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21 Jun 2013 09:04:20
As Wednesday now only have two recognised strikers, DJ looks set to bring in Higdon from Motherwell and leroy lita! Higdon would be a free as lita would cost a small fee. (I was speaking to John, who is Sheffield Wednesday kit man and lives on my road up stannington) Also, there is huge speculation of Wednesday wanting blunts midfielder Kevin Macdonald, however I can't see united selling to us unless we offer money which we haven't got!

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You're either taking the Michael with a micky mouse post or you're deluded, we were linked with McDonald last year because he was free don't start that rumour again

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You would no the Wednesday kit man is called Ashley Holland then wouldn't you?

And i'm sure when deals are set to be tied up Milan, Paul, and DJ call the kit man in to get his approval.

Why even bother taking time out to post such drivel.

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Why are slagging this guy off? Rumours are people talking to each other so it makes sense that someone connected to the club may have heard something. He may be on the level. He may not be. You don't know so let him share and we can all decide if we agree or not.

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This is from weed or blunt who kept posting tripe relating to MacDonald last year. if not that its MacDonalds mother trying to give him a huge leg up in world.

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Not sure if john Murray is still kit man or not now as he is in his 60s. He does live at at stannington as this guy says. I used to work with john when he was a b driver on mainline

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If you had read it properly you would realize that he doesn't say they will be no signings just not many so this guy could be right

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I agree. John used to drive owls coach an Peterborough coach. Used to be kit man but been boot man for a coupla seasons. Like I said I used to work with him on mainline. Top bloke

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To be fair this is drivel but my brother worked in the ticket office for a fair few years and came back with so much info that proved to be 99% correct so obviously information does get let out.

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I agree with the poster who said, if you read it right and that does seems a little problematic for some people they insist on putting extra words in to get a different answer.

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They are some smart a***holes on this site who mock some of the rumours that are posted on here, they say things like of course MM and DJ discus future signings with, the kit man, the doorman, the grounds man or an office worker etc. I admit that some rumours sound far fetched but this is a rumours board after all. I can tell you that as a former company director I was always amazed that some people who worked for the company always seemed to know very accurately what had discussed and agreed at board meetings, even when the meeting had been held of site, so don’t mock what has been posted unless you know better and can prove it.

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Here here this is a roumers site where people post roumers if you don't like there roumers or their sources don't read a roumers site

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Think you just wanted everybody to know that you used to be a company director really.

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We will be signing 2 strikers over 30 and 6 foot plus so Jones can play hoofball for another season. Can't wait to watch another few months of exciting relegation dodging. Just hope Milan doesn't spoil it all by sacking him.

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Please Ed can you advise some posters not to use disrespectful words or calling names and low standard language for slagging off their own club's mates, only because they differ with their points of view. This is a free website that called rumors and people can circulate rumors as they wish, despite the fact that some of these rumors are completely untrue and pretty funny or silly. It does not really matter who, why and how as long as they spread what they hear and of course there is no proof anyway. People who use silly names and slagging off others must not be heard and allowed to be read. At that end I would suggest their posts not to be published. It is a respected and useful website!

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22 Jun 2013 14:53:15
i see wednesday and bolton have agreed a fee for the young full back £100,000 its a joke, some one with so much promise and the likes of utd let naughton go a few seasons a go for millions what's going on down at hillsborough? Mr. C

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Player gets offered contract, player decides not to take it and goes to a club that was recently in the Prem, with more money and a more developed youth system. Absolutely nothing the club can do about it so it's pointless moaning.

On the upside we get £100k for a player that never pulled on the shirt for the first team.

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On the wrong page for 'no point moaning'

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Very true.

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100k upfront but will rise substantially rob staton said it could be over the 500k region in the end. Pretty good really for a player who's never played first team football for us. Not the best player in academy anyway.

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Agreed the best is AYO he is in first team squad a mixture of carlton palmer and john sheriden a very exciting prospect.

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Ayo man u have to be more subtle when you post on here

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21 Jun 2013 09:03:38
Today is the day people a new signing should be unveiled providing the loose ends are tied up. Wait and see. I understand rest of signings though could take longer.

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You obviously do not read the official site, nothing doing for a few weeks!

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Why reply to tell somebody they havnt read the website when you have clearly not read it properly he says it will be quiet and there will not be many sighnings but

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Dont get the Lita thing I thought he was anonymous in most games.

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Could it have been the goals?

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