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21 Dec 2013 19:16:37
At the game today a lot of people in the kop was saying Ian holloway was at the game just wounded if it was true I see he is second fav for the job

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Thought I saw big Jack in the North Stand ( again) -- or was I just dreaming?

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Although we look down, a new manager with experience and motivation could give us the run needed to get us out of this position. Other teams around us are poor too. MM must provide the budget for more loan players to help us scrape and grind the points needed. We must not give up lads. UTO

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NO DECENT SIGNINGS THIS SEASON hence no goals and no win. Today is a perfect proof of that. For two seasons we have signed below par players by DJ and we are penalised. Depending on loan players who come and go, some good and some not so. MM needs to make drastic changes, otherwise we are doomed. ( NDS)

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Cant understand above poster sayin we need budget for loan players. We need budget for permanent players

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22 Dec 2013 10:30:03
Who thinks McCabe should be given a chance now?

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With the budget we have available decent permanent signings are just a pipe dream so it will be loan sign only I'm afraid.

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Outs and ins for January?

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I may be wrong but there will be no money for a new Manager, for I would think we will still be paying D. J. wages for the length of his contract and if there was no money when we sacked him there will still be no money. I feel it is time to give the youngsters, McCabe, McGuire, if we bring him back, Savic, Lee, Mattock a chance to prove themselves along with some of the old men who really want to play for the club. I am sick and tired of watching so many dis-interested bodies moving - in some cases, not moving, around the pitch, so hopefully the youngsters will at least give some blood, sweat and tears for the cause. I have no problem with the care taker manager, BUT he is not a Manager, keep him as coach and get someone like Holloway or Clark if they will take a massive pay cut and give them the chance to re-enter the management game, even though we may only have them to end of season it will give them employment.

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We are going down sad but ture

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I don't believe we'll go down, if Holloway comes in he'll keep us up. I think it'll be hard to ship out the deadwood. Kirkland situation needs sorting. While Gardner is out we need a decent captain not Reda. The situation with Madine. OUTS would be : Zayette, Taylor, Roger Johnson, Coke, Prutton, Semedo, McPhail, Olifiginana.

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Not semedo probably best player on Saturday and roger Johnson is only on loan

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Don't let olifingjana, coke, semedo go. DO U WANT ALL OUR MIDFIELD OUT? Coke is one of our best players if he ddt gt injured all the time

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So we'd have no central midfielders?

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Makes me laugh how quick people are to judge gray, half of the fans were sayin give jones more time! its his fault we are where we are not greys 6 points out of possible 12 int bad, chill not his fault its jones, anyone who comes in now won't do a thing except try and change the team and it won't work it, give it grey til end of season he knows the team. makes sense half of the fans at hillsborough ant got no footy brains

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I agree on that last statement.

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Give it to grey and play in leauge 1 he plays too defensive and will not win many games at all holloway gets the best out of rubbish fact good with no money fact and will get us promoted eventually fact so Milan do the right thing and get the best man holloway all the way uto merry xmas

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21 Dec 2013 12:54:19
Lots of rumours that Kirkland is currently not playing as he will be going to Hull. I'd heard that isn't the case and that he had a minor injury to his hand that was why Martinez got a game in the first place. Then Martinez has taken his chance and is playing well both in the games and in training and so Gray has stuck with him.

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No joy today with that forward line

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Sitting on your hands and keeping your head down and hoping for the best won`t work mm, these are the games we have to win and it ain't happening, we are DOOMED

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I said that Gray wasn't the man we would have lost on Wednesday if it wasn't abandoned and with today's result i'm worried if Milan leaves it til new year it will be too late please Milan please sort it.

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Agree to all the above comments, Gray is not the man for the job, we were very poor today a total clear out is required, because let's face it folks we ARE going down, you have left it too late Mr. Mandric the club is a joke Mr. C

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Garbage, we need a manager whos going to kck these idle money pinching players up the backside, absolute jokers

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21 Dec 2013 18:18:30
And a Board who will sort this garbage out and I would bring in Holloway, Di Canio and even Warnock but no money to spend why did he let Jones destroy our club I blame Millan should have sacked Jones ages ago and who is the chief scout is he blind?

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Doesn’t matter who is coming in to manage us. We are going down.

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Your exactly right mate, Milan should have got rid of Jones months ago and brought in a manager earlier to give him time to save our season and keep us up. Both Jones and Manderic are equally to blame for the mess our club are in both on and off the pitch. Even more worrying is that this current team is so bad we will struggle next season in league one. The future looks extremely worrying.

