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22 Sep 2012 23:24:20
Big rumour doing the rounds is DJ has 3-5 games to save his job. MM is already trying to pursue Harry Redknapp as he is wanting to get back into action as manager! Don't be surprised if MM pulls this one off remember last season no on expected it an GM got the sack..

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Can't see Harry coming up north

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Maybe pep guardiola. Will come as his number two or maybe benitez.

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Let's hope not DJ needs time this is a tough division let's be realistic.

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In Dave Jones we trust. Uto

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DJ needs to take notice of the fans! Since Bothroyed started we haven't won a game-it's about time he was dropped and COG given the chance-this guy gives 100% every time he wears our shirt-even though I believe in DJ I think Bothroyed is passed his best-wot do you think

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Maybe the terms of his loan are that he plays every game he is fit

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I'm worried for DJ. Harry has said he wants his next job to be a big challenge an would not mind if it was premiership championship or abroad. He also revieled the reason behind turning Notts forest job down was because the owners wanted him to only be a coach with someone above him having the final say on who comes in an out.

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Redknapp you piggys live in cloud cockoo land there's more chance of me going out for a drink with the pope.keep it real utb

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We've not won since cog has not played, get him on and he will get us winning, dj has not got a clue, he just wants to play all his players he's brought in, I would have kept old team & just added a couple of new players, the back 4 dj brought in are dire, dj sacked by October!

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Listen to you lot all i heard last year was ogrady is useless dosent score enough goals lowe should be playing now its madine and bothroyd that arnt good enough so fickle its unreal why dont you be like all our other supporters that get behind our and get behind every player instead of finding someone to slate all the time

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Bothroyd will come good if the fans don't get on his back.
I know i couldn't play well if everyone was tutting and moaning at me every game.
He's done it before at championship.He isn't going out of his way to play bad.But yeah i'd give Cog a chance

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Think you've failed to notice you slated two players and then said get behind all the players.

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Read again he's not slating anybody but the fans

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Do you really want Harry Redknapp? If so, prepare for serious rollarcoaster. Or roulette wheel. Do you to Wembley Cup Final....go into administration....avoid taxman.... play in Europe.... Pay players.. or not... LIfe aint boring with HArry!

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22 Sep 2012 18:28:54
After this afternoon I repeat my prediction "If Dave Jones continues to play Bothroyd then we shall have a new manager" and the clock is ticking.

And to those on here that were saying that JB did well in first half so why were half of Hillsborough boooing him off.

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Bothroyd had one decent seaon at Cardiff but has never been good enough. His one England cap was the biggest joke since Carlton Palmers. Peterboro look doomed already so we need to find 2 other teams worse than us. Millwall maybe but cant see further than that

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We need to get 2 new centre halfs that are good if that means spending then get ya money out mm cause relegation will cost ya more we av some decent midfielders and strikers jus centre halfs

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Wots the point in booing the players off shouldn't we get behind the team no matter wot don't 4 get were there to support em get behind the team & manager

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The word is jones Dave jones get behind the team get behind the manager

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Did u ever see palmer play? He was awesome for us.

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I agree. Anybody who saw Palmer for us would never make the comment above. Rarely saw him have a bad game. Probably a sun reader.

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Palmer got 18 caps!

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I for one think Palmers lad should be in side now ? Instead he's helped take Tranmere to top of league ?

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You cannot compare Carlton Palmer with Jay Bothroyd. Palmer was a footballer.

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If we still had Sheridan and Palmer in the centre of our midfield we would be in the top flight. {Ed013's Note - Carlton Palmer, so overated!!!}

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Palmer was underrated.

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Palmer was a trier nothing more
the fact he played for England shows the poor state the game over here has been for many years
he may have been good for Wednesday but an international footballer he wasnt

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To a comment above !! we don't need 2 new centre halfs we just need to put the starting 11 out that gave us the 18game unbeated run !! i.e llera not that useless pointless signing taylor !

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Start the 11 that got us the unbeaten run that was in league 1 the step up is so much bigger than league some of you havent got a clue about football cos if he did start that team and they wasnt winning you would be calling for other players to start

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