profit

He is the only person who can make things happen at Sheffield Wednesday

Yes we are grateful he bought us but now we are stalling, he has given Dave Jones money to spend and he has wasted it, Why buy players to sit on the bench?

Milan needs to make a decision sells us and go or sack Dave Jones and bring someone in who has passion and desire that can get us doing the business on the pitch

Until Milan makes a decision we the supporters will just keep paying good money into a club "supposedly" losing £5 million a year

Accountants are good with figures Milan

Wednesdayites are being taken for granted by Jones and Mandaric

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I am so bored of hearing how hard DJ and MM are working to get players in. Lingard and Macheda both come to the championship and we keep being told about our great relationship with Moyles. Obviously another lie! On top of that we had Taylor Fletcher and let him go. We are becomong a JOKE

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"supposedly" losing 5 mil? It would be a pretty easy lie to prove. I have looked at the accounts and it is in fact TRUE so nobody is lying! People bang on about our attendances but forget the majority is season tickets which have all been paid for & already included in the transfer/wage budget. We can't spend money we haven't got, unless we want to end up like Portsmouth, Rangers and the rest!

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So DiCaneo is now available! Why isn't it Jones?

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Get Paulo in, he`ll sort the slackers out

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It's lie after lie with MM and DJ. Trying hard for players? Where are they? Investors scrambling to get involved with us? Where are they? Losing 5 million a year? Where? We are now seeing through your lies so either put up or shut up!

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Oh right, I suppose mandaric invited you into the boardroom to discuss Wednesdays accounts. wuy do people post such drivel?

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Private business are always present their accounts and financial reports in a way that their accountants know how to satisfy customers which are the owners of the business. nothing new mates. It is all have been said, largest crowds in the league, good merchandise sale, food commisions, TV income etc etc and one of the lowest budget in the league to pay wages etc. If we still loose £5 millions then something seriously wrong running and controlling the club finance. It is very insulting to treat fans and their intellegence, who are most hardworking people and love their club, in this way. DI CANIO IS FREE THEN GO AND GET HIM MR MM PLEASE, we may need a change to get the best of those players who are most signed by DJ now and either on the bench or do not play well to make them work hard for their living, just like the most of us. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH PLEASE!

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No takeover no hope for us mm and dj do something now before it is to late
we going one way that is down the fans are best around just need a good team

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I am not at all happy with the current situation at Hillsborough and I wish it could be sorted out sooner rather than later. But reading some of the posts on here makes me realise how little people know about business. The person who said that accountants only presents company accounts in a way to suit the shareholders, knows precious little about accountants. Secondly, MM is trying to sell the club, if he could manipulate the accounts don't you think that he would show the club making a profit rather than a lost. That would make the club worth a lot more than a loss making business. I just wish people would engage their brains once in a while before they post rubbish.

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It is my understanding that the Chinese/American consortium have tabled an offer that matches MM's valuation of the club but he doesn't believe that the consortium have the money to take the club forward. There are three interested parties looking at the club, the Chinese/American consortium, a European/British consortium and an Arab consortium. I have been told that there are "Arabs all over the club" and that a deal in principle will be completed "soon". Jones will not be sacked until a deal is done, when the deal is complete the new owners will make a decision on his future and on future investment into the playing side of the club. Just keep the faith a bit longer.

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Football is a mixture of business and entertainment. The business side is managed by those that have invested their hard earned money to rescue, re-build and move the entity forward. The entertainment is provided by a group of individuals who are paid to perform at a certain level. MM has done a fantastic job to save a very poorly club. DJ had a limited budget to try and build a group of players good enough to be greater than the sum of their individual parts. He has (or had) faith on those players to perform to their potential. WE, as the paying audience, have a role to play in the overall success of the club. We have no rights, we just have an expectation that the club will be well run (financially stable) and the performers will perform on the day. We have one vital ingredient missing at the moment and that is confidence. you, me and the other 22,000 have our part to play in building that confidence. if we do that then things will improve. We have no other rights other than to spend our entertainment budgets elsewhere if we think we will get better value for money and more entertainment. If we give 100% support and encouragement on Saturday, I'll wager my season ticket that our entertainment will be better and our entertainers will perform better. let's just get behind our club (look at the Rangers fans and the dire straits they were in)

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Exactly what i'm saying, something isn't right. I'm now beginning to believe other people when they say it's all lies. MM is now living off the fact that he came in and bought is when he did and for that we are thankful but that doesn't mean that we can't criticize him when we see him running the club badly or making wrong decisions. We only have his word for it that the club was in a worse state when he took over but I tell you what, the atmosphere around the place was a million times better, the togetherness of the squad was a million times better and so were the results. It's gone from bad to worse.

