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22 Nov 2012 18:06:37
Why is dj still here? His tactics have been poor to say the least and his signings have just been as poor apart from Antonio who i rate alot.we need a quality manager like Hoddle who helped change chelsea around he could do the same at hillsborough given money and time

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Yes your right mate get dj out now!!!!!

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Hoddle would be a good choice please mm get Hoddle for us all he would put some pride and quality back at hillsborough

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Hope we get a new manager before January so that the new manager can spend

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Hope in January we get a new manager and plenty of money to spend changers are needed mm

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Im beginning to think that dj is Neil warnocks sidekick because hes doing his best to make up go down to leauge 1 with terrible signings and bad tactics

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I agree with the above posts but think we should see what happens upto xmas, hopefully sidibe maybe the striker we need, maybe be he is the final nail in Dj,s coffin?? But until then, lets all get behind the club,team AND DJ! You never know, a good run maybe on its way & proof that DJ isnt as bad as current form suggests. We all know he IS a good manager & we wouldnt have gone up without him! (Megsons squad,yes, but DJ's management,tactics & flair!) Surely managers can have a bad run aswell as players,teams,clubs & even referees! UTO!! WTID!

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Usually, when a "bad run" lasts a third of the season as this one has , he would be posting applications for his next job !
By Xmas we could be back in lge1, our fate decided, or at best relying on others to make a worse job of it than we are.

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Original 3 or 4 posts sounded like a Bluntoff to me.

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Are you Joking? we wont be down by xmas! I could understand all the negativity if we were miles adrift at bottom of table but we arent! We are playing okish, just need results. 3 wins & we are mid-table(ish). Bottom line is, we havent really spent any money to stay up, but if we do( which we will) its a good season & then time to push on!

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Dj is the best manager we have had since big Ron but some of the signings n tactics have got to be questioned there's only so many bad results you can have before you get sacked

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Stop moaning you were not calling jones last season

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Last season he had nowt to do , all the hard work had been done. He obviously just stepped in and took the glory.
What a mess hes made of trying to improve on Megsons squad. Not one decent signing thats improved the team yet.

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Good grief, some fans need to get a bit of realism. It seems managers are either brilliant or totally useless. Yes we are having a bad time and if things don't change soon it's likely MM will get rid (clearly not backed him this week) but to give DJ no credit for our promotion is ridiculous. Yes it was Megsons squad but DJ got them playing much better - look at the run in under huge pressure. The 2 loans don't look great I agree but I can't imagine they were DJs first choices. Sidibe is a gamble but Stoke gave hin a new 12 month contact earlier this year so it might work, if not he goes next month and probably DJ will too. A new manager will then probably be given funds to spend but word of caustion, I can't remember too many people moaning about DJs signings pre-season. All is not lost, keep supporting the team and we will come good either with or without DJ at the helm.

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I like jones but up to now this season,he's done a crap job.
We still have too many of last seasons players in the first 11.
This is because he got it massively wrong with his signings.
I like DJ and am willing to give him more time.But being realistic,we should be in the top 12-14.
Wouldn't have been hard to achieve with just 3 quality players.But we haven't brought in 3 quality players. We've swapped Bothroyd for Madine(or sometimes JJ,which is even worse),Gardner for jones and kirkland for Bywater.They haven't improved us one bit.
Now we've signed 2 complete gambles and people wonder why we doubt Jones.
Give him time yeah, but imo fans have every reason to be very worried.

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22 Nov 2012 15:27:32
I wonder how Madine feels today ?
Hes done nothing wrong since scoring a lot of the goals that won us promotion just a few short months ago .
But he now finds hes been pushed out of the side by a 32yo who is recovering from career threatening injuries.
Sidebe is probably a nice guy and a half decent player, but in nearly two years he has only played 82mins of an U21 game which Jones didn't even see !
BUT somehow Mr Jones knows that Sidebe is better than 20goal Madine, Rodri from Barca , and our current intntl goalscorer Pecnic .
OR has he upset the current squad so much that none of these want to play for him anymore, who could blame them.

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FUMING of Sheffield here !
Spot on, if he gave any two of those three players , or even all three (one as sub), a decent run in the side (like he does other clubs players !) they all have enough about them to get the goals we desperately need.
But what do we know ?

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We want megson back say we want megson back!!

