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21 Jul 2013 20:46:56
Whelan coming on loan

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It's a rumours page not a wishlist!

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Were after k jones g whelen c jerome how bout we be called stoke 2?! Uto xxx

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Mark Hughes is now manager so ould be offloading all decent players!
There is a few on here who regular post similar messages over and over again. Do not think it is a hoost of different people just the same 4 or 5 over and over again.

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We will get none of them as much as we would like because there on 30,000 a week.

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If Wednesday get anybody it will be yougsters or people coming to the end of there career from the prem league

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If we get wickham, LIta, Barkley and a CB it looking good

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If we are gona be Stoke 2 can we have Peter Couch too, plz?

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Would give owls just what they need if he stays fit. Be nice to think there is any evidence to support rumour

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Keep dreamng

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22 Jul 2013 14:26:43
Will Peter Couch come & sit on the bench?

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21 Jul 2013 14:54:07
Cameron Jerome maybe on his way to Hillsborough as he is looking for regular football. It is understood he's looking for a big club outside the premier league and understands other clubs are interested too. Source paper talk

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So he's actively looking for a Championship club rather than stay in the Prem? How very noble.

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We will sign lita then we will sign someone that no one has mentioned

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Yet more rubbish. We have been told by DJ that we can't afford Jones or Ameobi so add Jerome to that list.

When will people learn that SWFC are not in a position to pay the wages of prem league players who earn big money. Yep we got that joker from QPR last season but he'll have been on half the money the players jokers link us to on here.

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People are saying that lita is the complete player but he a goal scorer not somebody who bring people into the game. He need somebody like madine playing with him to be his most effect.

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Lita isn't the hardest worker but he gets himself in the right postions to put the ball in the back of the net I believe he'll get 15+ goals next season with ease

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We will sign lots and then just be4 season starts we will sign Howard on a 1 year deal. It's pretty obvious what's going 2 happen!. No major signings we can't afford them.

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A request has gone in for a medical to be held early next week. This suggests a signing will be announced no later than Wednesday. No names has to whom yet.

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Ross Barkley is coming back, season long loan. Martinez wants him to get valuable match experience.

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Ross Barkley season long loan. Martinez wants him to get good experience.

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Lita has only scored 15+ league goals once in his career and that was 9 years ago for Bristol City in Div 1. Even when he was the hottest property in football the season after at Reading he only scored 12 in the league (15 in total)
So to think he is going to suddenly do it for us now is unlikely. I predict about 10

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21 Jul 2013 12:53:08
apparently lita deal done! anyone know owt?

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Look like he be signed by the middle of next week

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If it was done already, I think we would've known by now UTO

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20 Jul 2013 23:41:56
Martin Taylor could be on his way out of Hillsborough as jones is looking at two potential in the name of Paul Mcshane or Arron Hughes. Jones is also looking for two new strikers although lita is due to be signed on Tuesday. The other strike is likely to be Darren Bent as he's willing to drop down a division and to take a pay cut. Source paper talk.

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Get a grip there's no way Darren Bent would drop down to the Championship and play for us Villa want £8m and Newcastle want him.

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More chance of us signing my Gran to play up front than Darren Bent. Where exactly are we getting 8m from not including his wages, I know MM has a fair amount of cash but he's not stupid!

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Darren Bent. Classic!

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Purely unbelievable

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21 Jul 2013 08:32:58
Paul McShane is staying at Hull. Three-year contract in the offing.

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Haha what daft attempt at a rumour, Bent would never drop down to the championship, that aside he'd have to take a 90% pay cut!! also Paul McShane just signed a new contract. not that I'd want him anyway! he's an accident waiting to happen. you really need to try harder the next time you make up a rumour

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If your going to post a rumour make sure it's half believable- I mean Darren Bent. Next you'll be telling us that we're in for Defoe or Ba.

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Lita will be signing and we are in talks with sunderland about connor wickham on lon till jan or maybe full season

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No offence m8 but u really shunt drink too much in hot weather. It can affect ure senses. Darren Bent? Yeh right

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If your going to put a rumour up then make it a credible one, Darren bent haha

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A hughes, zayette, coulibaly, lita wickham

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Couliby at Blackburn for gods sake

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Dont think he's signed at Blackburn, would be good to tie up quick

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I really don't know why people post things about us signing player who are on more than 40,000 a week and near national team

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21 Jul 2013 14:31:14
He was on the subs bench in Portugal why do people keep sayin he is signing for Blackburn. Please get ya facts right

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He wasn't on subs at all

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