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21 Nov 2012 17:58:03
Is gonna be a last minute panic loan for Sheffield Wednesday as per usual ?

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How much more dross am i going to read on here.

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Stop coming on here then Trigger !

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Just because it's the truth doesn't mean it's dross, get real man, it will be a panic loan. We all knew that we desperately needed a quality striker in the summer that could score goals but Jones choose to bring in Maguire, Rodri and our only quality player Bothroyd, who's career goals scoring record is at best poor. Waiting until the week before the close of the emergency loan period to bring in a quality goal scorer strikes me as panic.

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Strikes me as sackable offence !!

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Can look at it two ways, leaving it til last minute or weighing up every single option trying to get the best player he can? My bets the second one but well only find out in the coming weeks

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Well worked out !! - - so all the best players are left on the shelf till the last few hours on the last day, just sat around waiting for Dave Jones to come and get em? - - Brilliant !!

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Sheffield wednesday are a work in progress...dave jones builds teams that do relatively well..the vast majority of his signings so far are for the development squad.the players left at the club from last seasons league 1 squad have in the main failed to make the step doubt the squad will evolve even more in january when the pathetic good for nobody transfer window opens again.been going to s6 for 48 yrs. there is no panic.panic is when you are one defeat away from going into the fourth division.panic is when your club is a court hearing away from being wound up.

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Although there is no panic yet i believe we will go down without new players.
The ones we have wont suddenly 'get it'.Good players but lack maturity,confidence and constistancy.
But we dont need loans, we need proper signings.Ok one loand might be ok.
I still believe Rodri can do a job or why not even try pecnic up front for a few games.Neither will score less than bothroyd if they get a run i bet you.
I'm concerned that while we've improved the squad, we've weakened the team.
Bothroyd for jj or madine usually,gardner for batth,kirkland in net and the rest is last years team.How are they improvements?
Not how i envisaged things.

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You are absolutely right !
I am happy to concede that DJ has improved the squad .... for the long term !
The problem is exactly as you put it none of the signings have improved the team , and we have to put out a team every week that can win enough points to ensure that the good young signings can take us forward in the future !
DJ thought Bothroyd would do us a job in the short term .... that plan has patently failed and DJ must know that himself ?
He was really unwise to try and defend the decision by criticising the fans. He would have been wiser just to put it down to experience and change tack.
His first priority was and still is to make sure we are in this division next season. If he is still around in January that may well be his last throw of the dice because we have a lot of ground to make up in a very tight division.

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22 Nov 2012 06:18:08
Why not try for Robert Earnshaw he can't be happy at Tel Aviv at the moment

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Agree with last post, because that is what I said after the pre-season and the first league games. Long term strength of the squad is better that it was but Jones and the clubs first priority was and is to ensure we are in the Championship next season. The first team should have been strengthened first and the look at the future. Ten defeats in seventeen is more like relegation than survival.

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We've signed jerome

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Where'sthis from

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Look who we sign poor poor poor

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21 Nov 2012 13:51:26
Don't think we'll be seeing Kenwyn Jones back at the club
Mr Pullis wont let him go

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Probably barnsley have signed busaky greening sinclair they already had tudguy joke wednesday signed no one barkely gone back we need another midfielder and a prolific striker now dave jones out

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Feel like we have no ambition, it's going to be a very long winter

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How can we get a striker and a mid in when we had to look to offload someone before signing the striker we need?

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Mm get spendin imagine cost of RELEGATION

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20 Nov 2012 23:58:09
Simeon Jackson to sign on loan on thursday

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Prob somebody havin a punt in the dark but could fit.
Worked his way up thro lgs n scored every divn and intrntls , not been in Norwich side this season. Could work ?

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Kenwin jones

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Its kenwyne jones whos coming in and also a midfielder.

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How you kenwynne is coming back? xxx

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Dave jones to chelsea

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RDM to wednesday??

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Because he is, defo coming back, not in Stoke team & when asked if he was going on loan to swfc he said hopefully both clubs agree with the deal so who knows, it's out of my hands! Come on Wednesday pay his wages

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Craig Davis for COG!

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Craig David.

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Propa bo!

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We might also get Kez as part of the deal.

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