Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive May 22 2013


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22 May 2013 15:44:56
Jerome Thomas coming to Hillsborough, would be a great signing

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Has not played well for 5 years why would he be great, thought he had retired or gone to non league.

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We all thought Bothroyd would be a good signing!

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He was brilliant at Leeds earlier in the season?

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A flash in pan player if brilliant at Leeds why did not they hang on to him it is not as if they were playing well and scorching up table.

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Leeds wanted to keep him but he got recalled

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22 May 2013 12:20:00
Wednesday interested in Carlton Cole, recently released by West Ham. Sources close to the player indicate that he is looking for a move to the Championship to regain his reputation, with Wednesday amongst a number of interested clubs.

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Worth a shot if wages aren't high

my new signings would be

stearman, pugh, surman, mccann,
helan loan lita ebanks blake or jackson that's not a lot of money

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Can't see him coming to Wednesday as we wouldn't be able to afford his 20k a week wage but he'd be a good signing other than that

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You spot on we won't pay wages like that, that's what got us in trouble before

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Struggled for last 2 years, could be ok but risky not sure would be prepared to take risk on him especially as wages would be high and he would want 2-3 year contract.

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Wind up

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Have free transfers started yet?

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I can't believe people want pugh

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I think he scored about 7 goals for westham when they were in this league! and I remember there fans were sick to death of him and the manager at the time! about as lethal as mother hubbard ( sign someone who scores like lita please ) and let the donkeys we have madine and maguire do the donkey work!

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22 May 2013 10:11:39
heard that someone from norwich is on trial at hillsborough this week no idea who though anyone heard anything

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If its true, its probably simeon Jackson or drew surman, be happy with either

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Be a bit difficult seeing as nobody is at the club.

Holiday season.

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How many posts till someboday says grant holt? lol uto xxx

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I am told only development squad players are being trialled at moment.

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Bet it's grant holt! ( sticks tongue out)

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Hopefully James Vaughan even though this rumour is false

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22 May 2013 09:24:28
Sheffield Wednesday are keen on Aalborg striker Nicklas helenius. They enquired about him last season and have now renewed there interest in him.

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Why? we bought Rodri from abroard and hardly played him we got Pecnic from abroard and hardly played him either so what's DJ up to now! helenius is not a bad prospect in Denmark so certainly worth a look but only if we are going to play him, he's young and will want games under his belt - could easily get bored if he's not playing UTO

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Not sure your source but aware through friend (sports journalist) in scandanavia Wednesday been very active in Finland and Denmark scouting for players. I know they were looking at Andreas Cornelius and Nicolai Jorgenson of FC Kabenhaven but the success of Cornelius and competition from Premier league clubs will probably scupper our chance in that area. Delighted if they got them as both absolutely outstanding.
By the way I'm told looking at strikers, wingers, and right sided defenders, apparently numerous enquiries have been made at both Finnish and Danish clubs in last 3 months but interest intensified in last month.

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More like Helerius

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Think some fans need to use brain a little rather than just saying first words which spring to mind. Yes our signings from abroad last summer did not work out but did you notice our recruitment of players improved as season went on. DJ had only been in post a few months at the time and he made clear inherited no scouting reports and there was no scouting structure in place. GM had also said we had no scouting structure. I sincerely hope our scouting structure enables us to gain access to better players this close season. A key part of the process is not only looking how they perform on the pitch but off it as well. Wilkinson used to have a report on a players off pitch behaviour before he would sign them. If you think a network can be built up in a few weeks you are way off the mark it will take years to establish properly same as academy. Our academy was a lovely place but poor at producing players suddenly we have players who other clubs are keen on, the process was started by GM who realised limitatins and DJ has taken it forward. We were a badly run down club with a poor structure and squad. If you look you can see signs that we have started to turn the corner. Staying up was an acievement as the squad we came up would have gone straight back down without reinforcements. Thus strengthening team without resort to substantial funds is difficult. When you couple this with lack of scouting system and ineffective academy you can see why we struggled to recruit correct players over last few years with a struggling team. I know patience is thin on ground after numerus years of nothing but think we have to give present regime a chance and realise we have to crawl before we can walk. Hence rather than looking for negatives do try and look for positives.
Hayden White looks to have been nabbed by Bolton he was/is very promising player. let's hope Bolton have to pay what he is worth this will allow us a little more room in transfer market.

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At last someone on here with some intelligence how refreshing. spot on.

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I'm pretty sure Cornelius was linked to Everton in April before Moyes left. Was talk £5m which clearly rules us out. Good prospect though.

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Hit the nail on the head. Rome was not built in a day.

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When papers say £5 million read £1.5 million at most plus add ons like promotion, number of games, sell on clause.
Foreign players from scandanavian leagues more affordable because of wages.
Agree the kid Cornelius is very good and probably would prefer club with higher status.

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22 May 2013 22:12:23
Wigan want him

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