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21 May 2013 23:12:23
Swfc transfers this summer
Ben Marshall 1m
Harry mugire 0.5m
Lita 1m

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I will believe when I see it lol xxxx

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Lita 1 million your having a laugh

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Ben Marshall again.

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Rubbish we have not got £2.5 million to spend

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Harry Maguire is slower than Martin Taylor

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21 May 2013 19:28:52
Sheffield Wednesday are set to offer chris ogrady for Jacob mellis of Barnsley

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Doubt it

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Ogrady plus 2 million for Mellis

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Hope so

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Ogrady is a better player and works harder why would we want to change that

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O'Grady and 400k for mellis UTO

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21 May 2013 19:27:39
Sheffield Wednesday are set to sign free agents jay Simpson and Danny Haynes

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You sure that's not A J Simpson and Danny Kaye

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Jay Simpson would be quality, not sure on Danny Haynes though. I think Simeon Jackson would be good as well after his release from Norwich today.

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Jay Simpson 42 goals in 210 appearances! If that's quality then God help us.

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He's good at championship level

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Simoene Jackson some person was posting we should spend several hundred thousand on him last year. Now released think this gives you some idea of how poor he is.

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Jay simpson took a penalty against for hull on sky I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but it was a terrible penner and did nothing for the rest of the match

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Simoene Jackson is a quality championship player, got promoted with Norwich, pure goal scoring MACHINE

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21 May 2013 16:32:07
Looks like we are set to lose Paul McGowan from Saint Mirren on a free. The young Scot striker and midfield play maker, looks like he is signing for Birmingham City along with Shinnie who they already captured from ICT.

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21 May 2013 09:10:06
I had a breif chat to Reda in a hotel a few weeks back and he said COG would not play for wednesday again due to a clash with D. J

Lets get what can for him and move on.

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I was told by an ex player that it is comment knowledge at Hillsbro that it's Milan that doesn't want COG playing for Wednesday and therefore Jones doen't want hime playing for Wednesday. Milan told Megson that he didn't want COG to play for Wednesday, they had a big row about it and is the reason Megson was sacked.

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Course Megson was sacked because of that! Ha your having a laugh, he got sacked because we wasn't playing well and was losing too many games under him! Have a word wi your self pal

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Just wonder what CO'G did to upset Milan so much? Makes you wonder.

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Why sign him?

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Why would Milan care who plays for Wednesday - all he cares about is us succeeding! Besides, it was Milan that put up the cash for him in the first place.

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Manderic had told Gary Megson and the playing staff that Gary was to leave his position after the sheffield united match.

Cog didn't agree and he personally went to the big mans office and said he didn't agree with this decision. Manderic said you will never play again for sheffield Wednesday.

Before the sheffield united match Cog wasnt going to be involved from the start. Manderic told Megson under no uncertain terms will O'Grady play in that match. Megson disobeyed Manderic has he had already lost his job. Started with Cog out of principle. And happy days we won 1-0 and won promotion. Win win situation.

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Any news on the retained list

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Who said what to who is irrelevant its what happens now that matters, let's just hope DJ has some decent signings in mind for us. Nothing do or say will make any difference at all so just like last year we will just have to wait and see but let's hope for the best UTO eric the owl

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Megson signed cog mm spent the cash on him. People talk uter s#%# on here

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All sounds a bit when Saturday comes or goal to me.

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21 May 2013 08:09:58
Olofinjana signing close could be announced today.

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How you know this, it states this nowhwere? uto xxx

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It's similar to last season, everybody thinks they have superior knowledge with regards to signings, then all of a sudden DJ signs somebody who nobody had previously predicted.

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Thank you I agree to the last few posts x

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