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21 Sep 2013 18:19:52
we start the game against Birmingham without a striker on the pitch after we go down he brings Nui Nui on. no idea time to get rid.

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I cannot believe how low we have fallen. How can we expect to compete when not playing any strikers? Bring back Megs on. NOW

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Have to agree why are we starting games without a striker? Today we had 6 midfielders on the pitch of which 3 are wingers. Tactics what tactics this is not good enough

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This is how deluded Jones is. The last team I watched without a recognised striker on the pitch was Spain. Jones thinks we are the English version.

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Not good we are looking doom

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Jones to be sacked on wednesday info from a coach at the club

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21 Sep 2013 23:54:32
Reports are Dave Jones has been sacked

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Is DJ doing it on purpose I honestly cannot for the life of me work out why he won't start Maguire or Nuhiu and why he won't start Llera instead of Zayette his tactics or lack of baffle me, words fail me.

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Think zayate up front? Well he wasn't in defence. Think he was confused so djs tactics are play em all out of position and then blame them!

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He doesn't know his best side (if we have got one) so all the lads don't know what's happening or even what position they will play in, each week. We need strikers bad. think prutton is no good need to get rid and Antonio needs to pull his finger out and get a grip of his game. Hard times ahead maybe unless we quickly sort something out

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I have waited till today to post this

I was numb on the way home from the game and very angry

Let me say this, Wednesday are our passion, we Wednesdayites are here for life.

I have been saying this since last season, Milan is a businessman first and last, money is his passion

All you fans who think we should be grateful need to realise that he is ONLY interested in Profit Profit and Profit

Let's talk about Passion again, WHERE is Dave Jones passion? His body language says it all, slumped over head down, excuses excuses excuses

Dave Jones picks the team and tells them how to play, we were woeful and looked like strangers, headless chickens and completely outplayed

That said Milan makes the decisions at our club, he can change things but chooses to let things continue to deteriorate

Milan and Jones will go at some stage, the players come and go

WE Wednesdayites will still be here long after all of them, it's our club not theirs but anyone who can stand up and defend what they are doing to our club needs to get real, see what's really happening

I am gutted as I type this

I was there clearing snow for the Arsenal game, saw the dark days when Len Ashurst was in charge, stood on the Kop in the snow and rain

Milan please make your profit and go and stop taking the Mickey and Money out of us loyal Wednesdayites

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22 Sep 2013 09:17:10
It's quite clear that DJ is not capable of getting the best out of the squad. Is MM not releasing funds for transfers because he doesn't think the rotund one isn't capable. ?? Just SACK the **** MM

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To the gentleman who wonders if Jones is doing it on purpose: don't know - but he is probably heading for yet another of his lucrative compensation packages.

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21 Sep 2013 17:08:38
Will all the supporters who think Dave Jones is the right man, wake up from their deep sleep, as a Wednesday supporter it annoys me some of you are suffering from blind faith, playing wingers as strikers, playing Johnson and McPhail who haven't played competitive football in ages. Then he brings on the only forward we have when it's too late. We let a team who have only scored 4 goals all season score 4 against us, and the guy who scored them all is only 20 and a midfield player. You bring in all these defenders and we still can't defend.
Jones you are useless and MM you must be aware now that this clown must go.

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Milan must look at him self to not put money in to the player side dj is poor to.

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The problem begins with MM obviously because we have no money to spend. Either he releases funds or his asset will be devalued by relegation. DJ can only use the funds and players he has which is very poor. If we get a new manager, he will want more funds. It is a bad situation for our beloved team UTO

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21 Sep 2013 17:04:32
Well Milan enough is enough. Nuhiu best player last week dropped to bench. Llera dropped Why? You won't sell while he is in charge as we will rot at the wrong end of the table. Please sack the incompetent scouse fool and save us from another season struggling. 4-1 to a team below us and struggling uts not good enough. Goodbye DJ and take your excuses with you

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21 Sep 2013 16:54:43
Dave jones out he is useless get gus poyet in

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Jones out absolutely get Pulis in, but get someone else players don't want to play for Jones.

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Mm to blame not jones

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Gus poyet would come to the club he is still trying to get money from his old club

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Me and my pal have been saying the same thing for weeks Gus Poyet would be perfect for us but the chances of him taking the job with the team we have and not a penny to bring players in even on loan is very slim.

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21 Sep 2013 16:12:10
Time to go mr jones # not good enough

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21 Sep 2013 15:43:53
Dont know what's wrong with all the jones haters. 3 0 down at half time. His hands are tied so let's all back him even more. give me stregnth

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Who else is respsonsible for the disorganisation on the pitch? MM doesn't arrange tactics or selection. OK Jones does not have the money he would like, but he does have players. His job is to organise them : this he is simply unable to do. Take the blinkers off and, instead of listening to all the grumbling about money, look at the chaos on the pitch, look at the decisions and ask yourself is this team being managed at all.

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Was being sarky mate. no one wants him out more than me. its getting beyond a joke now. team selection is amazingly inept. last time I posted on here I mentioned getting pulis in. who do you want?

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I'd like Gus Poyet, Pulis doesn't play the most free flowing football but he is a very effective manager.

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Eddie Howe

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41 signings. 20 no longer at the club. They don't work for nothing.

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21 Sep 2013 15:42:49
3 nowt already. can't wait for praise an grumble. Wot a farce!

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21 Sep 2013 15:39:12
So after 33 minutes and 3 goals conceded. can't be DJ's fault
The ref? The players? The fans?
I'd love to say unlike DJ I'll still have a job in the morning but we all know he's here to stay

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21 Sep 2013 15:36:20
At the moment losing 3-0 to at team who have not won at home and having started without a recognised centre forward. Absolutely pathetic, sack him now. I don't care what you dj lovers say this is totally unacceptable.

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21 Sep 2013 19:46:29
The problem is clear. MM wants out and is not prepared to fork out on new recruits. We have shipped out a lot of players since the end of last season, and we were less than proactive in the transfer market. How are we supposed to compete at this level when we bring in loanees from the lower leagues. Regardless of who is the gaffer we are going to struggle this season.

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