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22 Jun 2012 22:56:06
daniel jones to chesterfield on loan

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Yes please

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Yes please?? I think this lads been unlucky with injuries looked quite pacey but does need to step up but surely worth a place on bench although defence looking alot stronger with additions

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Sounds like you aren't sure what you are talking about mate

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I will pay his bus fare to go there and stay there. A waste of a wage. 2 years and barely played due to injury. Get shut asap.

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I wouldn't mind too much if he was good and got injured, but he is pretty crappy as well. Can't mark or tackle to save his life and can't dribble either; his crossing is very erratic and he can never get past the first man anyway so we should offload this pillock as fast as possible

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22 Jun 2012 21:22:40
I work in the restaurant at Hillsborough. Today two foreign guys came in, had (what seemed like) Scandinavian accents. After their meal my manager was asked to escort them to Mr Mandaric's office. Make of it what you will. {Ed032's Note - Becasue the manager at the Restaurant would know where his office is, and would be allowed to?}

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At Hillsbrough, yes |Resteraunt manager would know.

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May be gone to try and persuade him to sell Swedish meatballs in the restaurant.

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Freddy Söderberg

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22 Jun 2012 21:06:42
Whys nicky shorey been down s6 today ?? Watch this space on Monday morning {Ed032's Note - Another left back?}

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I hope not, legs gone.

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Im not sure how true this is but daniel jones is leaving and also reynolds so were left with mattock and reda so another left back.may come in.

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Better than bennet

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22 Jun 2012 21:04:00
What's everybody's problem with ranger the guy had not played much all season due to injury as he got more games under his belt you could see him getting better & better think he would be a right signing UTO!!

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I agree with that no kidding Nile ranger up front wi madine excellent b a rite attack

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A few years back I watched Ranger come on as a sub for Newcastle it was the season they got relegated from the premier league, at the time he was 19yrs old and I thought I was watching the next England centre forward he led the line and brought people into play brilliantly he just oozed class .I had never seen him before but his talent was immense.I think his problem is his off field troubles and not getting enough playing time.A good run in the team and his court case out of the way and this boy would be a very good signing.Perhaps a manager like DJ can bring the best out of him because believe me this lad is the real deal.

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Ranger was shocking for us last season, and that was league 1, now we need better players

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Shocking?? Did u get to many matches or just read reports cos to say he hasn't played for a while before he came to us I thought he was getting better by the game..... With DJ he could be immense!

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Totally agree thought him and madine played well together as the season wore on more than welcome addition UTO

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All these that say ranger is crap he is alot better than lowe and o'grady and he has got that pace that you need at the higher levels and he is still only young!

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He has a very poor scoring record ! For Newcastle In 09/10 season 25games 2goals, then in 10/11 season 24games No Goals, Then 11/12 for barnsley 5games No Goals and for us 8 games 2 goals.

Thats 62games and 4 League Goals !! Do we really want a striker with that record......erm no !

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How many was he in the starting line up for and how many sub appearances and how many minutes did he play altogether add it up and you will find the record looks a lot better.I am sure you will see that Andy Carroll was the main striker at that time until Jan 2011 get your stats right'

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Wasn't he also played on the wing a lot at Newcastle too?

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22 Jun 2012 18:40:34
Any proper owls rumours ed? Don't want any of that Marshall s**te? {Ed032's Note - Antonio saga continues, waiting on a response from Reading, Marlon Harewood going on the pre-season tour, and Jason Koumas has the same offer}

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Oh dear ! Where would they fit in ? Long past development squad ; so ... ? Full of admiration for DJ's way with a player, but is this not pushing it a bit?

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Oh just sign Koumas, really don't want him but fed up of reading rumours season after season.

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Dont know enough about Koumas but seems to be something not quite right.He is a player with obvious ability that has signed for reasonably large fees in the past a welsh international bit of a journey man that has never reached his full potential and now approaching the twilight of his career he reportedly being given the chance to prove himself to a club that would be biggest he has ever had the chance to play for.I think personally forget him and go and sign Antonio & Treacy they are the right age to continue being developed remember we are not just building a team for the Championship we need players that could step up to the Premier league which is our aim. We will not be able to compete with the inflated prices of the PL DJ is building a team for 2 leagues not 1.On that basis I cannot see Koumas signing.

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22 Jun 2012 12:46:43
I posted the rumour about Harewood which has now been revealed as true along with Jason Koumas training alongside is pre-season, I don't see the problem with it. Yes they are 32 and what can be the harm in trialling them? In DJ we trust! he's bringing in the goods so far! As for the McDonald rumours I guess they have been quashed! Onwards & Upwards UTO

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Both Harewood and Koumas have championship and premiership experience isn't that what we need?

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