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22 Jul 2012 18:11:49
wednesday just had another bid of 500,000 turned down in portugal

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How do you no this?

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Load of rhubarb,Milan isn't meeting readings chairman till after we play them tuesday

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Swfc news now

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If you read the article, it doesn't really confirm a second bid. Looks like it is talking about the first bid?

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Load Of bull, mm to sit down over a meal to discuss price.....source jones on audio bubble

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SWFC news is hardly the gospel.

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Its been on vitalfootball vital reading, reading turned down another bid today, their manager has confirmed this was posted approx 4 pm today

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Yes it does confirm second bid received in portugal

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Just calm down a bit he will sign after the match against Reading I think that was always going to be the case.They have a good look at him during pre season but they still want to sell because they think he is not good enough obviously.They are trying to get the best price they can for there product as in any other business.I also think they dont want to sell him before the match in case he plays a blinder against them and proves them wrong.At a guess we will sign him for 600K with an additional payment if we get promotion in 1st or 2nd season.This is a pure guess not a rumour but I bet am not far off the mark.

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They have turned a second bid of 500k down and somoe from readings gone to portugal to wrap a deal up if wdnesday cough up 700k i dont think mm will pay it

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Its definatly the first bid there talking about. Antonios wife said only 1 bid made by us. It,ll be done soon .

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All wrong - jimmy kebe injured so reading holding onto antonio until they know the extent of the injury. this is fact

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22 Jul 2012 09:54:46
i heard joey barton to the massive on season long loan with permanent deal to go thru if we get promoted and newcastle reject nile ranger coming for aound 750k on three year deal

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Good, ranger is s***e.

As for Joey Barton, I hope that's a load of b*******. Can't stand the bloke.

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Barton yes, what a signing if it happens, nile ranger can do 1 his useless and loses his cool too quickly, he will get sent off most games, barton on the other hand is a calm player, the english player of xabi alonso get barton in!!!

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Can't see it mate.

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What the hell are you smoking? You have just moaned about ranger losing his cool andbeing a lliability and said Barton is calm! Are you having a giraffe? Not that a want ranger but he's a lot less likely to get sent off than that stupid meat head Barton! Rant over

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Barton will destroy everything we have worked hard for and he aint even that good you can get away with hot heads if your a side like man city they have enough other quality players

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I'd have both

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I'd take Barton for this Championship season, definitely...wouldn't want him long term though

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Barton is that good. personality aside.

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If we did get joey Barton it would be 3 month loan not season long. The only reason they are letting him out is to get the suspension over quicker. Don't see why people are against te signing of ranger he definately has the quality just needs more matches

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At last a voice of reason x

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Nile ranger would be a good signing end of. people who think he is rubbish just to let you know he has played at higher levels than most of our team ever have and he is only 21. why would prem teams be in for him if he was rubbish?

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Knew this was rubbish as soon as you said 'if we get promoted' lol

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Agree with the higher level guy. Problem with this site do many persons claim to k ow so much. Sure they were jumping when he slotted in the second against Wycombe. Get them both in our class level would go up 10 fold. Few games in the championship and he'll be fantastic, no worries. All this speculation for premiership players is also fantastic and wipes out 15 years of pain. God bless Dave jones and hope if all don't go well after 3 games these same experts/persons won't be calling for his head. Happy days

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WHAT Barton neva loses his head, he is well calm and a great player who is still young, and i think his up there with the greatest England midfielders of all time defo should have played in the euros and captained the side, this bloke could play at a much higher level, champions league player, would love to see him pull the strings in midfield! Top Talent on the other hand Nile Ranger is worse than ade akinbiyi! if we r in for another striker would rather see some one with championship goal experience billy sharp, ricky lambert etc! even ex piggy Darius Henderson!! {Ed020's Note - is that you joey?}

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Joey bartons on this page maybe the rumour is true?

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Thing is... you wouldnt put it past him...

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