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21 Jan 2013 19:09:18
We will not be signing a new striker. Dave Jones resigning Sidibe on loan.

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Oh dear me !

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I bloody well hope not we've already seen he's not the answer

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Jones blew the budget out of the water at beginning of the season on crap now were left with a load of rubbish what no one wants so therefor we can't bring any quality in.

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Listen to what is said do not right what you imagine is said.

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I really don't see what he see's in Sidibe, he adds nothing to the team.

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21 Jan 2013 21:49:06
Frazier Campbell joined Cardiff, could open the door for earns haw. King, on a free, Jason Scotland on a free, currently wolves and donny interested, Boyd on a free. Vardy looking available

Who would you have?
Your choices are one experienced striker on a free plus a young up and coming striker like nahki wells for a small fee.

Choose two with two going out in their place. Bye Sid and cog.

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Helan is to extend his loan deal with us which I am happy about. And so is Sidibe, which I can't say the same for...

Also there are strong links with us signing Marlon King. Personally think he would be a good signing.

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We got no money mm would sack dave jones if we did had the money ture

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Sidibe is staying but we are also bringing another striker in. sidibe will replace the striker that leaves us.

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The Megson fans are back.

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Us "Megsons fans" never went anywhere! And were here to stay. Megson would have never signed a bunch of prima-donna's who are scared of the ball like Jones has .Megson would have never signed a striker What had not played for 2 and half years and then consider resigning him for rest of season after scoring 1 goal and doing nothing else in 3 months .No he would have brought players who wanted to play for Sheffield Wednesday we wouldn't have been struggling under Megson. Theres only 1 man to blame for the problem were in and that's DAVE JONES who blew his wage budget on complete rubbish and now were left waiting for the scraps nobody wants and in a relegation battle! DAVE JONES OUT!!!

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Nahki Wells will not be available for a small fee. Will be 1M+ money MM seems to not want to spend this winter window

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All these negative fans thought we were going to be fighting for promotion when we get back to the championship. how clueless are you? lots of things going on behind the scenes at the club, lots of changes. this season was always going to be a struggle, were rebuilding, how about stop coming on here and be negative and start backing the team, success don't come straight away.

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^ I think it's Blunts in disguise mate.

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If dave jones keeps us up which I'm sure he will, will there still be some deluded "owls" saying dave jones out? He's took us on a great run, we have some fantastic youth coming through, the only bad thing dave jones has done is that he signed far too many inexperienced players when coming up to the champ but were 3 points clear of the drop zone and things are looking good on the pitch, just need a striker and i'm sure we'll be going further up that league table

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The only striker from the above I would be interested in is Kris Boyd - at 29 he still has some years left and has a decent scoring record.

Earnshaw, King, Scotland Sidibe all past it and Vardy isn't good enough.

As for the Megson fans that say DJ out, some of your points I do agree with but you have to remember under Megson we wouldn't have got promoted.

While I agree Jones has made mistakes and some BAD buys with little money who could come in and do a better job at the moment ?

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Yes remember Wednesday performance against Chesterfield and few before that, team only perked up for last match against United when he had got sack. Lot harder to recruit players for Championship than League 1 on a budget.

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Nigel Adkins

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DJ is like a dead man walking but mm can, t pay him off cost to much this is a fact.

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Majority of DJs first team signings have been frees apart from Mcguire that hasn't worked out what others that cost money have been a waste of time.Some of the freebies haven't worked out that's a chance you take and the use of loan players has been poor so take all that in he really hasn't wasted any money and the development squad is now good and increasing in value DJ doing a good job in rebuilding the club at all levels that's why MM set him on and will not sack him football clubs are not just about the 1st team and we are playing catch up

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People slating jones for choice of signings in summer. they are good players that since coming to us, are choosing to be lazy and not performing. that's not DJ's choice, hence why he wants others, but he needs the money. Megson was good but who got us promoted when we was in a really bad spot, 5 points behind and played 2 more games than pigs. (he did the impossible)

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If Dave Jones keeps us up ? you mean from the crisis he has created with lousy signings, poor selections and his clueless attitude? I'll be relieved but grateful to him? I think not

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Ur saying palyers deciding to be lazy and not committing your telling mi sibide jst decided to stop his "AMAZING" goal record

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21 Jan 2013 12:48:59
Heard a rumour from a work mate he knows people who work at the club and we are making a big offer to try and land a big name player to help us keep a championship status hope it is one of the following:

Marlon King-Birmingham
Ebanks Blake-Wolves
Robert Earnshaw-Cardiif

To be honest I think we need to sort it out yes we are winning a few games at the minute but I still see us going down

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I sincerely hope we are not spending big money on any of above.

