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21 May 2012 22:26:54
Burnley FC have made a 1.5 million pound bid for Sheffield Wednesday marksman Gary Madine. Sheffield Wednesday have rejected the offer immediatly. Ipswich also rumoured to be interested.

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Cant see madine going, a young talent thats always improving, unless dj thinks he would be trouble again next season. Madine has to watch that temper same goes for jj

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Jason kumas coming to owls, pay as you play!

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I smell oinkers again!

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Madine to ipswich much bigger club

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21 May 2012 22:24:04
Hearing a lot about baldock.. Any truth in the rumour??

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Its all a load of baldocks

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He will go to a big club not club just coming up from div 1

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21 May 2012 21:14:01
any truth in the sam baldock rumours flying around ed?? would love him at hillsborough!

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21 May 2012 21:57:08
SWFC are looking at Blackstock from Forest - he finished the season well at forest and is avaliable around the 2 mil mark.

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If we have 2 mil to just spend like that i think wed put it to better use

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Seen the beckford and Ebanks-Blake rumour. Would rather have both of them.

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21 May 2012 21:14:28
Is scott laird a free transfer?

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Yeah, worth a punt i reckon, low wages. Provide cover if nothing else..

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Beckford to sign for 1.2m great player proven goal scorer

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He'd be another Jeffers...

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If he's that good just ask yourself why Leics want rid ??
Made his name in 4-5 games of a good cup run, thats not the same as doing it for a full league season.

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21 May 2012 21:13:04
Beckford and ebanks blake to swfc

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I hope not, do not like either of them.

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Would love that
, as if your honest there's always a doubt about madine's personal life. With some of the names available I wouldn't mind if his sale bank rolls a couple of deals.

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Your too small of club for them to even consider

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21 May 2012 21:11:04
joel ward to meet swfc to discuss a contract before an official offer will be made by the club. klasnic doubtful. tom heaton almost certain. keiran lee certain. sam baldock very probabable.

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Baldock bit not true,

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21 May 2012 21:07:22
sam baldock linked with the owls, source; daily mail. probably not true but i would love it if it was. also tom heaton has agreed personnal terms and is due to have a medical some time this week. PROMOTION PUSH NEXT SEASON!!!! UTO FTB!

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Ive watched wednesday all season home n away sometimes we struggled to beat yeovil lost 2 exeter n chesterfield as an owl i can see us finishing about 15th tbh not top 6 n klasnic unlikely he wants 2 go back 2 croatia heaton almost certain keiran lee certain baldock n koumas 50/50 since koumas trained with us for a 1/4 of season.

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21 May 2012 20:01:04
Jermaine Beckford placed on transfer list at Leicester City a possible dj swoop?

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Don't want, has a fairly decent scoring record but wastes 20 shots before he scores one. Also quite a lazy player who if he's not up for the game drifts out of it very quickly

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No truth in an interest in Beckford.

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21 May 2012 19:25:45
Ivan Klasnic set to snub Wednesday in search of premier league football.

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The news of the snub comes out before the news that we have made an official approach?

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No, offer was there to meet and discuss terms but he declined

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His agent made first approach our response indicated terms had to be negotiated. His demands unrealistic for 32 year old striker.

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21 May 2012 16:58:33
DJ very interested in baldock along with illunga

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21 May 2012 16:03:03
Sedgwick set for Rotherham. O'Grady set for Barnsley. Reynolds set for Aberdeen. mike Jones set for scunny; Kieran Lee and Sam Baldock set for permanent moves o hillsborough. Will Keane set for a loan move to hillsborough.

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Are players just going back to clubs/managers that players have previously been with? hmmmmm

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Are they set

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Baldock already singed for the mighty blades so your a bit late on that one, oh & good luck signing Antonio when leister are getting him!

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Would be pleased with those.

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Actually belived you up untill the will kean point cus man u have already said he wont be going out on loan

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Keane who?

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Interesting and dare I say it possible. The outs may come out like this. I expect the Ins may not.

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Leister, hard to type with trotters?

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21 May 2012 15:45:13
Gabbidon of QPR set for talks with DJ about moving to the owls, let's hope this goes through!

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Why would you want him hes an injury prone waste of money

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I sincerely hope this isn't true. He is waaay passed it in my opinion and he didn't do anything notable at donny.

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Rubbish. He has always been crap.

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By end of summer every Welsh player under sun will have been linked with us. This guy was good but legs appear to have gone.

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As if he would drop down to team that will be relagation favs

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21 May 2012 14:25:07
Rumours players in:- newcastles Ferguson play anywhere on left bothroyd QPR, rgr Jonson, loovens, freeman, Antonio, heaton, Joel ward, el hadi douif, stock.

Players out:- weaver, jones, Lowe mk dons, prutton Donny or Chesterfield, ogrady Barnsley, donny, stevange, Carlisle, jj wants 2yr contract Huddersfield Reynolds Aberdeen, hearts, motherwel

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This is the same clown who has been peddling Freeman and ex Cardiff players. Does he not realise that by re hahing ame old names it will nt change the situation.
Only Ward, Heaton and Antonio have any strength in links. Loovens a real outside possibility.

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What a load of pants. Also, if we signed el dodgy chuff I would not be happy.

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You sound like a blunt u clown u agree to 4 ov the players on the list I think ur forgetting it's a rumour website not a facts or 100% genuine storys site! So get a life pal an Stop mourning about everything!

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How do you think your get ward when teams like Leeds and Ipswich are after him 2sleeping giants in the championship not some team who just got out of Sunday morning league after 6years get real

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21 May 2012 12:41:41
Wednesday to sign scapuzzi on loan from Man City. Impressive youngster who was loaned out to Oldham this season. Tricky little striker and a bit of a prospect.

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How do you know this? where's your proof?

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Its a rumour silly hence the site ;)

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If we are to loan a player from City (they had 50 players out on loan last season) we would want a much higher profile player than L1 player.

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Iv also heard this. Appears to be real.

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Didn't do much in the championship when on loan at pompey last season, who's to say he'll be any better with us

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His loan spell at Oldham wasn't exactly prolific either...

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