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21 Jun 2012 21:56:03
See MacDonald has publicly stated hoping for a deal with Blunts. He also said no other club made him an offer. Biggs removed comment indicating he almost joined Wednesday last week and comment he is a class player. Anybody who has seen him play and has any knowledge of football can see he is not a Championship player (something he has already proved).

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Lines got more assists and the same amount of goals why change that?

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Lines was pretty crummy late on

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From the stats and what I ve seen of them both Lines is a better player, however could still do with getting david norris as hes class

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Preetty crummy late on? he played his best football for us under DJ.........armchair fan.

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21 Jun 2012 20:43:40
Rumour has it that Kevin Mcdonald has had preliminary talks with us, god I hope not he is the most over rated player in yorkshire! UTO FTB

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McDonald failed a medical with us 2 weeks ago (believed to be a hamstring problem)

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21 Jun 2012 19:49:31
Butterfield and Clayton now being pursued with some vigour could be either or. Treacey priced out by Burnley,
Antonio & Marshall still on table.
Ranger likely if court appearance does not present a problem.
5 more signings likely.

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If we're only signing one more striker I hope it's not going to be Ranger I'm not saying he's garbage but we defo need a proven goal scorer who we know we can rely on to bang in the goals at this level because the 3 we've got are a gamble at championship level.

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Shut up with marshall now, it's getting tiresome

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Thought treacy was on a free in summer? But all rest is possible.

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Couldnt agree more regarding ranger, poor player. Rather play Lowe or COG. Maguire good signing, creative however just hope he can score enough goals when give the change. But he is a player that seems to often score his own goals

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Canb we afford to have two 'loose cannon' strikers (Madine and Ranger) in the same side? bit of a gamble if they both get done

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A second striker possible, depends on if O'Grady leaves.
Thought Ranger improved with each game in last game of season he played very well.

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4get bout marshall dint wana know us last season the mug

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Marshall no chance! Ranger is decent was getting better as the other guy said, but I do agree we need a proven scorer along the lines of chopra

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Utter Rubbish, Marshall did want to know, we just didn't put an offer in. How can you slate the best player we had for years?

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I posted this rumour, it came from a decent source and can guarantee all the above names looked at seriously by Owls. You may disagree but was told these areas and these players were high on list of targets. Today a report Ranger spoke to us last week. Sorry if you do not like the names.

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If clayton is subject to a 2m bid from Reading, who play in the Premiership, I really can't see him coming to us....

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21 Jun 2012 18:31:07
wat do u all think to the new shirt with honda on ...

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Not seen it yet apart from the glimpse of c maguire holding it up, can u drop a link to where you seen it

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There's a pic on owlstalk but the sponsor has been added to the shirt by someone trying to imagine what it would look like,

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21 Jun 2012 17:41:22
Pressman back as gk coach?

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He's gone to the den

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Hes gone to millwall, so not going to happen

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We have excellent goalkeeping coach so rather stick with Rhodes. Wednesday an excellent record with getting keepers back on track. Carson, Grant, Weaver, Bywater to name a few who came and improved current fortunes. {Ed032's Note - Carson and Grant were not trained by Andy Rhodes, and neither was Weaver whne he first joined, it was Billy Mercer.}

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We still have fine reputation for resurecting careers of goalkeepers, we lst one good coach but repaced him with another who had done fine job with Andy Lonegran prior to joining us.

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21 Jun 2012 16:04:30
sheffield wednesday deal done for maguire he says glad to join the massive!!

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21 Jun 2012 14:05:48
freddy Soderberg to sign from Swedish Superettan side Osters IF on an initial 1 month trial. He has been a player rejuvenated this season helping fire Osters to the top of the league after 13 games only dropping 2 points.

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Ha ha ha love how the most random players who no one has ever heard of keeps getting mentioned

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95pcent of people who actually know anything about football know who freddy Soderberg is, not everyone is ignorant to every league outside of this country like u clearly are pal.

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I watch alot of football and i havent heard of him, just because you dont know someone does not make you ignorant

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Bet u lot of money that 95% is a bit exaggerated. where had u heard of him since he plays in swedish second divison

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Btw not ignorant of every league outside this country just dont follow swedish second division

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You sound like a pair of footy manager merchants, you need to tear yourself away from your computer screens, get changed out of your dirty pants, shake off the wotzits resedue left on your oversized guts and start watching some real football. The swedish superettan makes the championship look like the hope valley and district leagues.

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21 Jun 2012 13:39:52
Wednesday will sign Maguire today on 3/4 year deal. Source: twitter, paul walker and various accounts
Meant to be costing us 450,000

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On OS now. Has signed as you say on a three year deal. Now he's definitely one of our players hopefully the sla**ing off will stop and all the fans get behind him.
To be honest he sounds a bit like Madine before he joined us, a bit raw round the edges with a good record but not great, but plenty of room to improve. Hopefully he'll prove the doubters wrong and fire us up the league.

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Official now as is on swfc website

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Hopefully this will be start of our rebuilding to try and get back into the prem where we belong

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I wernt thrilled bout signing maguire but I for one will get behind him and the team lets get those wings covered cant wait for season to start.

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21 Jun 2012 13:12:52
Paul Walker has stated Wednesday are signing Maguire today, a 3 year contract with an option for a 1 year extension at the end.

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21 Jun 2012 13:12:09
Chris Maguire is at Hillsborough right now putting finishing touches to his contract. I understand the deal will go through today 3 yrs is on the table

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That's right mate but it's 4 years contract!

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Oh well, seeing as McGuire has joined we can only hope for the best from him.

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21 Jun 2012 13:09:27
Chris maguire will today sign a 3 or 4 year contract with the massive

Source Tony - a guy who used to sell programmes retired 4 years ago but still ITK

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21 Jun 2012 10:57:48
Rob Earnshaw, Rob Hulse & Simione Jackson all being talked about as future players for the Massive. Don't know how true it is.

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Would take jackson but other 2 are has beens

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Simeon jackson only player id have at wednesday, good for norwich, earnshaw has had is day, hes w**k, and hulse is ex blade,

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Chris maguire to sign today 3 yr deal from derby county

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