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He didn't deserve sack...... but Jones does !!

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The man we want is sturrock did a great job with no cash

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Jones out

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Sturrock ?? Megson did a better job with less cash and hes respected by most of the players who are still here

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Jones in jones in

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Megson brought in Antonio for the derby last year and he has been our best player this year!

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He lined him up in January but his mrs was expecting. If hed come in then Megson would stiill been here and we wouldnt be in this mess

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All the gob rubbishes come back with your infantile dross when we are half way up the will happen!! ask sean o driscoll for one.

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Chelsea lose 4 games and pull the p45's out take a note MM AND PUT JONES OUT OF OUR MISERY

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DJ has his favourites and will play them just to prove who's the boss, did this at previous clubs. We all praise a settled side if results are going our way but it takes a lot to keep that side when results are bad. Have we just been unlucky or have we played poorly? I think it's been bad luck in a tough league, will things change by getting rid of dj and having to rebuild in the second half of the season?

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22 Nov 2012 12:57:17
Signed Mamaby Sidibe from Stoke and who's scoring record is worse than Bothroyd. Jones said we needed A goal poacher so he signs a very big forward on a 28 day loan. The words plot and lost spring to mind

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The words time and go also come to mind ?

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Sidibe hasn't played first team football for two and half yrs, another inspired signing to play along side Botroyd. It looks like MM will change the manager soon he has not trusted Jones to spend much money. New manager will get a transfer pot in Jan

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Another two poor signings jones out!

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I say give helan a chance you'd never seen Marshall play before we signed him and he was quality, I also say give sidibe a chance, fair enough slate him in a couple of games if he's dire but atm its abit pointless

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Make sure you close your eyes before you bury your head in the sand.

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This is becoming a joke now.. We need a decent forward not some who hasn't played for years!
Lets hope there is someone else coming in who can actually score goals

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Helen couldnt get into a shrewsbury side that includes julian bennett on loan from us???

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Jones has lost the plot jones out jonrs out

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Sometimes these kind of signings can work.But his record does look kind of atrocious.
Rodri and Pecnic are both good players who just haven't had a fair chance.I'm sure playing one of those more regularly up front would solve our lack of goals.But no carry on with Bothroyd and he might get another goal before may.
Not a bad signing i suppose if he drops bothroyd for him and plays jj,pecnic or rodri off him but if he isn't,it dunt look good to me.
But these are short term loans i'm sure.We need a proper striker in january and a midfielder with championship experience.Hopefully signings as well,not loans.

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Come on are they jones signings or cheap aldridge choices ,because if its jones choices goodbye MR jones

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Don't you think this goodbye anyway ?
If they were backing him - they would have backed him to get better players than these two who I GUARANTEE will do nothing to help our plight .
How can I be sure ???
The striker is over 30yo and recovering from injury and he will have to score more goals than he's ever scored in a full season in his life before to even assist the cause.
The full back has been pushed out of the Shrewsbury side by Julian Bennett !
Who is with me on this one ?

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22 Nov 2012 14:57:14
Why delay ? The more matches slip by the greater the task facing the new manager, always assuming of course that MM does eventually act.

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I can imagine the conversation went something like this:

Jones: Can we take Jerome on loan ?
Pullis: Can you pay 100% of if wage ? If So yes.
Jones: Ok... erm... can we take Kenwyne Jones on loan ? But again we can't pay his wage.
Pullis: Nope not gonna happen.
Jones: Bloody hell im struggling here to save my job is there no way of negotiating ?
Pullis: Oh hold on im sure ive got some donkey somewhere, oh yeah you can take Sidibe, hes not played for 2 years but before that he was terrible... what you think?
Jones: Ill have him, put him in the van !

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Any other cheap signing in the bag MR Jones

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Exactly aldridge signing

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He got a goal ratio of 1 every 7 games.Thought we were looking for a goalscorer to fire the owls up the table again.

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Jones OUT
Mandaric OUT
Aldridge OUT
Bothroyd OUT
Taylor OUT
Mattock OUT
Madine OUT
Liera OUT

The list goes on..........we are a joke!

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No, you Blunts are the joke.

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You having a laugh, mandaric out, where would we be if he wasnt here. in debt and possible in div 2, get a life. UTO come dave some of us true fans are behind you

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Without Manderic we wouldn't even have a club.

