Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive October 21 2013


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21 Oct 2013 21:26:52
could it be Massimo cellino who wants to buy us, I've been reading about him and he's tried to buy a few English clubs in the past.

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Something is in the wind, not sure what and lack of denial from Radio Sheffield suggests to me something is going to happen. Staton and Walker usually pour cold water over most suggestions have not heard them do this. If takeover happens will coincide with home game to gain max publicity and increase crowd.

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Who do you think it is ready to takeover then mate I think with all the rumours of that italian journalist saying it francesco marroccu fronting a billionaire business man & people saying the journalist gets most things right & benny carbone coming on the seen it could be them & he was sat with mm at bolton game plus alan biggs saying things coming to a head in next 2 week the frecheville true blue owl

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I wouldn't believe Alan "I hate the Owls" Biggs" with anything he says. He's just a Blunt stirring it!

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21 Oct 2013 18:47:50
Gazzetta Di lesporta claiming today that Marrocu is in talks with SWFC officials with regards to buying the club. Believe it when I see it.

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I think you will find that it said, fronting a consortium.

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They've got an Italian week at Aldi. Is this a part of it? Oh an to the poster who says this Italian guy is mates with Carbone an De Canio, well we don't want either. One has done nowt as a manager, an the other has a massive ego a limelight grabber

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Another gossip site has reported that Marroccu is actually to be appointed Director of Football at Hillsborough, as opposed to buying the club.

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Where does it say that mate

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It's on Football Gossip mate

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