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Thought you said a big name? none of them would cost that much - in fact Earnshaw would probably we a free! DJ stated on RS saturday that they had enquired about a striker but that the club wanted 2.5m for him, said they would have got no where near that at the start of the season but because he has bagged a few they had put a price on him - my bet is Tom Pope!

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We have a striker who is potentially as good as any of the names that we can afford but he has not been given a consistent run in the team. Any striker that we bring in will have the same problem as the players we have at the club already because of our poor midfield. On Saturday we played a four, six formation and in consequence we looked good going forward until the final third and solid in defence.

If we bring in a forward or even play a striker currently at the club we weaken the current midfield to make room for him. So who do you leave out of the team, JJ on Saturday was has good has I have ever seen him and probably more creative than Antonio, do you drop Antonio and lose the only other player with pace and creativity. Dropping Lee or Helan loses us the extra defensive cover, dropping either Prutton or Coke loses us bite in midfield. What I am saying is we have looked better in recent games because we have sacrificed strikers to bolster midfield, we have stopped conceding goals by playing two extra fullbacks as defensive cover at the expense of playing strikers.

I would say bring in a striker by all means or even allow the strikers currently at the club a decent run but if the midfield is not strengthen with real quality, buying a striker will not solve our problems.

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As much as I would like cog to stay he may always struggle to hold place or score at this level so let's move him on an get someone who can do the business ie simoen Jackson

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Negative fans, nothing worse

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Would love Ebanks-Blake, King would be a good short term fix would prefer Zigic tho but his wages are the problem and Earnshaw no thanx

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We have around 2.5 million to spend according to DJ

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21 Jan 2013 16:36:15
dave jones is after rob earnshaw and connor wickham however sunderland need a striker if wickham was too go out on loan.

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Hope we don't make a big offer for any of those if i'm honest

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21 Jan 2013 16:38:01
Best one out of those 3 has to ebanks Blake but I don't think we can afford him
Unless mm pulls some money out of his pocket

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The three suggested are players who have done well, but in the past.

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Wot big offer for earnshaw? He can leave for free. Contract due to end

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Marlon king I've heard

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Another day has gone by and still no ins or outs when will mm realise that this recent good form will not last forever we won't keep clean sheets against everyone so we need a striker if not two . We are realistic an we don't expect to spend 5 million on one player but we do need a striker of decent pedigree or I'm sorry mm next year you will lose money in gate receipts tv rights and revenue so please do the right thing protect your investment and get your WALLET OUT ASAP!

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21 Jan 2013 18:04:53
Jack Collison-West ham
Liam Trotter-Millwall

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21 Jan 2013 19:09:00
Would love trotter but doubt we vould afford him

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DJ should give Rodri a run in the team.

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Would love trotter and collison but we want a decent striker first

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Amazing you get same person to come on every thread and put same names forward e.g Simeon Jackson

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A striker wouldn't solve our problems of not scoring enough goal? have a word with yourself.......

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Read what is said person, a striker needs the right supply, our midfield is not good enough unless we play six and no strikers

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My dad being a wolves fan, I know a lot about ebanks Blake and he would be a great signing altho I know mm won't pay that kind of money. He gets bugger all service at wolves but is a good finisher when given the chance. I still think we have perfectly capable finishers in the team in Maguire and Madine. Rodri's style would also fit our current setup.

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22 Jan 2013 16:50:39
we have no impact player we should have ogrady/rodri or new signig up front wi antonio and bring jj on for second half

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Do you go swfc games of coure we need a striker the amouynt of chances we miss we need a finisher

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21 Jan 2013 12:02:25
lomana lua lua could be on his way from turkey 18 month contract

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Hope not would like his brother from Brighton though

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Kris boyds agent trying to tempt dave jones with him as he's left portland timbers on friday for move to england

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Boyd was good at rangers uto xx

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If Portland Timbers don't want him why would we?

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Kris Boyd NO THANKS did nothing at Middlesborough when he was there a few years back.

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The style of play at Boro did not suit Boyd with Antonio and JJ supplying him he would be a good signing he is still spl all time leading scorer

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Unfortunately Antonio cannot cross a ball accurately, or shoot. Strikers need quality service in last third and ours simply not getting it.

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Are we turning on Antonio now?

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Antonio is a great player to have especially if we can find someone to play in and around him his pace and power is superb! causes trouble need a rodri or a phillips around him to grab some goals as well!

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Thought Rodri was injured still.

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