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22 Jan 2013 20:20:02
Dj has already inquired about 10 strikers with no success but plans to lure marlon king to the massive but cog will be loaned with a view to full transfer in the summer

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Marlon king would be great but Birmingham can't afford his wages so makes me wonder if we can

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No room in Sheffield let alone S6 for anybody like King. He shouldn't be in game at all IMO

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Birmingham can't afford his wages because there in financial trouble, we haven't got the biggest budget and wage budget but were not in no financial trouble and therefore could afford his wages

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At the end of the day Birmingham are the same as us except their chairman is locked up and bank balance frozen by the law, our chairman might not be locked up but he has certainly frozen his bank account

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Marlon king is a disgrace just like joey Barton, does jones enjoy trying to bring in persons?

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Ever the social worker at heart

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People like him don't need social worker need locking up. What if one of those girls had been somebody close to you?

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King is on 18K a week at Brum, our top earner is on 10K.

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We are no where near where Birmingham are!

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22 Jan 2013 19:53:55
Anthony stokes coming on loan to swfc. Swfc can't afford 2.5 mill price tag to buy but will get him on season long loan by saturday.

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Lines has gone to mk dons, official

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Stokes would be worth a try, only 24 and developing decent goal scoring record as he matures but so far can only score when he's north of Berwick on Tweed.

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Looks like we need a new ground in Scotland if we sign him then?
We got loadsa strikers already who can't score south of Berwick!

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22 Jan 2013 16:25:27
Lines is going to mk dons on loan it's as though they want to be Wednesday

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Good not good enough at min he need first team action.if true bout earnshaw it be fantasic news

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Sounds rias he seems to have been pushed out of squad for some reason maybe not settled but was on fire pre season - STRANGE !

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A shame really as he was instrumental last season but like so many other players never given a proper chance by our "manager". hope it turns out like Pruttons and he comes back and goes straight into the team.

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Yes because we are the massive and we got promoted last season UTO

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Good luck lines

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We could swap DJ for Robinson ?

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Should send madine there aswell

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Mk wednesday

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Above poster very boring now slating jones we are the form team of the championship

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Send as many fringe players as we can on loan to the top teams in lg1. If it helps them get above the piggies and also gives the player some game time to get there fitness and confidence up that will help us too :)

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Lines had bad injury and probably needs games to get back in form. Difficult to get Championship level form if ever played at this level before.

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22 Jan 2013 14:29:45
Just heard we signed earnshaw.

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He's going to mls

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22 Jan 2013 15:33:23
We have defiantly just signed rob earnshaw

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I hope and think he will do well for you. Obviously, we won't let him play against us if it's a loan deal but it would suit us all if he could bang in a few goals against our promotion rivals.


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Has earnshaw signed or is this a load of tripe seems understandable as they have just signed campbell

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22 Jan 2013 16:13:20
We have signed earnshaw permanently not on loan

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No official announcement on swfc

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It doesn't say on the website

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Robert Earnshaw rumoured to be going to Bristol City along with Kyle McFadzean from Crawley (600,000 reportedly accepted already) and Darren Ambrose on loan from Birmingham. Looks like at least one of our rivals has some ambition.

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22 Jan 2013 12:42:26
Sheffield Weds have been speaking to Huddersfield striker Lee Novak who is out of contract in the summer - "Football League"

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He is crap 3 goals in 20 games

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Should suit Jones then, Bothroyd, Sidibe etc.

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Won't suit dj if he's actually playing

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22 Jan 2013 07:17:15
DJ said we have 2.5 million to spend on a striker in January, he said it after match

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No he didn't, we've been quoted 2.5 million for a player he enquirer about.

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He said he'd been quoted 2.5m for a striker, he dif'nt say that was his budget.

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When asked if that was us out for that 2.5 million striker he said no we, ll see if we can get them down a bit so we must have got somewhere near that amount.

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People think we got lots of money but we have not that is ture

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Loool how can you turn 'we've been quoted 2.5million for a player... but we can't match that' into 'we've got 2.5million to spend on one striker'

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Yes, just need them to remove a zero or two from the asking price then we have a chance!
Some people must have selective hearing. All throughout the window it's been a case of needing to move players out before bringing them in so where on earth has 2.5m suddenly appeared from. Certainly not FA Cup receipts!

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22 Jan 2013 13:38:14
i personally don't think we need any more strikers we have good enough at the club but non of them are getting the service

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Helan loan extended
prob earnshaw and a midfielder that's our lot

4 players to leave

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22 Jan 2013 06:48:41
madine could be off to millwall depending on the court hearing. wouldn't mind getting in andy johnson from qpr althrough injuried he would score goals at championship level (loan) or a player like kevin phillips to play along side antonio with his pace and power and phillips goal scoring ability we would be sure to stay up! I know his old but he scores goals!!

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He's retiring at end of season, can't see him coming for half a season tbh

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Andy j have too much wage

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