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Gray is not the manager for us we need new ideas and a new start. MM's big mistake was that he should have got rid of Dave the builder months ago but he let his emotions get the better of him. But I get fed up of hearing those who constantly blame MM for the position we are in. MM put millions into our club to clear the debts and he gave Dave the builder money to strengthen the team and he brought in over thirty players who are no better than we had. Six of the team on show today were here when we won promotion. MM authorised over £2m for Antonio, Maguire and Helan not one started today's game. Radio Sheffield United keep telling us that we have one of the smallest budgets in the Championship. Surely if that is the case Jones should have brought bring in quality not quantity. Don't blame MM, blame Jones he was crxp a and so far up his backside he could see daylight and his transfer dealings have been pathetic.

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Wrong wrong wrong, mm looks for clubs/businesses that are in debt then negotiates with the banks to get a deal, he then sells for a profit, he didn't do it for the love of swfc but for the love of money, loan players are not investments they are quick fixes, the buying of quality players has not happened once, all the talk about premiership in x amount of years was just flannel

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To the above Wrong Wrong Wrong poster your spot on pal MM doesn't give a damn about us just his money if he did he would have got rid of DJ months ago and given funds for good permanent signings not just short loans.

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People say Milan doesn't give us any money but exactly how much should he be giving us quite abit was spent on Antonio, Maguire and Helan plus all the free which in most cases are not free imo its been poor scouting picking up players who everyone knows about when we should be scouring the lower leagues for talent and also bringing our youngsters through giving them time where it counts to develop on the pitch.

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At each game we should let Milan know that we aren't happy with his tenure of our club. It's simply not working and only going from bad to worse. Other clubs fans don't just sit back and accept it so why do we? We've stuck by him for long enough now. Yes we are greatful for him tidying up the mess but he needs to act quick or we will be back where we were before he took over only this time with an even worse team.

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In answer to the wrong wrong wrong poster I would just say think about what you write. Jones was given money to sign either permanently or on loan over thrifty five players, three of those players MM paid transfers fees for, Maguire, £400k, Antonio £750k and Helan £750k that is £1.9m. On top of that there are signing on fees, agents fees and other costs. If you care to look at the Wednesday accounts for the 2011/2012 season Wednesday paid over £750 in agents fees alone.

Then there are wages for all the players that Jones signed that have either not played, have left the club, are out on loan or in this development squad that we keep hearing about but never see anyone coming through.

MM hasn't spent the money that some clubs have spent but what he has spent has been wasted by Jones. Six of the players that started the Bournemouth were at the club when Jones took over, Jones signed over thirty five players and out of that thirty five only five were good enough to start that game.

Jones worked on a limited budget, but if anyone can explain why he signed over thirty five players, that those who watch Wednesday know are with the exception of maybe four or five no better than we had when we were promoted, I would be grateful to hear from them.

He/we would have been off if Jones had spent his limited budget on buying fewer players that were going to improve the playing squad.

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Mm didn't come to swfc to take us to the promised land so you can spout your figures of 1mill for this and 750k for that, he saw a opportunity to make a big profit on a desperate club, nothing else, if it was for the love of the club why does he want out, business is business to him, Wednesday are forever to us

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Let me spell this out in simple terms that you can understand, MM bought a failing club, he has got a failing club. So tell me where is the profit. MM will only make a profit with a successful club or is that too difficult for understand.

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I've said it before about MM and the posters who say he's not a fan but a businessman interested solely in profit are spot on. BUT I think it's all backfired and he's now in a real bind. DJ was supposed to get us promoted from Lge 1 and then build us into a decent mid to upper table side which might prove attractive to a buyer. Trouble is it hasn't worked, the Gray experiment hasn't worked, the money he wants to put in has been squandered and the business case doesn't include spending any more, there are no buyers in the offing and now there's real risk we'll be relegated. It's close to the transfer window and there'll be little or no money to spend and that's why no decent, skilled managers want to know. I'll bet he's beginning to think he should never have got involved at S6, maybe becoming really uncertain as to which way to jump next for the best.

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The profit will come when he sells, you think he's going to sell at a loss

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There's a saying that goes. You have to speculate to accumulate. Those that say MM plan for Wednesday hasn't gone the way he would have liked are spot on. Those that say he is a businessman who is only interested in a profit may also be right, but I like those that say that, have I suspect never met him or spoken to him so they don't know. What I do know is that if MM wants to sell the club for a profit he will have to invest in the club. If things are allowed to drift much longer we will be relegated and according to analysts say it could devalue the club by as much as £10m. If, as some fans say MM is only a businessman and and has no affection for the club it would make business sense for him to spend some money to safe guard his investment. For that reason alone I have faith in MM.

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Jermanine johnson going to barnsley - done deal

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