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22 Jul 2013 20:30:07
Were in the end game. Time to thank Milan for what's he's done. Takeover will be completed in the next 2 weeks.

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Takeover by whom?

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I may as well say before some other deluded fool on here does. it's the fella from Man City- he's had enough and decided to come here as we're by for more massive than City will ever be. First signings to be Darren Bent and Kenwayne Jones for a combined fee of £12m. Medical s booked for Thursday- .

Oh. Source - a club insider.

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There will be no takeover and no big signings
same ol same ol

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If this happens, I'll happily take you down to the boozer and buy you a pint, in the meantime I'm just going to continue laughing to myself.

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Why have a pint when you could have a Lita! ;)

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This take over bid made my day you don't half talk a load of rubbish

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If this was true I don't think we would be looking at the likes of Chopra and DJ would probably be looking for another job but we can but dream lol

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I think dave should look at a few of the unwanted leeds players. Luke varney would be a top signing up front. He's quite fast, got a bullet header and he works hard for the team. Ryan hall could also be a good signing as he is very fast and before leeds he had the best assist record in the football league
Habib habibou would be a great signing as well. His goal scoring record in the Belgium league is fantastic, he's strong and powerful and a few top championship teams were chasing him last season but nothing materialised because they got other targets. Qpr wanted him if they didn't get loic remy. because they got the 8 million pound striker they didn't need him.

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You are talking to us as if we don't know who Luke Varney is.

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Just highlighting his positives

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Oh yeah forgot he came on loan. He was good though

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Good? I remember him not being able to hit a barn door! he was poor.

As are Leeds wouldn't want any of there cast offs.

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Don't quite understand why my 'you are talking to us as if we don't know who Luke Varney is' got two thumbs down, but anyway.

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The most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! the amount the guy has invested in city he won't be pulling out any time this decade.

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Dave already signed cast offs danny Pugh and David prutton

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Megson signed Prutton

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I can't believe some jokers believe the post I put on about the Man city owner coming to S6. God it was a joke- just goes to show that some folk on here have nothing between their ears, and believe any trash they read on hear.

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Have I missed something? Pugh?

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Luke varney put in one of the greatest performances of the past decade against Plymouth

which is kind of depressing now I think about it

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23 Jul 2013 18:54:41
Well here we go again folks the same old rubbish coming out the mouth of DJ, players got to leave before others can come in, trialist gone away again, no forwards in and ten whole days to go, it's pathetic

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When was this said?

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23 Jul 2013 20:26:08
consortium taking over at SWFC shortly according to vaughan

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Hear we can not sign a player till we sold two are three players what going on

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God that's depressing! when has DJ said this?

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22 Jul 2013 09:30:24
michael chopra close to signing, thanks for all the disagreeing comments I did say about a week ago that he was going to sign

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Waste of space Chopra will do nothing more than bothroyd poor poor signing Mr Jones if this is true

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If we don't get lita as well, this seasons going to be struggle

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Been linked to us and close to signing is a bit different, according to rumours we should have signed vardy, bardsley

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Signing Chopra would be a gamble!

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Chopra won't improve our game nor will he help get us out this division would sooner start either lita if coming And Maguire he will not help our game nor will we improve on our game with him we will struggle big time with him we need a quick clinical finisher. Barnett from Norwich would be a cracking deal on a free from Norwich a very good player

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This is true - it is in the East Anglian Daily Times that Chopra close to signing for Wednesday

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It comes from Dave Jones himself, so start believing it.
Personally, I don't rate him, and I think he will be a waste of space and money, but that's just me.

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Lita signing tuesday and chopra will at end of week and wickham in august on loan and madine will stay we will sell chris Maguire corry is going out on loan

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Scouts at Bournemouth at weekend looking at a player called Ronaldo, worth a try eh

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Agree Chopra coming to s6
Even Paul walker says from radio Sheffield

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He is reportedly earning 18k a week at Ipswich, so how much are we going to pay him for NOT scoring every week?