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Dave Jones says we where "Milky" at Birmingham


Sorry it's gone sour and curdled so off you go and milk some other club

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A sensible analysis of the business/entertainment model.
However, you got one bit wrong. We the supporters have no rights.

We pay our money to be entertained. If we are disappointed, we cannot ask for our money back.
So we either repeat ad nauseum, or we stop paying.
The business will respond accordingly.

Fred (who first saw Wednesday in 1961 - a good year)

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Spot on to the poster who describes the difference between the business and entertainment sides. We need a dose of reality in some of the opinions expressed here. Of course, if the negs want to band together and put up the money to buy MM out and then fund the pay off of DJ, the hiring of a new manager and the replacement of large chunks of the squad, that would be great. Until then, let's keep it real!

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To the poster who said DJ brought in players that he had faith in to do a job. Well wot about Maguire, Rodri, Pecnic, an Mcabe. He certainly ain't shown in faith in them. He hardly played, or plays any of em!

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No takeover

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Maybe DJ's Milky comment was with regards to the movie.

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Lets not get Di Canio as most of is players rebelled against him and although he was a quality player he's a nutter. Surely DJ deserves more time. I know its bad but this is a tough league and many teams who have started this bad have still got promoted (im not saying we'll get promoted btw). I hope the birmingham result opens his eyes and he makes some changes. Llera, McCabe, Maguire in to the team. Freshen it up DJ.

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People need to get of the "sack DJ" bandwagon. The guy got us up from League 1 and we were close to finishing top half last year (only 3 points of 10th). He hasn't really been backed this season financially and that is probably why he offered everyone a new deal and the end of last season knowing he couldn't get better. let's stick with him and support the team. Obviously we all need to be realists and if we were to lose at Donny then the pressure would grow but we've had a lot worse managers than Jones tbf.

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23 Sep 2013 22:56:45
In a normal business if a company was performing poorly and the management wasn't using people in their strongest roles, the manager would get sacked as it would be their fault. If a player has a preferred position then common sense must sure prevail to use said player in that position. Why DJ insists of not playing a striker is quite baffling. Poor management needs rectifying

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I worry that people want instant success. I remember when QPR came en mass to Hillsborough, when they won promotion from League One. They went into the Championship with all the fire of a push for the big league, and look how long it took them.

Support our lads and were half way there

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We ARE losing a vast amount of money a season. Whether it's £5m I don't know but I do know that the running costs and maintainance of keeping out old lady stadium are astronomical.

The pitch has struggled to take each year since the flood. Parts of the ground are near deralict. Water pipes and electric cables need maintainance daily.
You have the wages of everyone that works to maintain it and contractors costs.
The scoreboard breaks all the time.

And to top it all off we have to pay astronomical cost for policing at games

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The poster who says we should get off DJ's back because he has not been backed should just look at his signing record to date. Mattock, Lee, Taylor, Corry, McCabe, Rodri, Pecnic, Mayer, Magoma, plus several players that have been signed and have gone into the development squad have all been signed since the end of our promotion season. Only one of those mentioned, Magoma got on the pitch last Saturday. When we won promotion we had a good team and the fact that we won automatic promotion proves that. If Jones had spent the money he was given on three or four quality players instead of eight of the players mentioned that he doesn't play we would not be in this position now. The problem with Jones, having listened to him on radio is his arrogance, he believes he is right no matter and if things don't go his way it is not his fault.

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22 Sep 2013 14:06:27
My mate works for a company that part of the programmes and he has been told by an insider that Mandaric is about to put a final £4m into the club in January and that BEN MARSHALL is set for an amazing return to the club from Blackburn where he has not settled well. for £700,000. Another 6 players will be joining and 5-6 contracts will be cancelled if players can't be loaned at by the MASSIVE.

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We will been down by then what a load of crap

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Ben has not done particularly well for anyone above league 1 yet. Like him at that level but not convinced at this. Risky. And how many wingers do we want?