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In any walk of life nobody should be above criticism. When MM rescued us , for which we all eternally gratefull he took on a job . Up to now not done a bad job .
But like any job , if you make mistakes you usually get found out and you pay the price, either criticism , boll###ing, or even sack if big mistake ?
Whats happening now is criticism for appointing DJ, if he dosn't get a hold on whats happening most would suggest a b'ing, if he and DJ keep up this pretence that all is well they'll lose the fans who will be screaming for a buyout !
Please MM sort it out one way or another.

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Look at Leeds ?
They thought Bates was great at first !

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I too am, nervous & a little dissapointed with the signing of a "GOAL SCORER" in Sidibe, BUT, in all honestly, injury record& goals aside, I have seen him play quite a few times & every game he has been brilliant! Scares defenders to death & creates a multitude of problems for opposition. Lets just give him a chance, it could be DJ's last throw of the dice before he gets his P45......but it could just be what we need either way! He comes in,we start winning & move up OR same continues & new manager for Xmas! Winners all round! UTO

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If any of these posters are wednesday fans (I VERY MUCH DOUBT)then if youre not happy stay away Simples! the negativity is excruciating.go to the lane they will welcome you with open trotters!the crap on here is not what i hear on the kop.

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Grow up! Of course they are Owls fans and they can see that things aren't right and are worried. If they stayed away as you say they wouldn't be fans would they.
Shutting your eyes and ears , pretending all is well, and slagging everybody off solves nothing and is not how Owls fans do things.
If you don't want to hear what your fellow fans have to say ... don't read it.

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How can you doubt? He had his caps lock on.

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You probably only go to 5 games a season give sidibe a chance before he has even kicked a ball for us

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22 Nov 2012 12:52:38
Mamady Sidibe just signed look like long ball football now on and he's not played a game in 2 years most goals in a season 9

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Give him a chance before he has even kicked a ball for us !

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22 Nov 2012 12:07:21
QPR's Bobby Zamora has been ruled out for at least three months with a hip injured, that mean they will recall jay bothroyd, i hope!! xxx

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I heard Hughes has already been in touch .........he's offered an extra 5k a week if we keep him !!

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They've got cisse, Johnson, hoilett, mackie and taarabt who can play up front, they're not going to recall bothroyd

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Sheffield Wednesday have signed striker Mamady Sidibe on a 28-day emergency loan deal.

The powerful striker joins the Owls on a temporary deal from Premier League side Stoke City.

Mali international Sidibe first broke onto the scene in English football with Swansea in July 2001, scoring seven goals in 26 league starts before moving on to join, then second tier side, Gillingham the following summer.

The 32-year-old remained at the Priestfield Stadium for three years making 115 appearances and scoring 13 goals along the way before joining Stoke on a free transfer in summer 2005.

The towering striker has since made 186 appearances, of which 48 have come in the Premier League, for Tony Pulis' side scoring 26 goals and played a key role in the club's promotion to the top flight in 2007/08.

Sidibe is eligible to feature for the Owls against Leicester City this weekend and will wear shirt number 22 during his S6 stint.

Straight from SWFC Website, A prolific striker has been signed!!, Sarcasm is a wonderful thing.

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Weve signed sidibe from stoke, hardly prolific

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Comedy signing. 32, never gets picked, 26/186.

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Probably a nice lad and a hard worker , but not the answer to our problems.

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22 Nov 2012 12:06:20
Signed Helan, a 20yo kid left-back from ManCity - -thats the scoring crisis sorted then !!

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When weve got lorry loads of kids that can't get in our team, WHY are we helping out Everton & ManC by giving their kids playing time ??
Agree that left back is a problem area with Reda injured but what did he buy Mattock & Lee for ?? And why persist with Dan Jones all this time and change it in this way NOW?
DJ has been saying for weeks now we're OK just need a goal scorer - have we signed a 20yo goal scoring left back then ?
Just one stupid decision after another but what do I know - I'm a fan ?

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Still time left, dont worry

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Heard Jones was watching some in 16's games at the weekend with a view to bringing them into the first team squad. Col

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We've signed sidibe and helan sounds very promising and can play pretty anywhere on left side

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He is best at playing left at home. Shrewsbury for god sake.

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