Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive March 22 2012


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22 Mar 2012 19:35:55
Now confirmed Morrison gone on loan to brentford for the rest of the season! UTO

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If so...Good Luck Clinton!! UTO WTID

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It not for rest of season it's till 6th of may but good luck to him

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6th may, that is the end of the season

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Lol... brilliant

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We wont see clinton again his contracts up in summer it wont be renewed.

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He signed a one year extension i believe, pretty sure he had that clause in his contract were if he appeared so many times he got a new contract? either way good luck to him

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You must av bin a sleep fo last few months you son thts the reason he cud keep playin cos he agreed to take that clause out of his contract

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Ah right, probably wont see him in a Wednesday shirt again then

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GOOD! his goal record for us is poor! but i recon. he'll bang them in for brentford so good look to him is work rate was exellent shame he couldn't get the goals

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22 Mar 2012 18:59:11
SWFC to sign young prospect from Liverpool

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Loan window closed at 5pm so no more players in. treacy and ranger are good signings.

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I have heard this too, can still be confirmed after 5pm, as long as regisration papers delvered in time uto

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Would have gone through by now! Ppl making rubbish up.

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22 Mar 2012 17:31:26
nile ranger from newcastle,signed on loan untill the end of the season.on the os now.WTID

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He's a great drinking partner for Hirsty & Goal Machine -- still on bail in Newcastle -- if can keep himout of jail , could be exciting

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Great signing. And NO madine he is to link up with you up front on the pitch not down the pub as your new drinking partner. Please tell me he aint sharing a house with madine for gods sake. Would be like ferris bulers day out lol

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Seems to attract alot of trouble off the field lets hope he comes to get his head down and live up to his potential

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Antonio and treacy supplying good balls to madine and ranger, sounds good to me, ranger hasnt done much for newcastle but 2 leagues below he will shine hopefully

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Ranger is a rite handfull on his day,he will be a good signing for you x

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Just been on the website and nile seems like he wants to get his head down and bang in some goals for us . hope he does , dont really know much about him though , anyone know if he's any good? {Ed001's Note - he was extremely highly rated and then started to get into trouble, he has been arrested a fair few times and turning up drunk for training etc. He does have ability and Jones is excellent at helping people through difficulty, hence why he was such a fantastic social worker.}

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Jones was a social worker? {Ed001's Note - he worked with disadvantaged kids before moving into football management.}

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A geordie pal of mine used to rave about ranger when he first came on the seen. apparently he is extremely fast.

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22 Mar 2012 17:24:10
swfc have signed nile ranger from newcastle on loan hes got a lot of pace and will score goals

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22 Mar 2012 17:21:42
Niall Ranger signs for us from Newcastle in the nick of time !

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22 Mar 2012 16:32:27
Anyone else in b4 5 o'clock

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I hope soo! UTO

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Take that as a no then ?

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Nile ranger signed till end of season

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We have signed nile ranger from newcastle on loan till end of season source swfc website

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22 Mar 2012 15:11:33
keith tracey due to sign on loan from burnley

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Keith tracy confirmed loan signing till end of campign source swfc website

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More inconsistant than JJ and a Blade at heart

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Rather have Tracey than micheal o'hallaran I don't think anyone's heard of him?

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A blade at heart? he was on loan there brainact , footballers go anywhere on loan. aslong as he plays his part in getting us promotion then he's alright for me.

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22 mar 2012 14:58:40
keith treacy on his way. dont know why? check out sly sports web.

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Is he a left-footer ?

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Can't he play striker as well as winger?

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Yes hes left footed

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22 Mar 2012 14:50:47
Keith treacy to sign on loan from burnley. source Sly sports

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22 Mar 2012 13:18:39
rumour has it Dave Kitson coming on loan from portsmouth until the end of the current campaign

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It we a surprise but he would do well at this level.

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Yea the one below lol

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22 Mar 2012 11:39:13
100 % Dave Kitson from pompy due to Financial issues regarding the club , just seen leaving players enterence at hillsbrough

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Have you really? how do we know this is genuine, then a piggy fan making garbage up? UTO

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Because i have better things to do with my day than logging on a rivels rumour site

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I hope you are worth the touche! UTO

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I suspect the character who questions everything slightly positve on this site is a rival fan.

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We dont need Kitson when we have Booze Machine Madine

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Dave Kitson is a dead ringer for Keith Treacy :-)

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22 Mar 2012 09:24:12
Wednesday have been knocked back trying to sign 11 differant players. Im think owt we get in now could be a panic signing

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We,v got more than 11 targets! Dj said they,v got 2 pages of potential signings.

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DJ said that had made enquiries and looked at the staus of 40/50 players - i dont know if this is the norm ? - either way window closes at 5pm

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Sounds like he's panicing to me 40/50 is rediculous

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I think 40 to 50 players being monitored is an effective scouting network, not excessive ny any means. For a good few years we did not have a scouting network at the moment some of players coming in have been useful so looks as though now working.

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22 Mar 2012 09:22:46
Reading are apparently going to recall Antonio after saturdays game before a recall deadline next week!

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No there not.

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Its in the local reading news apparently

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Doubt it as its not in the contract that he can be recalled

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I live in Reading and they have just signed Benik Afobe from Arsenal and no mention on Antonio.

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22 Mar 2012 09:16:28
The Owls have also been linked with West Ham forward Ravel Morrison, who went on as a substitute against Leeds on Sunday and was an unused sub against Middlesbrough on Tuesday.

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I hope not could upset the camp with his attitude

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Just what we need another brat!

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Good player, huge potensial

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