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He turned Barnsley down last wk
Still only 29 yrs old worth a punt
Best bit is his real name is Rocky Michael Chopra lol
u could not make it up
Rocky Rocky

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We shouldn't put him in brackets with the likes of bothplop! it is a gamble, but a cheep one! so if it doesn't work out, this won't cost us a fortune, so you can see why dj wants him then! you never know he could score us 20 goals or more? so don't write him off untill he's played a dozen games!

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Bottom 8 this year can see it now from magona CLASS signing to that I'm a season ticket holder but ain't watching him play fetch ranger and bothroyd back n we wI'll have a club of under performers then GUTTED I really and and I was itching for season starting if he scores 3 goals this season I'll be a blunt been a season ticket holders 20 yrs and this is 1 of worst signings ever this MY oppinion

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I might have to believe but certainly not watch it I'M GUTTED

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He's said he won't take a pay cut to move so how is it cheap?.

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Chopra would grab goals I reckon why people negative before we have even kicked off the season? DJ worked with chopra before when he was at his best hopefully he can get him there again!

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Hes better than bothroyd. He is (at least was) lively in the boy, has always scored a few goals. 3rd choice, he'll do. you never know we might be his renaissance team!

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Just the 20 goal striker we have been yearning for, for years. Just look at his recent career history, two years at Cardiff City (under Jones) played 73 games scored 23 goals. Two years at Ipswich 78 games 18 goals. So if he plays 70+ games for us he might get near 20 goals, great. Mick McCarthy was so fed up with his off field problems he put him on the transfer market last season. What heck is Jones playing at, another Bothroyd but with off field problems.

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Spoke to Barnsley today according to RS so we will see DJ is a big fan so probably will happen - worry over silly wages though!

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Whoa, think everyone needs to chill a bit, he ain't even sign yet, yet alone pulled on a SWFC shirt!
Cant believe the amount of so call fans we have that slate players before we even sign them and right them off before they even play for us, if he does sign and pulls on the shirt get behind them, if DJ believes he worth a punt then I think i'll take my chances backing his judgement over someone that has never managed a football team at this level but think they know everything about football!

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22 Jul 2013 17:26:49
Sounds like lita may be going to Charlton hope not think he could do a good job for us

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At 5. 00pm tonight (Monday) Jones has said that he has not spoken to Chopra, although he is someone he could be interested in. He also said that Chopra has had a lot of off field problems and he would have to investigate that before he even considered talking to him. Hopefully he is telling the truth and he is not talking to him. Would be a terrible signing.

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What on earth are you talking about? Are you saying maghoma is a bad signing? He hasn't played yet its only July. I'm struggling to understand your point you

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Something wrong with this report, DJ has gone on record saying 22,000 is far more than we can afford and that is for a very good player.
So would we pay 18,000 for one with a question mark against his name. use your head.
Secondly if he is on such high wages and Ipswich want to off load him, if his behaviour had been as bad as indicated by some posts they would have just dismissed him. Hence some of stories comments about his behaviour have been exagerated.
I have no strong view either way about him, if he was taken on a loan / trial period I can not see any harm in it. Although I would add I hope we do notmake the terms similar to that of Boothroyds loan in return for Ipswich paying majority of wages.
It is amazing the negative gloom and doom merchants will jump on any bandwagon they can get a foot on. I really do not know what they want or do they really lack any imagination or wit of any kind.

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Just hope that Jones reads what the fans think of Chopra. Jones caused himself more problems than he could deal with by signing Bothroyd. If the comments posted on here and the banter page are anything to go by, Jones is asking for even more trouble if he signs Chopra.

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Sorry, have we signed him already? No? Then why the histrionics?

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Say what you like about Chopra, but all I care about is if he can score goals. 46 in 151 games (last 4 years), is a lot better - at a much higher level - than anyone that's been at Wednesday for years. Plus I believe DJ could help keep him on the straight and narrow.

