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21 Jan 2012 19:31:22
The Anthony wordsworth rumour is real according to a few Colchester fans, never seen the lad play but from what I've heard he's decent, can't see Ben Marshall happenig

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Robstaton Rob Staton
For Wednesday fans asking about Anthony Wordsworth at Colchester. Just made the call and was told #SWFC are not close to signing anyone.

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Would be a fantastic signing very good player but like most of the rumours just bull

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Might not be close as of today and no.negotiations going on over the weekend but we will continue dialog on monday with colchester.

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Why do people claim to know stuff?? Yeah, Spread a rumour, Thats what the sites for, but dont give it the Mystic Meg,

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Mystic meg to sign in next few days.

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Mystic Megson

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I never claimed its from what a mate of mine told me cos he works in colchester!

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And for the Ron staton comment they're obviously not going to say on the radio that wednesday have approached him are they? think about it!

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^^Well why dont we just close the page then Sherlock, It's a rumours page, If it was a facts page there would be no posts.

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21 Jan 2012 15:20:07
Wednesday looking at Jon Parkin as an option upfront for as little as £200k. His loan deal at Hudders is soon ending therefore will be available.
Owl management feel he will fit in well with our quick, short passing style.

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Could be an excellent signing

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Hope not

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Cant any1 c its a pig whats posted this

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I've heard this rumour too,from the same person who's told me Carlos Tevez is signing for Sheff Utd and playing for free to make up for getting them relegated.

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21 Jan 2012 14:51:37
Anthony Wordsworth of Colchester is believed to be signing for us sometime next week according to some of those at Colchester for around £900k.
Rumoured to be looking forward to signing for one of the best supported clubs in the UK. Could be a massive signing for the Owls.

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I smell pork

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900k? As if...

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Massive a? I smell a little piggy trying what passes for humour in their sad little world.

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If we are going to pay 900k for him, why wouldn't we just go and offer 900k for marshall

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21 Jan 2012 11:38:39
The only rumours that might have something in them are Grabban, Paynter and Tonge. Grabban is the only decent player but I doubt hell come. Scott at Rotherham is a Blunt who played a key role in persuading ALF not to come. He was making noises yesterday about Grabban staying and joining a top league 1 team or championship team an obvious dig at us. Leeds have hawked Paynter around just about every club in the league, Im no great fan of Clinton but hes better that Paynter. As for Tonge I dislike ever signing an ex pigs player. The history of players that have played for both Wednesday and Blunts shows the majority come to us first and generally go to swine lane when theyre washed up. We desperately need to strengthen especially as it looks likely Marshall will not come back but we need quality I understand MM being careful with the spending but if we miss promotion this whole season has been for nothing. Contrary to what a some posters here think he did not say he would spend £5 million on players. He said that he expected to spend another £5 million running the club between now and May. As it apparently still runs at a loss that may not leave a lot to strengthen the squad.

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Clubs not running at a loss seen as we made a 15 million pound profit accounts so u obv no what u talking about

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What is beyond debate is that the Championship is worth 5m to the club.
Can we afford to miss out on that now we're in touching distance ?

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I would say that the most important issue is whether we can bounce back today and get a result.

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Could point mate we drag our heels in the transfer window every year and we sometimes lose out on quality players mm surely how important it is to spend sme money so well see wt happens nah

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The club is running at a loss albeit not a great one. The so called 'profit' was an accounting device caused by writing off debt. Get your facts straight - it's not me that doesn't know what I'm talking about.

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Well if we are running at a loss then it is even more important that MM opens the wallet if he wants to see any return on his investment.

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So true we spend less than some league 2 teams it's pathetic a couple of million would do us to get some quality players come on mm we need some players for the long term!

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21 Jan 2012 07:43:48
Mat Oakley could be a back up in midfield but the only problem is wages

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