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22 Aug 2013 23:10:08
Jones may sign former Cardiff recruit Roger Johnson.

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This is old news
Got zayette instead r Jones was back up plan

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Didn't know he could play up front!

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No chance, not big enough

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22 Aug 2013 11:34:47
Nuhiu revealed in an interview that a young goalkeeper from rapid Vienna is training with us his name is Lukas konigshofer.

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Old news he's be training with us weeks

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I think we have that position covered striker needed desperately but I suppose all us owls no that!

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I know djs next plan put a gk up front lol ;) uto xxx

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Cant believe Barnsley have signed paddy McCourt, really good signing, he's better than owt we've got

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That's why Mark Crossley was brought onto the coaching staff (scored v Soton)

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Jones has said he wants three players before the transfer window closes and that includes a goal keeper to keep Kirkland who is possibly the best in this league on his toes.

We currently have three keepers on our books to cover one position and Jones wants another.
We have only have four central midfield players for two positions and without being too unkind none of our central midfield players would walk into any other Championship team.

We have three strikers for two positions (0ne of which is unavailable to the team at the moment) and none of them are bagging goals but Jones wants to bring in another keeper.

The actions of our manager defies anybody's logic. He keeps telling us that we have a limited budget and he has to spend the money carefully so why the heck spend the limited budget on another keeper when we already have three unless as a previous poster says he going to play Kirkland as a striker or a central midfielder. Confused owl.

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Dj says we are over budget how. Something is not right here last time we had a very small squad we went down.
mm must back dj all other clubs are buying players but not us. Come on mm do something now before it is to late.
up the owls

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3 players should be 2 strikers n a cm. why on earth do we need a keeper. Unless kirky is goin

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Cannot believe some one disagreeing on that we have enough keepers and desperately need a striker what are you on

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If you disagree with the first post look on owls news now

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Jones says he wants GK cover because Jameson has a groin injury and that only leaves two young keepers. I have a friend who is a relative of Jameson and he says he does have groin injury but it is a short term problem. So why bring in a GK now, Kirkland is fit, if he gets injured bring in a loan keeper then. We have a limited budget, spend it where it is needed. I am losing faith in Jones he seems to have his priorities all wrong. We desperately need a quality striker and a central midfielder not another goalkeeper. You can't win games if you don't score goals Mr Jones.

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Jones has said he wants a goalkeeper to push Kirkland, if Kirkland had a dodgy game last year we could've put bywater in but he had a brilliant season hence bywater never got a look in. This season we have no one pushing kirkland

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