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Magoma one of best signings we have made youth class speed / pace Chopra I do not want full stop I am entitled to my opinion

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The lads not even been signed yet and you're on his back, personally think he could be the player to get our goals he was a proven goalscorer before Ipswich just had a bad time there. Feeling quite positive about the forthcoming season, let's just get behind the boys WAWAW UTO

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Gonna take a guess that these people are against us signing chopra (decent at this level), are the same people that think we should/could be signing the likes of Darren bent, kenwyne jones and Glenn whelan it's not going to happen these guys are all established premiership players who wouldn't even think about coming and playing for us, that aside we couldn't afford any of there wages

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Why is everyone giving chopra grief?hello? isint madine the same with his problem? barred from every pub in sheffield?

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Do we all support the same team on here or what just get behind whoever we sign. I agree we have signed some s**** last season but I still gave them support

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Jesus is this the most replied in history. he played for d. jones so calm down, every 1 as a bad innings in life, if this chopra does for us like he did at barnsley at 29 n we get in play offs ull be wtf, leave it to jonesy he not daft, and eel get best in he can with wage limit n transfer fees, uto and up dj, and mm,. mjr

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'Spoke to Barnsley today'. I bet that was a riveting conversation.

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Chopra, lita. simple. put the ball in the box, they score goals. wayward, but so what. players who get goals in the box with the slightest chances are precious.

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I am not one who thinks we should be signing K Jones, D Bent etc we can’t afford them. But I am concerned by the apparent interest in Chopra. People keep saying is “give the guy a chance”. But we have very little money to spend and perhaps by giving the guy a chance, is a risk we can’t afford. We are talking about a player who admits he has a big gambling problem that he is finding hard to control. Mick McCarthy has said that he put Chopra on the transfer market because he got sick and tired of the disruption he caused at Ipswich and his attitude around the club. The last thing we need is a problem player in the dressing room. look what happened when Bothroyd was here. Lita would be a better prospect altogether although is sounds like he is now going to Charlton.

Then look at Chopra’s record last season according to the Ipswich Town wed site he played 36 games 19 as sub and scored 5 goals. This is a worse strike rate than Gary Madine and there enough fans who want to see the back of him (I am not one of those, I believe Gary can improve with help and time he is still young and can improve), Chopra is 29 and looking at his record seems to have been going backwards for some time and has many off field problems that hascaused his club a lot of problems. If Chopra was the player he was four or five years ago I would be welcoming him with open arms but then again we probably would not be able to afford him, the only reason we are apparently interested in him is because he is not the player he was. Just ask yourselves why he has been on the transfer market for months if he is such a catch.

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Jones get the best out of players we signed Rhodri some world class player from Barcelona who stated we pulled out all the stops to get him and where did he end up stop making out Jones is Houdini he's a good manager but some player had had there shelf life and Chopra is another one I would pay him in cardigan buttons

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Rodri didn't settle in Sheffield and was unhappy.
Nice try though.

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Not a try mate not every player which comes through the gate at Hillsborough turns heads Jones ain't a miracle worker with every player

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Ok another one to tell me went wrong nejc pecnik was he unhappy too

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Joe mattock need anymore the list gets longer

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Re Chopra's wages. I think it's highly likely that Ipswich will give him a lump sum, say £100,000, to get him off their wage bill. We might then offer to pay him a wage that is say £2,000 less over the year. Though I still think £16,000 is still too much of a gamble on an addicted gambler!

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Martin Taylor

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Whatever his wages are, the costs don't stop there, there is NI, insurances, bonuses etc to include these costs increase his and for that matter every other players costs by a minimum of 40%.

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People have to realise at the minute to buy a 20+ goal a season u need a lot of money so we need to look at the chopras and litas to see if they would work

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NI is a deduction from his wages.

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Employers have to pay about 12% NI, employees also pay NI.

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23 Jul 2013 16:50:10
So much for lita signing today what a load of bull

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Chopra going to Barnsley

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Good let the dingels have him doubt they could afford him tho

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It was obvious for a week that this player would not end up at Hillsbrough. DJ was giving lad a bit of publicity but far from ringing endorsement yet closets decided we wanted him. He is going to Blackpool.

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