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Teams only cancel contracts if the player agrees by mutual consent to not receive the rest of their money. Otherwise there's no point. The team might as well keep the player around (they're going to pay their wages either way) the players we have don't earn the mega millions that premier league players do so they wouldn't eant to cancel what they're going to earn over the next season or two. It wouldn't accomplish anything for the team or player unless another team was interested, then if we wanted rid they could go on a free anyway

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What a pile of. For a start he plays for leicester and Milan will never put 4 million into our club especially when he wants to sell. What a pointless rumour my friend

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Here we go again my mate works for a company who have a cat that knows a mouse, of all the rumours this has be be the worst

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Utter toilet.

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Ben Marshall plays for Blackburn now, he only moved recently, not a prayer of signing him

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To the person above Marshall signed for Blackburn and is not longer at Leicester

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Ben Marshall was crap for leicester that is why he was sell to blackburn for 1 million

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The true is mm could not sack dave jones because he is still paying off alan irvine and gary megson

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He wasn't carp, he fell out with the fans at the end of last season and that knockaert has been doing the business, Marshall is a player that will play in the premiership, his ability is immense, his pace let's him down tho {Ed003's Note - Watched Knockaert yesterday, average was the word that came into my mind lol}

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We are not still paying Megson. Jones will be out by end of the week.

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Don't wish too hard for Jones to go we could get De Canio. Nah MM is not that daft, is he? now that would be a nightmare.

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Stuart pearce, that's who we need

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Stuart pearce was a good player but crap manager

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Stuart Pearce all day mate, he's a better manager than DJ. AJsOwls

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Stuart Pearce is a poor manager look at the u21 england

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22 Sep 2013 09:12:34
If jones does get sacked tony pulis will be manager uto ftb

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Do you really want to go back to the howard wilkinson style football kick kick kick l dont

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What football are we playing now, oh that's right, its called non existant

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Im one who has defended jones on the past although I have admitted to not being his biggest fan, I just wanted stability at our club. However I think his days are
numbered unless a massive turnaround happens quickly. Worried owl.

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No but tony pulis has had great experience with stoke in the premier league uto ftb

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No manager will come if they are not going to be backed with substantial funds and risk having "failure" on their cv, unless they are skint that is.

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I have heard from Dave Jones wife that she does all the shopping at home

Even she doesn't trust him to buy decent stuff

Looking at the signings he Hans made I don't blame her

Dave Jones Donkey Sanctuary saves old and knackered donkeys and gives them a run out at weekends

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If pulis does come in I don't care if we play hoof ball, football, or handball as long as we are winning games

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I'll never forget the day the Blunts came to Massive H. Q. giving it the "HOOF" cry everytime we strung 4-5 passes together. Look how stupid they looked when C. o. G made it 1-0 to us? Then they started playing it long! Who cares how we play. fans want to see us win! Did you see how we played against Yeovil? WHAT was THAT?!

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People moaning about pulls style of play hoof ball but isn't that what we're playing now shocking displays this season JONES OUT curbishley in

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What you don't want to go back to the style of go up in one season then move on to a bigger club to win the league

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Personally I'd have Gus Poyet

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22 Sep 2013 09:01:07
get tony puli asap. mc cabe. maguire. in frim start

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UP THE OWLS. ! I love my club. MM and DJ out ASAP, jones asnt got a clue he's a complete waste of space we shouldn't have got rid of megson and the squad of players ain't even gud enuf to play for the let alone our beloved owls. AJsOwls

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Maybe not. but don't want to be a worse team than when we came up.

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22 Sep 2013 08:54:02
get evans from rufc, he might be old school manager, but he got them playing, and from wot I ear he stands for no slacking in training or match days,

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22 Sep 2013 07:41:58
Gus Poyet? Tony Pulis? Here are 2 managers that are free to join any club. Both have a better record than Dave Jones and have both worked on low budgets. If Milan doesn't act now then Jones will have us down by march.

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Gus poyet would never join Wednesday he turned down the reading job

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22 Sep 2013 07:12:46
I am getting a little weary of the idea that Jones has had no money to spend. Only Reda Johnson of the thirteen who took to the pitch was not signed by Jones. Add to this the fact that there were many others who were not on the pitch - all Jones men. Look at the budget he blew in his first summer and first season on players either no longer with us or no longer considered. How many more players does he want MM to indulge him with? I know we are in need of a good striker and without the funds responsibly to pay for one, but who's fault is that? Who blew the budget? He should stop sulking and get on with the job of organising a team on the pitch.

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We've got one international striker for heavens sake, Savic, why is he not on the field, is he not good enough and if not why is he at S6.

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