Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive July 22 2011


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22 Jul 2011 22:34:31
O'Grady will not sign due to not wanting to move.

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22 Jul 2011 21:47:21
Gary Roberts said to be favouring a move to Hillsborough following a breakdown in talks over a new deal at Huddersfield, Chris O'Grady said to be talking with the club following an improved offer to Rochdale, Danny Batth still expected to join on a loan deal but Megson still unsure about Mellor as the club is unwilling to pay silly wages.

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22 Jul 2011 20:48:12
O'grady bid been accepted by rochdale apparently, not 100% sure but its just what i have heard.

its true mandaric revealed it on bbc radio sheffield earlier tonight

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22 Jul 2011 19:02:28
O'grady bid been accepted by rochdale apparently, not 100% sure but its just what i have heard.

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22 Jul 2011 18:43:46
O'Grady will be signing shortly after an improved offer has now been accepted.

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22 Jul 2011 18:40:13
wednesday have bid accepted for O Grady. .source = the wednesdayite supporters society on facebook and twitter :)

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22 Jul 2011 13:18:25
Mandaric still thinks we'll get mellor, and close to signin batth. Source twitter Gids1980

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22 Jul 2011 13:12:25
manderic has said he hasnt given up on signing mellor and we are close to bringing batth back. (radio sheffield) . amond to sign and santini may also. so we could end up with mellor, batth, amond and santini.

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22 Jul 2011 11:56:22
Sheffield Wednesday to close in on owls trialist Amond after impressing GM and his wage demands are to be low(no surprise with the money that MM is speneding)

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22 Jul 2011 10:17:55
amond to sign for swfc today after impressing on trial. addles and santini still on trial both may play a apart against leeds.

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