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22 Jan 2012 19:58:33
Southend's Ryan Hall is being muted to being a target

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Sounds about right, League Two player.

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Yes sounds right,heard that at game yesterday,but the deluded fans think marshall signing for a 1m same paper as signing for the blunts last week,get real wednesday we aint signing marshall,mandaric aint got it

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Megson struggling to sign any decent players due to style of play,sort it out meggo or get a football manager to play on deck,blunts have done it why cant we,meggo out

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R u 4 real? Megson out?, u sound exactly like a blunt! He's Wednesday through and through just like myself, we have a couple of bad results but it's not the end of the world we need a couple of players hopefully this wk and we'll b bang up there come may

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Meggo out what a moran hes done a brilliant job for us person were in touching distance of promotion where wo we last year heading for league 2 so i would keep my comments to myself if i was you

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4th in the league and you want meggo out? get real

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The worst thing is peeps keep taking the bate from the UTD scum that come on here for easy targets.

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Megson been bad everywere mate tell forest and bolton fans only a matter of time with us,claims hes one of us,fed up of this massive rubbish my pig mates aving a field day over it,nowt till he came in,no were 4th but i fear for us now,my lads 10 and he dunt want to go time bored footy megson sort it out

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Cant blame meggo mate whats milan doing i know he saved us which was great but seems to content on signing average players milans problem not gary

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Mm needs 2 show his balls now we need a couple of players ASAP n if not his money he spent saving us is gonna cost him even more cos we ain't getting out this division wi what we got

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Not sure flashing his monkey eggs will attract the right type of players.

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Definate Blunt !

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West Brom fans wont agree with you !! UTO

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By results we shall judge - Megson is doing a great job with few resources. Come on Milan back him!

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22 Jan 2012 15:40:03
Just seen Freddy Eastwood down at middlewood road. I wouldn't have thought it would be a permanent basis but I think he will be signing on a loan deal till the end of the season.

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Quite possible another shrew buy

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No u havnt

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Bet You Saw Milan Mandaric In Aldi Aswell?Lol

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Been on sky sports news Roberts from huddersfield is to have an operation this week for a hernia.

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Really on a Sunday afternoon ?

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No you didnt, but i did see tevez! why make stuff up!

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I saw him too... When we played Coventry a few years back arriving at hillsborough. That's about as close we are to getting him

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Good i wouldnt want him at Hillsborough anyway, had more than enough strikers that cant score.

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Like Miss O'Grady- yeah he holds the ball up blah blah blah- but he won't score the goals. Yep he's a work horse- but sadly not good enough.

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Why arnt wednesday and real madrid rumours on same page=same just massive

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O Grady is top class. What do you 11 linekers? Theres more rubbish spoken on this site, It's unreal! Should have had at least 4 yesterday but for very good saves. Some days it just don't go for ya, simple as, ask Chelsea. O Grady does what he does against west ham man of match even before the goal. Have it!

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Ogrady donkey lowe not fit jones who? Megson your the problem bad signings

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Ogrady top class you must be easily pleased?lost without ben,we ave to sign him or else,we got knocked back on 5 not looking good.uto ftb

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Ogrady? No comment tudgay never been replaced madine trouble lowe ok 15 mins we need a striker megson rather than ben,act now score goals automatic if not playoffs

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I seen Elvis at the petrol station are we signing him next

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Megson don't do signings, blame the man who does

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Tudgay nevewr been replaced? Do we really want another vastly over rated pri-madonna. He had one good season while at S6 which attracted attention from other clubs. Laws biggest failing by a long way was not ripping Burnley's hand off when they came in with silly money as he was an average player at best and he showed absolutely no interest in pulling on the blue and white stripes ever since that deal fell through. I would take any one of the 4 senior strikers we have and probably most of the academy ahead of Tudgay, Thank god we aint replaced him!!

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This nut is always on here saying Freddie Eastwood's coming - no he's not were more likely to sign Freddy Krueger.

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Or clint eastwood

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22 Jan 2012 12:14:24
Wednesday are set to make a 300,000 bid for Huddersfield winger Gary Roberts. Source the Sun.

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Cant see Hudds selling one of their best players all the while they are in the hunt for promotion themselves.

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Doubt it, he is due an hernia operation this week!

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He is having a hernia op

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Special offer sheffield wednesday offer all teams free goal in last 5 minutes,special promotion offer

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Even if that last comment was by a pig, it's a very true statement.

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Doubt it yer dreaming again bury players is best u can hope far mandy skint

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'The Sun' is as bad as some of the people on here at making stuff up. If you read it in there then its false. The only real items are the breasts on page 3.

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Gary roberts, yeah plus loan signings edin dzeko and berbatov.

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22 Jan 2012 07:33:36
Daily Mirror reports that ourselves and Huddersfield are in a £1 million tug of war for Marshall. Tired of hearing about this now. Sort it one way or another. If he's not coming then Matt Ritchie is the one. Of the others mentioned Wordsworth and Weston look good. Come on GM and MM. Sort it out. UTO.

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Only one man, MM , can sort it.
GM has performed miracles so far with the squad we've got and credit to them all but the last two games have shown we need more quality to support all the effort , if we are serious about auto promotion this year.

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Wordsworth probably best winger in this division hope we get him

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We've not got much chance of getting Wordsworth. Charlton, Ipswich, Watford, Reading all scouting him. And he's a London lad.

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21 Jan 2012 23:59:51
wednesday to sign 3 players next week

wordsworth of colchester 300k

winger (on loan)

Left back ( on loan )

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Is this wordsworth deal actually true ? and whos the winger and left back?

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Well I also heard the same thing so he can't be lying no one ever agrees with each other on here so let's hope something happens with this!

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How can wordsworth be best player in division never heard of him,we sound desperate

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You dont no your players wordsworh is a good player can play in the middle or out wide would be good signing

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